WallPaper WordPress theme V2

Wallpaper WordPress theme ( Now Fully Responsive ) can help you to establish your niche HD Wallpaper Website in no time. If you want to run a website that will Earn money online without doing anything- create a website on Wallpapers with our Very own Wallpaper WordPress theme with bulk upload.  + Create different size available to download automatically.

Another point – HD Wallpapers  ares one of the most searched term on the internet, every second more than 1 million people across the globe download/change his /her device wallpaper. Thus it is also a very good niche to explore.

You might ask me where to find out these Wallpaper?

Well friends, there are a Good library of free images available on the net, all you need to do is – install WordPress- one of the easiest CMS on this earth and our equally simple Wallpaper WordPress theme . Just upload some really good high definition images (1900×1200  recommeded ), rest of the work will be done by this wonderful theme automatically.

Front End of  Wallpaper WordPress theme

WordPress template for Wallpaper Website


Single Wallpaper with Multiple Download Size ( Automatically Generated )

single-page of WordPress theme for Wallpaper

Features of  Responsive WordPress theme for wallpaper

  • Three column  fully Responsive Wallpaper WordPress Theme  , Cross browser compatible.  Supports major browser like IE, Firefox, Chrome, safari, Opera
  • Bulk Image Uploading Support ( Worth $15 Free ) : This will help to create your Wallpaper Website in less than an hours.
  • Widgets Ready ( Left hand side and right hand side )
  • Built in Adsense System- no need to install any extra plugin to maintain Google Adsense
  • Change Logo from Admin panel  :
  • Change Favicon from Admin Panel
  • Built in Social Media button
  • Built in Analytics Support- ie install only Google Analytics or any third part tracking code to check the visibility of your Website
  • Built in related Wallpaper – Through post tag ( Now New Related Post Type with more accurate results and less redundancy ). No need to define tags of your wallpaper and this theme will automatically generate most suitable related wallpaper for you.
  • Built in Download Wallpaper in different sizes,  No need to upload different size of wallpaper. Just Upload only original size (1900x1200px ). Rest will be maintained by the theme script.
  • Built in Facebook Comment System, Just fill your facebook AppID
  • Built in Most View Wallpaper and Random Wallpaper page Template
  • Built in Pagination : No need to add any Extra pagination System.
  • Built in Total Number of times a Wallpaper viewed. No need to install any separate plugin.
  • No Extra Wallpaper download size will create or appear  if image size is lesser than recommended size.
  • Well Documented – Documentation Included with Every Download
  • SEO optimized : Taken very good care of S.E.O. while preparing this Wallpaper WordPress theme
  • Wallpaper Source and Author fields added
  • No Encrypted data or files, All files are clean and coded according to WordPress documentations
  • Detailed Documentation: Detailed documentation with each download along with sample data  + Extra plugin to support bulk upload of images. Thus you have the power to upload thousands of images in a single go. Each uploaded Images will automatically generate Wallpaper pages.

Purchase  this stunning money making WordPress theme V2  Only for $29  $45

Demo Wallpaper WordPress Theme site

NOTE : Instant Download – Your Download link will contain SAMPLE DATA +COMPLETE  DOCUMENTATION + Wallpaper WordPress theme in a ZIP format+ Bulk Image Upload Plugin. Your download link will appear in your registered paypal  email ID. You can contact me at :rakesh@binarynote.com for any kind  of support.  With this purchase you will receive this theme as well as free installation support on any one domain of  your choice.

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  1. Jones says:

    I was searching for a good wallpaper theme and i found it . But the sad things is that its not FREE !! Oh ..I will think purchasing this theme . But this theme seems good . Everyone who is searching for a good wallpaper theme , he mist try this :)

    • rakesh says:

      Thanks jones for your kind review. Hope this will help people to earn some passive income online. its price is very nominal with its features. Keep in touch

  2. Nishant Srivastava says:

    great themes brother.. Keep up the good work

  3. Naeem says:

    Theme certainly looks good. But will it be feasible to have AdSense on such sites; when Google is looking after CONTENT more and more….???


    • rakesh says:

      Provide image information like image name in one paragraph same way image alt text and write some description about image. You can also provide some extra information like what is special about that wallpaper and other detailsrelated to that image, thus everybody can ignore Adsense penalty.You can clearly see that i am successfully running adsense campaign in this theme.

  4. Arup Ghosh says:

    Nice collection of themes. keep it up .

  5. Jacob says:

    Hey guy,
    This is beautiful themes. But, i don’t see search part on demo. And can you upgrade with better footer?

    • rakesh says:

      I can only try for a better footer, but the idea was to give better options and greater pageview for your wallpaper theme.

