Visual Form Builder-Your Best Bet For Building Complex WordPress Form

As a website owner you’ll certainly know that you don’t only need to provide information about your products and services to en-users, but also make it easy for users to contact you. A contact form is a common and most effective medium that enables your users to get in touch with you. Unfortunately, many site owners don’t pay much attention to designing a clear and to the point contact form – which eventually results in low conversion rate.


Keep in mind that contact form is a crucial element that let you interact with the outside world. Although, you may have several interaction points in your site but users generally fills out the contact form – when they directly need to contact you. If you’re running a WordPress powered site, then you can easily build contact forms tailored to meet your site requirements with help of WordPress plugins.

In this post we’ll be discussing about the Visual Form Builder WordPress Plugin: what it does and how it is used.

An Overview of Visual Form Builder

This WordPress plugin enable users to build captivating and highly functional forms without the need of working in PHP, CSS or HTML. It helps to build and manage all type of forms from a single place. The Visual Form Builder comes with rich set of features that help build much more advanced forms. It’s available as a free version, however if you need to embed additional features and functions, then you can choose the Visual Form Builder Pro version.

Noteworthy Features of Visual Form Builder

  • Visual Form Builder makes it easy to ensure your visitors enter the correct information into each form field by automatically validating them.
  • Another reason that makes WordPress form builder plugin useful underlies in the fact that it helps to add anti-spam verification functionality to your forms. This help protect your form being attacked by spammers who are looking forward to fill your inbox with junk mails.

Let’s have a look at some other useful features of the free Visual Form Builder WordPress plugin:

Submitting store related data in the WordPress database.

  • Create duplicate forms to save your time in building a new one.
  • He let you customize your contact form via CSS and much more.

Visual Form Builder Installation Guide

  • In order to install free version of Visual Form Builder, you need to visit to the WordPress admin area. Then, login to your dashboard and navigate to Plugins -> Add New.
  • Once you’ve located the plugin install it by clicking on the “Install Now Button” and then activate the plugin by clicking on “Activate Now link”.
  • When the plugin is activated, a new item to your WP dashboard sidebar will be added which is known as Visual Form Builder. Using this item, you can perform plugin configuration, view form submissions, export them etc.

Visual Form Builder admin panel

Note: Since Visual Form Builder plugin doesn’t contain any pre-built forms, then your first step should be to create a new one by hitting the “Add New Form” menu item.

How to Create a New Form Using Visual Form Builder?

  • In order to create a new form for your WordPress site, you’ll have to assign it a name, enter your own name, email subject, and most importantly you will have to add the email address where the form will submitted. After filling out all these essentials click on the “Create form” button.
  • In the second step just click on the settings button provided in the form builder page at the top. This is the place from where you can identify who’ll receive a copy of your form submission.
  • So, now when you have filled up the form, add the relevant fields to it. Once all the fields gets added to the form, you can easily drag and drop them in their respective places.

Whenever you feel the need to see how your form looks like when its published on the site, make sure to save the form and then add it into your site page or post.

Wrapping Up!

If you want to build an advanced form for your WordPress website tailored to meet your specific needs, then Visual Form Builder is the perfect choice for you. It’s easy to use, and is an amazing plugin that not only let users build simple forms but also help them create complex ones according to their growing needs.

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