Abhishek Wallpaper WordPress theme

Wallpaper site WordPress themeWallpaper Site WordPress theme Abhishek is our Latest WordPress theme for all my Friends out there, who are eager to make money online with minimum efforts. We all know how much it is difficult to do research on a particular niche and then convert that information into a useful article

Salient Features

Though We have already embedded a lots of features in this Wallpaper WordPress theme still we believe that You must know these before to make any decision

Fully Responsive

Responsive-Wallpaper-WordPress theme

Built using Bootstrap CSS Framework to cater all types of mobile devices in the mind as Google start considering mobile ready Website as a ranking factor.

Optimize for SEO

All the Image Titles are rendered using h3 on the home page but on a single page they contains h1 tag. The same is applied on the website logo. On Home page it is rendered with h1 tag but on single pages it is h4 tag.

The same conventions are used to render all other widgets and other SEO factors used to rank any site on the top.

Built in Pagination

Theme does not employ any plugin to paginate instead of that it uses the built in pagination system used by WordPress admin panel.

Built in Related Wallpapers

related Wallpaper WordPress theme

No need to install any crap to show related Wallpapers. All the Wallpapers are served with related wallpapers from the same category with minimum database queries.

Built in Ads Manager

NO need to add any extra Ads manager. We have already placed ads position on the highest CTR. You are only required to just copy paste your Ads code only.

Customized Login Panel :

Built in Customized login page with added security

Clean Code for customization

Clean code for better customization. Most of the crucial code is commented and indented so that even a non-programmer can understand the logic.

Full Functional Demo   |  Download for $29 only

With Every download you will appear instantly in your email box used on PayPal that will contain our Wallpaper WordPress theme + Documentation + Sample data.

If you find any issue or other feature that you want in this theme.Kindly send us your suggestion as a comment and receive a special discount on this theme.

46 Brilliant Comments - Join Discussion Now!

  1. Arup says:

    The theme looks stunning.

  2. Avi says:

    I have some issues with the Abhishek theme. Tried adding you to Skype but have not heard back from you yet.

  3. Utkarsh says:

    I m looking for wordpress website as like your demo. I just want to see the wordpress admin panel to check the customization of website. Can we put Wallpaper categories in top menu. Because when we checked demo through the mobile view, it was not showing categories. The visitor requires the wallpaper by category search. Reply plz.

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Utkarsh, We can put categories in the menu but that does not means we can put 1000 categories in the menu. Thus we have separate page template for categories. I have send some admin panel screenshots to your email Id. Please check them.

  4. Andrhie says:

    I looked under the logo “Search 26 Wallpapers”, whether the number of wallpaper is uploaded ? Please reply…

    • rakesh says:

      Yes, It is the number of uploaded wallpapers.

    • Andrhie says:

      I want to ask….for the size of the image, for example, Standard size 4: 3, High Definition, iphone, tablet etc are automated? or we should have a many size different?

    • rakesh says:

      Hi, There is no need to upload different size for different size. The script will automatically generate for all the other listed sizes, you are only required to supply a large enough size of original wallpaper.

  5. Well, this nice theme, I think I can develop it and use it to promote my photography skill. Awesome!

  6. Arif says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    This theme is so cool..I like it..I want to buy it..can I have a discount? thanks..

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Arif, We are already selling it at very low price so further discount is right now not possible. Hope you will understand me.

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