    • Jacob says:

      I mean better UI Footer, professional looking.

      Can i insert download links from file host like Rapidgator?


    • rakesh says:

      Right now this feature is not available with this theme. This theme is right now optimized for better adsense and that you can see from its demo.

    • Jacob says:

      Is wallpaper’s resolution match with Mac’s Display?

    • rakesh says:

      100% compatible with Mac’s Display. Just upload the image of sufficient resolution and everything will be adjusted accordingly.

  6. rakesh says:

    Dear Gabrial, Right now it is working on WordPress 3.6.1 and it is fully compatible with jetpack. I am bound to give full support on one domain for your choice , till your satisfaction.

  7. Jacob says:

    Can i put more display resolution ?

  8. malik says:

    Very nice collection of wallpapers. Thank you for sharing!

    • rakesh says:

      Thanks a lot for your kind words, but you can also create such website using this theme in no time. keep in touch

  9. Arun says:

    Hi Rakesh!

    I’m willing to buy this theme. Can i get a thanksgiving offer for this theme ?

    Thanks in advance

    • rakesh says:

      Dear Arun, You can purchase this theme at any time, if you are planing to purchase multiple copies of this theme, then I can offer a discount on this theme for you. ~rakesh kumar

  10. sutopo says:

    I Like template wordpress wallpaper for you…
    visit template dan website wallpaper..
    hdwallpaper car

  11. Rude Moona says:

    Anyone give me this theme for free. please


    • rakesh says:

      Dear Rude Moona,
      if you will compare the features of this theme with its current price then you will feel that you are getting this theme as free of cost. This charges include my support also. :) ~rakesh

  12. august says:

    have you any coupon code for this theme

    • rakesh says:

      Since I am selling this theme at such a small price + this price include my personal full support on any one domain of this user. Thus not providing any coupon code and affilite share. Whensoever I will launch any such scheme then surely inform all my friends over here. Keep in touch

  13. Andri says:

    Its Not Responsive yet? Its look very profesional theme. I will Buy it Soon .Still waiting for Responsive Featured. and Whats the license of this theme?.Thanks

    • rakesh says:

      Dear Andri,

      The idea behind making this theme no-responsive was to display high resolution ads on mobile version there are limited space and we are forced to show either one ad unit or maximum two ad units. Thus its user will not receive the maximum benefits. It is also learn that responsive ads are not the best paying ads.

      You can use this theme on any one domain of your choice that will include my custom support also. ~rakesh

  14. Mike says:

    Hi Rakesh, I can use any WP theme with this or it is stuck using the way it looks?
    It is easy to modify and customize? I can change the amount and size of thumbnails on the homepage?


    • rakesh says:

      Hello Mike,Basically it is a WordPress theme based on css framework and standard WordPress functions defined inside WordPress documentation, so you have total control over the theme SEO and if you know little bit of programming then you can redefine the whole layout according to your needs/or can create a new child theme . right now this is the default theme layout and fully optimized according to the google adsense.

  15. Mike says:

    Okay thanks. And regarding the aspect ratios. How are they defined? These are automatically created during wallpaper being published? It is possible to add more sizes for iPhone’s etc?


    PS. Why is the sites URL in the Title of the site and not the sites actual title? How come is blank? This because you simply have not put one or there is a problem with the title being displayed in the browsers title bar?

    I like the theme but I want more thumbnails on the homepage and want them to be smaller.
    Without giving too much away, would you be able to tell me how this is possible?
    Ie; what source code I’d need to add/modify.

    Sorry if that is asking a silly question. My WP codex is a little limited.


    • rakesh says:

      Right now my theme is ready to serve two aspect ration 16:9 and 16:10, but more options can be added in this theme as per requirement. The site is showing that blank url as i missed the title tag of the the wallpaper in the post. Otherwise there is no issue at all.

      YOu can increase the number of thumbnails using your admin panel of wordpress. Default setting of wordpress is serving these 10 thumbnails. Smaller thumbnails are also possible but for that we have to change the css and looping of the frontpage a little bit. This style was my personal preference to optimize the adsense units.

  16. can i use this theme for creating a wallpaper site with sharing of photos on facebook by user automatically…

    • rakesh says:

      Sure,You can create a wallpaper website using this theme, the plugins right now i am using to do this is jetpack.

  17. AKSHAY says:

    Have you good theme for wordpress news/blogging website

  18. Faizan says:

    Hello Rakesh,
    I have purchased your theme and implemented on my website. But it is the same Layout. I can’t even change the layout. There is no function specified. Please let me know if you can modify my HD Wallpapers theme i will pay you Extra $$. Please respond me ASAP.

