Wondershare PDFelement – The Best Portable Document Format Suite

When it comes to compatibility, you can’t find a convenient document format that can beat PDF. It works on every device irrespective of the platform. The only thing you need is a PDF viewer tool.

You might have faced difficulty in trying to edit or create a PDF file. The fact is a PDF viewer is not sufficient for the process. You need to have a dedicated application to edit PDF and create the same from other document formats.

Are you looking for a complete PDF suite to aid you in PDF related activities? Then, I have got your back as you are reading the best guide for you.

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Introducing Wondershare PDFelement

As I said earlier, PDFelement is a complete Portable Document Format suite. You can create, edit, merge and convert PDF documents without spending one heck of the time.

Wondershare incorporated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology into PDFelement, using which the software allows scanned PDF document editing.

The software is a premium one, but you can try it as they offer a trial period.

Installing and Registering PDFelement

As I said just above, the software is a paid one; but you can get your hands on the trial version. You need to visit their homepage and click on the respective links for that.

You can either purchase the license within no time or do it later after using the trial version for a while.

Suppose you downloaded the setup to give the trial version a try. Then, you have to carry out the installation like you do for any other software. As the installer extracts the files from the web, you may have to wait some time based on your internet speed.

You will see the

PDF Edit Suite

Convert + Combine + Edit PDF files

On the top-right portion of the screen, you will see two buttons; Purchase and Register. Click on the first one. Then, a pricing package screen will be presented before you. And, you need to select one plan there.

Bear in mind that the plans with OCR are the one that grants you scanned PDF editing.

After the purchase, you will get a license code. Copy the same and paste it into the field you get by clicking on the Register button (in the UI of the software).

How to bypass register code

registration code screen

Features of PDFelement

You will be amazed to see the incredible features of PDFelement down below. I reckon that.

1. Edit PDF Files without Sweating

Admit it! You have tried a lot to get a powerful PDF editor, haven’t you? I personally did it and ended up getting nothing.

But this one is going to cheer you up. Their seamless character reading system allows you to identify everything on a PDF document and edit the same right away. No strings attached!

The following is the home screen of the software you see.

Open, convert or combine pdfs

Opening screen of Wondershare PDF suite

Choose the second one that says Edit PDF. And, you will also need to choose the right PDF file using the Browse dialogue box.

Wait a few seconds to get the editing screen.

Edit any type of PDF file directly

Edit PDF

As you can see in the image, you can navigate through pages using the left-sidebar. Plus, the editing tools can be found on the ribbon-like menu bar.

When you are finished with the editing, press Ctrl+ Shift+ S or follow File>> Save as.

2. Create a PDF Document

Have you ever created a PDF documents? I always found it tedious because of a one-stop application to create the content and convert the same to PDF. But not anymore!

On the home screen of PDFelement, you can see a Create PDF button. Clicking on it will ask you to browse the file which you want to convert.

You have to wait some time after the selection to get the file converted.

Batch Conversion screen

Batch Conversion screen

And, then you will get a screen that resembles PDF editing window. Do whatever you want; be it adding texts, deleting elements, adding links or images.

Finally, press Ctrl+ S to save the file.

3. Combine PDFs

Not every time we need to create or edit a PDF document. Sometimes, you will feel it necessary to combine too. That’s why Wondershare has integrated a PDF combiner with PDFelement.

First, you have to click on the button that says “Combine PDF.”

You will get a new window where you have to add files for the combination. (See the image below)

Combine PDF file

Combine PDF files

Add Files button helps you browsing the files. After the files selection, press the Next button to get the output.

4. Convert PDF

Do you like the native MS Word environment to edit PDF files? Then, you have to convert it to doc format.

Guess what?

Wondershare PDFelement has that feature too. But you will be a little bit disappointed to see a notice like below (only if you are using trial version).

pdf suite trial version

Beware of the limitations and press continue button to keep it going. Then, Add files.

You get a lot of output formats including .docx, .doc, .xls, .epub and image extensions. Choose one of them and hit Convert. (You can set page range if you want).

PDF to Word, PDF to Excel conversion screen

PDF to Word, Excel , Powerpoint, JPG and many more

Look out for a folder named PDFelement in My Documents or Desktop. You will see the output files there.

Additional Features

Apart from the four core features I mentioned above, PDFelement has some other incredible features too.

30 Days Cashback Policy: – You can request your money back within a month if you don’t like their service.

OCR: – Converts the scanned image-like PDF document to editable texts.

Password Protection: – You can protect the document from anyone using passwords.

Digital Signatures: – Using PDFelement’s standard digital signatures, you can label documents.

PDF Form Templates: – PDFelement comes with templates for forms including buttons and forms.

Cross-Platform Support: – You can download the tool for Mac and iOS as well, not only for Windows.

Bottom Line

Finding an effective PDF editor is not an easy task. So, getting hell lots of excellent features like these along with an editor is a sweet steal.

I have fallen in love with the software from the first use. There are no doubts that you too will.

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  1. cant wait to use the software i do work a lot with pdf documents and this tool should be of very big help to me

  2. sounds like a great software sometimes pdf editing can be a challenge.the software seems to take care of all this. Thanks for the article.

  3. Yes ! I am perfectly agree with all the details that you have mentioned above. Wondershare PDFelement is without any doubt is the best portable document format suite that you have ever experienced. As i have my own small book store so this software is really helpful for me to accomplish desired results.
    Once again thanks for sharing !

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