Why You Need To Be An Educated Manager, Not Just An Experienced One

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It seems that now, more than there ever has been before, the debate between education vs experience in a job has never raged so much. As we have seen by the amount of college graduates who are not working in their chosen fields, but also those employees that value real visceral experience over anything else, especially those keen to hire apprentices, it leaves many professionals in a quandary.

When you are a manager of your own business, you need to have both in spades. Why is this?

Have Tools In Trends

It isn’t just about knowing how to cook the books anymore. It is about growing a brand, providing a meaningful experience for every single customer you encounter, as well as dealing with interpersonal problems with your employees.

This is a far cry from the manager of yesteryear, who had no idea how to promote their business, minimal customer service experience, and dealt with their employees with an iron fist.

The importance of a well-educated manager now means they need to have a vast knowledge on how to grow a company, in all of its various aspects. A manager has to be a fountain of knowledge in everything! So for those managers who are still struggling with the new approaches to business, they could benefit from an extra bit of education.

This could be via supply chain management online programs, learning marketing techniques, understanding the customer attitudes, or just simply learning how to use an email account.

You would be surprised how many businesses, especially in the service industries, such as hotels, have no knowledge, nor the inclination to open an email account! To keep up with the modern times, you have to use modern methods.


Have The Facts To Back Up The Experience

Experience is all well and good, but nowadays it is really only one piece of the puzzle. Having experience in a certain industry means you have faced changes on the frontline, and you have learnt how to deal with these changes the benefit the industry.

But the education factor means that if you are someone who is working up the ladder, and looking to be an area manager, or work in the head offices of the company, the hiring process will mean that the powers that be are more inclined to pick someone who isn’t just knowledgeable, but knows what to do with that knowledge.

Ultimately, the experience is learning how to complete a certain process. An educated person with the knowledge of these processes can implement new processes, or improve the already existing ones to benefit the business.

Lots of people with experience, especially managers, are so set in their ways, that the idea of doing something new is kryptonite to them. This is not how businesses can learn and adapt to the modern age.

So if this sounds like you, where you have the experience in an industry, you could benefit from some self-education. And this isn’t just managers; this is everyone in industry, from the employees all the way up the chain. The education vs experience debate will continue, but the real way forward is a stealthy combination of both.

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