  19. Zaman says:

    I have recently used the script in building my new wallpaper site. I must say that Rakesh has been quite helpful. The script is worth the price and the theme is well coded in most parts. There are scope for improvement in the them and I am sure Rakesh would make a lot more improvements in the future.

    Splendid Wallpapers

    • rakesh says:

      Dear Zaman, I am really happy to see your wallpaper website, you really did a wonderful job with this customized wallpaper wordpress theme. Thanks for your feedback. Keep in touch.

  20. Hi Rakesh

    I have been searching for wallpaper based WordPress theme for quite some time. You provided a complete description of the theme which makes me feel very comfort while heading to purchase it online.

  21. Hello rakesh you made a fantastic wp theme for wallpaper website and i wanna buy it for my domain: wallpaperhd.pk but i need some modification and wanna know some details about few functions as below..

    1. I want clickable thumbs instead of clicking on large view button.
    2. How to change thumb size on index, archive and single page ?
    3. How add more wallpaper resolutions because your theme can convert only four resolutions ?
    4. I want next and previous page links with small thumbs for better user experience.
    5. How show random or most viewed wallpapers on index and archive ?
    6. What about bulk upload and seo in 2014 ?

    • rakesh says:

      Dear WallpaperHD

      1. You can easily hack the source code to do that or you can ask me to do this customization for you so that every thumbnail became clickable.
      2. To change the thumb size on index, archive and single page, you are required to again apply the answer no 1
      3. To add more resolution- just give me the resolution sizes which you want to see in your website. Or just hack its functions.php and single.php file
      4. To add small thumbnails on next and previous link, you can follow my article on the same topic http://www.binarynote.com/how-to-show-previous-and-next-post-thumbnail-on-link-hover-effect-in-wordpress.html
      5. To show random and most viewed wallpapers, we have two built in page templates.
      6. Right now bulk upload is not supported by this Wallpaper WordPress theme. We are trying to create human generated wallpaper website so that search engine index your website slowly and do not penalize any website.

      rakesh kumar

  22. Miftahur says:

    I love this template for developing my Wallpaper site :)

  23. Shiva says:

    Hi i want to install on 3 to 4 domains is it possible…

    • rakesh says:

      It is quite possible if all of them are your own domains. But reselling is not permitted.

    • Shiva says:

      Thanks Rakesh for ur answer. i have another issue when i am buying ur theme by using debit card (Andhra Bank) and given the correct details it showing an error ….(This credit card has been refused by the bank that issued it. For details on why your card was refused, please contact your credit card issuer’s Customer Service department. Please enter a different card.)

      Suggest Me…

    • rakesh says:

      Since, You are indian, you can not pay me by using any paypal. You can pay me by bank transfer. if you want my bank details, kindly mail me at rakesh@binarynote.com

  24. Sami Roy says:

    This theme is really very nice and well developed and i wanna buy it but also wanna know how to add more wallpaper resolutions by myself. I will be very thankfull if you plz define with code examples.

    One more thing is if we upload big size or small size wallpaper then will wordpress convert it to all resolution sizes which we defined in functions.php or it depends on main uploaded wallpaper size ?

    When we upload one wallpaper then it is resized or croped ? for exmaple i upload a wallpaper with size 1920×1280 and any user download in with 800×600 or 240×320 then it will resized or cropped ?

    • rakesh says:

      All these images are scaled up or down according to the defined image size so you are requested to upload bigger images in order to get proper image resolution. if you upload small image size then it automatically increase the image size and there you will complain about the image quality. Right now my new version of this theme support bulk upload of these images, once uploaded these images automatically generate its pages. So you can create your website in no time. These bulk images will automatically create different size defined in your theme.

      Right now these image sizes are defined through function.php file. If you purchase its developer version then you can define as many as sizes you want.

    • Sami Roy says:

      Thanks for reply and what is the price of developer version and normal version also what is the difference between normal version and developer version ?

      There are many resolution like 4:3 resolutions, Wide resolutions, Normal 5:4 resolutions, HD resolutions, Multi Monitor 4:3 resolutions, Multi Monitor 16:5 resolutions, iPhone resolutions
      So if i upload a big wallpaper then how it will create all version like 800 x 600 1024 x 768 1152 x 864 1280 x 960 1400 x 1050 1600 x 1200 1920 x 1440 , 1280 x 800 1440 x 900 1680 x 1050 1920 x 1200 2560 x 1600 , 1280 x 1024 , 852 x 480 1280 x 720 1366 x 768 1920 x 1080 , 2048 x 768 2304 x 864 2560 x 960 , 2000 x 625 , 320 x 480

      Sorry for long irritating post but wallpaperscript do justice with all these resolutions but i am familiar with wordpress so can your theme handle all these resolutions ?

    • rakesh says:

      NO issue sami for such a long post. Right now my theme is able to generate only few resolutions ie HD and WD. But if you purchase its developer version then you can define all these size in its script that is fully commented with each step. Normal theme is not commented and even that is also not fully formatted, you can say its anyhow compressed file so basically unreadable. This is the basic difference between the normal theme and developer version.

      My theme is able to generate as many resolution you want to show on your website like wallpaper scripts do. If you are not comfortable with php programming then You can also send me your request to add as many as sizes in your theme before purchasing this theme.

    • Sami Roy says:

      Thanks again for nice responce and you forgot to tell me that price of normal version and developer version ?

    • rakesh says:

      Normal version without bulk upload support is $25 with bulk upload support $35. Developer Version’s cost is $65.

  25. $65 for developer version is too much costly, i think its better to buy WhiteWall Theme in $69 which is responsive them for all type of browsers and devices, like pc, laptop, mobile etc… and it supports all resolution types.

    Infact i already puchased wallpaperscript in $60 and after buying it feels to much difficult to customize it with many bugs and security issues and its support is zero and wallpaperscript team lied that they have 30days money back guarentee, infact when you purchase script then they will not reply your mails if you need support.

    Can you plz give me developer version in $25 ?

    • rakesh says:

      my dear friend, if you read my answer in previous thread, its $35 with bulk upload support. $65 is only for developer edition that is only for the developers. Normal user can grab simple theme for just $25. Just Hold for few hours, i am also coming with its responsive size whose cost will be no more than $45. On top of it you can about ask about my support for this theme on the net.

      Second point is, they i.e. wallpaperscript is not giving you their developer version. What you are purchasing from them is a normal wallpaper script. Did you notice that?

  26. arfan says:

    hi bro i want’s to buy this theme …
    so do u accept unverified paypal account

  27. Arun says:

    I have recently used the Help of Rakesh Sir in building my new wallpaper site. I must say that Rakesh Sir is very helpful person.
    But sir now change the Theme design because you will see that every person is using like this type theme so plz give us new themes with new modules and new functions with unique item.
    We will wait for this….

    • rakesh says:

      Thanks Arun for your nice words. Kindly suggest me some good design so that i can prepare more Wallpaper WordPress themes for my upcoming Wallpaper Theme Bank. Keep in touch

  28. Ali Rohan says:

    Your theme is very nice and i wanna buy it but need some changes so it look more professional.
    1. Make this theme responsive so it can work on any device.
    2. Give this theme croping feature so anyone can crope any wallpaper for their need.
    3. When we click on any wallpaper size then it must be open in new window and with a control to put ads on that page.
    4. Make this theme widget ready and menu ready so we can add category menus and pages on top, sidebar or bottom.
    5. Which maximum wallpaper size should i have to upload so it can be auto converted to all resolutions?

    • rakesh says:

      Dear Ali Rohan, Allow me to inform you
      1. We have already developed its responsive version but not developed its demo. The look and feel is exactly same as in its current demo
      2. These themes are already widget ready and ads ready. The only option you people want to open in new window with ads
      3. Cropping option is not ready but bulk upload is ready
      4. The recommended size is more than 1920px.
      Cropping option is something that i am not convinced and most of the time people are not aware how much width and size are ideal for their devices.

  29. Stan says:

    Do you have any sample site or a link where I can see this theme?

  30. Zaman says:

    When this feature will be available that when we click on any wallpaper size then it must be open in new window and with a control to put ads on that page instead of when we click on any wallpaper size then it popup in same window

  31. sara says:

    i have sent the payment..pls ack it

  32. sara says:

    Thank you i have got the theme .
    1.when u upgrade the theme will you notify for the members who have purchased. how long i will get the updates.
    2.There is no COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION for the theme as you said
    3.how to use the bulk upload option..

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Sara,
      1. You will get its update as soon as i release a new version of the same theme.
      2. Since, you purchased it directly and it did not come through my system. The documentation was mission with the theme.
      3. How to use bulk upload is mentioned in the email sent to you- containing detailed documentation.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  33. koko says:

    can i get your personal email adress rakesh?

    i want to order/buy your wallpaper theme

    best regards

  34. Shaun says:


    I have been studying wallpaper themes for WordPress … I like your theme. I have a few questions:
    1) If we buy the ‘bulk upload’ (or the basic) and want to later upgrade to the developer edition, do you discount the original purchase?
    2) It looks like your Demo has 21download sizes available (is that correct?) and the only reason we would want the developer edition is to add download sizes. Will your support include adding additional download size as/if they are needed? Is there a maximum upload image size?
    3) Does your theme create and store all the image sizes or are they created ‘on the fly’ from the original image?
    4) We would like to be able to ‘count’ the number of downloads. Can you build a ‘right click – download’ counter or is that function already available?
    5) We are already using a theme from kentooz – that incorporates the wp-postrating plugin … do you know of any incompatibility with your theme? Would it be difficult to add the ratings to the page details on ‘hover’?
    Thank you in advance for your follow-up … one on the things that makes you theme more desirable is reading all these questions and answers. It seems like your support is excellent!

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Shaun
      1. Bulk upload is free of cost.
      2. I will personally guide you to make more download size, but that would cost you a little bit more than usual.
      3. This theme create and store all the images on your webserver, right now it does not create on the fly.
      4. Looking forward to implement download counter and its been in our plan.
      5. I have not found any issue till date with any wordpress plugin but as rating is not its part but suggestion noted and will love to add this in its new version.


  35. Shaun says:


    I sent an e-mail to your rakesh@binarynote.com address.

    Thank you, Shaun

  36. Syahrizal says:

    can i get your personal email adress rakesh?

    i want to order/buy your wallpaper theme

    best regards

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Syahrizal, A separate email has been sent to you. Though you can have my email IDs along with other contact details from the contact link.

  37. Waheed says:

    great themes brother.. Keep up the good work

    • rakesh says:

      Besides this, it is one of the simplest method to earn money online and among the cheapest wallpaper WordPress theme, that anyone can use on infinite domains as there is no key is attached with this theme and very easy to use. Thanks waheed for you kind support.

  38. Ramot says:

    I see your themes is very good! I have question about your themes.

    I sent email to you.

  39. Firstly thank’s for made a wordpress theme.
    I am very very Interested about this theme cause of this theme have good ad positioning, Images auto resize and many more awesome feature. but unfortunately I saw this theme not responsible. My need adjunctly this theme with 100% responsible. Is It available?

    I am waiting your response.

    Estiak Ahamed

  40. Widyan says:

    Hi Rakesh,

    i see ur demo. In many download size i see the download size has same link..
    for example : 2560×1024 and 1920×1440 has same link.. it didn’t convert to that resolutions..
    i want to buy ur theme but i found this problem..


    • rakesh says:

      This problem only arise when we upload lesser size image size. Its users are requested to submit larger size image to make room for small size image.

    • rakesh says:

      Problem resolved. But i would still recommend to upload large image size to make proper image size.

  41. Leta says:

    Thanks for finally writing about > WallPaper WordPress theme V2 < Loved it!

    • rakesh says:

      Happy to know that leta. Wallpaper theme is one such script that can enable any user to start making money in next 20 minutes. K

  42. tariq says:

    Is Bulk Upload is available in this theme?.
    After Bulk Uploading if it available can i edit particular pic description, tags etc for SEO

  43. Aykut says:

    That’s really a nice theme and exactly what I want! I’m gonna buy the theme very soon and will be glad for any help if I need.

  44. Juanma says:

    Works on WP 4.1?

  45. Tropol says:

    Hi!! How i can show the top rated wallpapers?

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Tropol, Basically rating system in not built in with this theme so we can not directly show this type of wallpapers but defiantly we can do this using some sort of plugins. Such plugins are already available on WordPress repository. ~rakesh kumar

  46. Tropol says:

    Is the same way for ramdom wallpaprs?

    • rakesh says:

      Yes Tropol. It is the same way to use Random Page Template to show all the Wallpapers in random orders.

  47. Kamal says:

    Hi, I am unable to buy your theme, let me know if there is a way to do it.

  48. jatin says:

    i am unable to make payment

  49. Niki says:

    pleas your theme wallpapers is full responsive ? thanks for ansver.

  50. Bansidhar says:

    hi rakesh Kumar,
    i want to buy this theme, but i have question: may i add more category like nature, sports any many more.

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Bansidhar, You can add/remove categories as per your requirement. This is a just theme so support all the standard feature of WordPress like plugins and widgets.

  51. Sajjad says:

    Hi rakesh,

    I want to buy your theme. i am from pakistan.please tell me its responsive or not?

  52. Nenad says:

    Hi, bought your theme, so far so good :) I see there is Print function under wallpaper image but it prints whole page, can it be changed to print only image? Thanks

    • rakesh says:

      Actually that print button is a part of Jetpack social media sharing, the functionality of that plugin, we can not change. ~rakesh kumar

  53. Bansidhar says:

    Beautiful theme, I like this theme. Rakeshkumar is good & honest person.

  54. Faizan says:

    Hi Rakesh
    I need your help. I bought Wallpaper theme v1.1 from you and hosted on Godaddy. Now i have transfered it into my own server. Now I am having bunch of issues. Tried to resolve but failed. I am having loss :( Please help me Please :-(

    Thanks in advance

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Faizan, I Checked the website manually, You removed my credit links and also removed my site link inside the style.css file, and its already been more than one year. Still I will try to figure our what is the issue with your site. Kindly send me your URL along with FTP and login details.

  55. rakesh says:

    Hi Jay, I have send an email regarding your customization. Kindly check that and inform me. ~rakesh kumar

  56. salman says:

    Dear Rakesh how can i upload a bulk image in this theme i see in video you just upload 1 image thats it

  57. Kenneth says:

    Hello sir. Ive purchased your theme and it works very well. The only problem is that it wont allow facebook like box popups. I am trying to use the social share motivator plugin but it will only show google plus and twitter. I have tried about twenty other plugins with the same results. Please assist if you’re still available. Thank you in advance.

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Kenneth
      Could you forward your website ID and password, so that we could see what is behind the scene. BTW at my side your plugin is working very much fine. ~rakesh kumar

  58. zorawar singh says:

    There should one feature like facebook.com, google + cover croping for wall papers.

  59. Kenneth says:

    Yes sir – I solved the issue. The theme has facebook info already built into in the header.php. I deleted the facebook portion of the plugin and adjusted the url in the header.php facebook section to match the plugin’s url. I hope this helps your other customers. I think this has to be dine with any wordpress plugin that uses facebook as a popup. Thank you for your quick response as always. Great product – great people. 5 stars!

  60. Hi rakesh,

    Tried to buy this script but my payment is being rejected by paypal as I’m an Indian user, can you tell me another method to do the payment. Thanks & regards,

  61. I want to buy but price is really high is it possible at 10$

    • rakesh says:

      Hello Sagar, I think these are the lowest price all over the net for this type of theme. We are already running a huge discount on Wallpaper WordPress theme, so its not possible to render this theme at $10 since we are also providing after sales support and some times we do install the same on our buyer’s hosted account. Do you think in such price WE could render all these services? ~rakesh kumar

  62. Can you please help to install it i want to buy how i could pay for it via indian debit card visa?

    • rakesh says:

      As I told you in my previous reply, This is our commitment for all our buyers if they want we will Install this theme on one domain of his/her choice. Since you are Indian, You can not pay Us using PayPal. A mail has been send to you will my Bank Details.

  63. Jodie says:

    Hi Rakesh, Can you tell me if this theme is responsive?

  64. Mr Slamet says:

    I think this theme is very good for wallpaper theme, but its not responsive…

  65. Juanma says:

    Hello.I bought a few months ago with te NON responsive feature. For the google update i need to make it responsive . I ‘m seeing you in your new demo the theme is responsive . How I can do to make it responsive ?

  66. Juanma says:

    Hello.I bought a few months ago with te NON responsive feature. For the google update i need to make it responsive . I ‘m seeing you in your new demo the theme is responsive . How I can do to make it responsive ?

  67. erhan says:

    hi rakesh , wallpaper author and source how to remove?

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Erhan
      Just leave these two fields blank and these two will automatically disappear from the output. :)

  68. Shafiuddin says:

    Is this Adsense Optimized ? If yes,Would you mind showing the results ?

  69. Michael Raymount says:


    Is it possible in this theme to allow users to register and for those registered users (logged in) to contribute/upload their own wallpapers?


  70. erhan says:

    hi rakesh , Are you going to make an extra mobile page?

  71. Kamaldeep says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    hdwallpapers.in using the same theme which you are offering. They buy from your website or somewhere else? Just checkout the download page here http://www.hdwallpapers.in/destiny_the_taken_king-wallpapers.html this is different display from your website. Can you display like that or not?

    • rakesh says:

      Hello Kamaldeep

      Allow me to clear, HDwallpapers.in is based on php script and that website does not use WordPress anyhow. On the other hand the theme we are selling here is based on WordPress thus both of them are using totally different strategies. But both of them share the same look and feel, if you want that feeling for your website then you are advised to email me your complete requirement at rakesh@binarynote.com

  72. mandala says:

    before i buy , can i ask ?? this support indonesian language ??

  73. ahmed says:

    i have buy WallPaper WordPress theme V2 please contact with me because i dont know how i can download it
    skype : puresro2013
    email : kotsh24@gmail.com

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Ahmad
      Your download link will appear on the email ID used to pay for this theme at paypal. So kindly check the email
      ~rakesh kumar

  74. Gulab says:

    sir can you give any discount plz if u can plz email me thanks

  75. asad says:

    sir i want this theme but i have no paypal. please give me alternative payment option..

  76. Selvam says:


    Did you accept payment through internet banking?

  77. Johal says:

    Hi sir, i really liked your theme and want to buy it. Can you provide any discount on it?

  78. i have buy WallPaper WordPress theme V2 please contact with me because i dont know how i can download it

    • rakesh says:

      Please check your registered Email Id for the download link and documentation. Our system automatically send download link on that email ID.

  79. Jason Mind says:

    I love this theme, its very elegant for wallpaper themes… I hope next will be any update about theme responsive …

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Jason

      Its already responsive, perhaps you have not checked its demo properly. It is highly recommended for you to check its demo once more.

  80. Jokes says:

    Any discounts available ?
    can i do cash deposit in your account ?
    mail me the discounted price in Rupees


  81. Jokes says:

    i didn’t received any mail yet… checked the spam folder as well…. send mail again……

  82. Chetan says:

    Hello Rakesh,

    I like this wallpaper theme. I have few questions:

    You have written that WallPaper WordPress theme V2 is now fully responsive, but when I check it by resizing browser, it did not resize. How can I check its responsiveness?

    What is your support policy?

    Thank you.

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Chetan We provide support via email and skype. We even install the theme on one domain of your choice as per the demo of this theme. You are requested to use chrome Inspect element to check its responsiveness. We used it thoroughly during its development phase. All your queries will be addressed with in 24 hours. some times we can ask admin ID and password to check the whole setup of your website as sometimes third party plugin are not compatible though it is fully compatible with latest WordPress 4.1.13 version and common plugin like yoast seo, jetpack, w3 total cache etc.

  83. Sergey Kim says:

    Hi Rakesh, is there any installation book if I buy this theme? because I heard that theme installation so hard, for example in the one page there are appear 2 image.. how to fix it?

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Sergey Kim
      The theme comes with a complete documentation that can help you “How to install this theme properly”. Besides that, it is my promise if you are not able to achieve the result as per demo then just send me an email at support@binarynote.com, I will personally setup this theme on your domain.

  84. Joakim says:

    Popular and Random Post pages are not working

  85. Luka says:

    Hi, I’ve just purchased your amasing theme and looking forward to start the site.

    I wanted to ask you for advice. I would like to put my logo in the upper right corner of each image. Can you recommend me some good plugin which can do this automaticaly, and consistently with your theme?

    Thank you.

  86. Luka says:

    How do you put an icon next to the category name in the menu like in the Demo? (Home, Nature.., Random, Contact Us, etc.)

  87. hello rakesh. i have a problem about file themes WallPaper WordPress theme V2. beacuse the file corrupt can’t be extract. please give me new files WallPaper WordPress theme V2. send to my email adress. thanks

  88. Aliraza Khan says:

    Bhai mujy header background image chahiya jo theme wala ha

  89. Eman says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    i was about to buy this awesome theme, but i just discovered a major problem will affect my revenue when i checked if it’s responsive.
    i found that no ads appears in the mobile version at all, how ever, 60% of wallpaper search comes from mobile devices!
    please fix this
    thank you

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Eman
      Just updated theme as per your suggestions,but right now its not implemented in the demo of this theme. ~rakesh kumar

  90. manna samyal says:

    hello sir i am interested in buying you theme and can you tell few websites which are running successfully using this theme . i mean like getting more than 10,000 visitors per day

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Manna, Since the theme does not limit to run on any one domain thus We do not ask our buyers to provide on which domain they are going to implement this theme. So we do not have any exact domain names to forward you. In case you need any extra information, kindly email me at rakesh@binarynote.com

  91. Luka says:

    Can you tell me how to disable the facebook slider? (The one which goes from rigth to left at the bottom of the page). Thank you.

  92. Luka says:

    How to enable email subscription? When I enter e-mail and click GO, all I get is a new tab with a message FeedBurner: The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled

    Can you give us some instructions on hot to fix this? Thank you.

  93. Sir, I have problem with this theme, when I put ads on website which using this theme, the ads is disappear from website when opened from mobile / smartphone… how to fix it?

  94. Hey Rakesh, Nice post. other than wallpaper, how are lyrics sites works. As the lyrics are repetitive in many sites, isn’t the site get penalized for duplicate content?

  95. Chamith Janaka says:

    My Name Is Chamith,

    Can You Tell Me,How Insect The photos to Menu.

    Ex : Wall.jpg (upload)> Latest Wallpapers
    Flower.jpg (upload)> Most Popular Wallpapers
    Ema.jpg (upload)> Top Downloads

  96. Hi Rakesh , I Have A Wallpaper Site Named ” http://www.nicehdwall.com/ ” It Is Av Wallpaper Site Script 1.1.1 . I Want To Purchase Your This Theme And Replace It With Av Wallpaper Site Script 1.1.1 . Can It Possible. I Mean If I Take Database Back From Nicehdwall.com And Upload On This Theme Than It Will Work Proper. Please Check My Site And Mail Me At the9idea@gmail.com. I Am Waiting Your Reply.

  97. Raman says:

    I am trying to purchase this theme. But in the payment gateway after i am filling the required details of the card. the gateway is showing error and a notice come saying,”Card not acceptable”
    I have tried three cards Debit, Credit everything. Is there any other way for purchasing this theme. Please help me out with this.

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Raman, Since we both are Indians PayPal can not process your request. A separate Email has been sent to you containing my bank details. Once your transaction is realized by my bank, its download link will be forwarded to you. ~rakesh

  98. Raman says:

    Thank You very much. I will get the transaction completed as soon as possible.
    Thanks to you once again :)

  99. Noor Ahmed says:

    This is a very good theme .
    I really want to buy this , but I wonder how it will perform with SEO ?!

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Noor Ahmad, Allow me to clear all your doubts about SEO. Since I am developing this theme for more than 3 Years thus taking very good care of SEO. Few points that i would like to make here are
      1. It supports all major SEO plugins like Yoast, All in one SEO and SEOPressor, Thus you have total control on SEO settings and sitemaps and other things that you want google index or not to index like tags and categories.
      2. Good practices of SEO is taken care like Site LOGO has h1 tag on home page while it contains paragraph tag on single pages. While single page h1 heading is dedicated to post title.
      3. Query string is automatically removed from your site URL.

      This is a very small list of its SEO features, rest assured you will never ever regret about the SEO of this Wallpaper WordPress theme. still if you think the theme need any editing, just call us and we would love to implement that.
      ~ regards rakesh kumar

  100. Uzair says:

    Sir , i have tried to buy this theme , but i havent got theme , and payment has been deducted from my paypal ! i just got a Key , what to do now ?

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Uzair, Since you were not a verified paypal user , our system could not generate a download link for you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, we manually generated a download link for you and a separate email had been sent to you. Please check your email.

  101. WP says:

    Hi rakesh,

    Is plugin folder is empty ?
    i cant find any bulk image upload plugin


  102. Kamran Anwar says:

    Hello Sir i m already using this theme but that is a free copy. Now I want to purchase that theme… there are lot of wallpapers themes in your site.. will you please suggest me one good wallpaper theme which is good for SEO purpose..
    As Paypal is not avaialble in pakistan, tell me some other way for payments..
    Thanks in advance

  103. Anand Deep Singh says:

    Hi Rakesh,

    I have just downloaded this theme and shocked to see that folder is empty !!

    Either please send me theme in working condition or revert back my money. Sent you an email also.

    Waiting for your reply.


    • rakesh says:

      Hi Anand Deep Singh, A separate Email had been sent to you containing the download link of your product, The issue of blank download had also been raised with Gumroad.com, as you are already aware we only forward people who does not have paypal active in their countries otherwise we have 100% working download manager at our own site.

  104. kevin says:

    does this theme have image grabber ? or should i post each item manually ?

    • rakesh says:

      I would highly discourage you to use image grabber for any image based website as your image grabber will not only grab the image but also keep the same keywords for the same image thus every grabbed image will send google a message that you are publishing copied contents AND as a result you will not be able to rank for any keyword.

      we are providing a bulk uploader plugin along with this theme, Using the same plugin you can upload thousand of images within hours so you will be ready to open your website within few hours.

  105. Rohit Roy says:

    I love this theme i want this theme for my website http://wallpapersinsta.com
    does this theme have bulk post images

  106. Unieb says:

    I have purchased this theme. But its not getting unzipped. Getting archive error. Send me working download link.

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Unieb, Do not worry about anything, Just check your mail. A download link had been send with few incrustations to your email ID

    • Unieb says:

      i want to know that is there any option available for arranging according to resolution or type? For example for mobile, widescreen etc

      How can i set or change the minimum required wallpaper size i.e to create different sizes?

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Unieb, If you are understand programming a little bit then it is very easy to modify the resolutions.

  107. Kamal Maity says:

    Hi, hotlink protection for downloadable is available for this WordPress theme?

  108. Vimal says:

    Check out http://www.zhdwallpapers.com fully completed website using this theme. Kudos to Rakesh.

    A Must buy theme if you need a good wallpaper theme with easy to set up and upload 100’s of images in bulk. Your website will be ready in no time.

    My website http://www.zhdwallpapers.com is running on this theme

  109. hi i’m from in indonesia, I want to buy this theme
    but i don’tt have a paypal acount.