Video Marketing Strategy for New-Age Search Marketers

Everyone loves watching videos, or at least most of us do. We love videos more than any other content type because it conveys more emotions, more information in less time. Videos are everywhere today, be it websites or social sites with big digital platforms.

super Video marketing ideas

Cool Video marketing ideas

Brands and businesses have now understood the potential of videos, and also their utility for marketing. In fact, marketers now look for ways to tap into a trend brim with potential and that is set to grow a lot in the future

That’s why, video marketing is growing, in fact, exploding, with a phenomenal rate. More brands seek to benefit from a marketing type which has grown five-folds in the last four years. More brands now want to engage with users through fun-filled and attention-grabbing videos.

Video marketing is something no business or brand can either ignore or avoid because:

  • As per Cisco, by 2018, a whopping 69 per cent of total online traffic will be video.
  • As per YouTube, 400 hours of videos are uploaded or added to the site every minute
  • Mobile video views have increased by 600 per cent in the last four years, starting from 2012
  • In 2016, more than half of video views will take place on mobile or hand-held devices

It’s quite clear that video marketing is set to grow bigger in the days to come. It’s also obvious that more people are watching videos than ever before and more will do it in coming times.

In fact, we now have more channels to watch videos and more videos are uploaded on sites on a minute-basis to satiate the desires of information and entertainment-hungry users.

Why video marketing?

It’s important to understand what makes video marketing tick. Why marketers are so bullish about this form of content when there are a lot of other ways of realizing marketing goals. There are a lot of reasons that make video marketing a potent tool of online marketing, including:

  • Videos are the most persuasive type of content available today
  • Videos give superior conversion rates than other types of content
  • Videos deliver more chances of engagement and entertainment to users
  • Videos convey more information and more emotions to influence viewers
  • They use facial expressions and body languages to help users feel engaged
  • Videos are now a key factor in search formulas of all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • 4 out of every 5 people is said to take purchasing decisions after watching a video
  • 92% B2B customers watch online videos and take buy decisions
  • Videos add more trust and credibility to brands
  • Customers trust videos more than they do other forms of content
  • Videos help brands connect with target audience using sight and sought
  • Videos can be shared across social platforms to gain more traffic
  • Videos can impact buyers’ heart and brains in equal manner to influence their buying decisions
  • Videos are capable of boosting email click-through rates by 200-300%
  • Videos are capable of bringing the highest ROI possible from marketing efforts

Effective video marketing strategies

Videos are now a wonderful tool of brand building and brand marketing. A business can devise a suitable video marketing strategy to build their base and reach to a wider target audience.  Your strategy must include:

#1 Video length matters

Video length matters, a lot. In fact, it can make or break marketing efforts. A video has to grab the attention at the earliest else it runs the risk of going waste. Therefore, the right strategy is to make a video engaging from the very start. While making a video, marketers should note that:

  • Viewers seek instant impact
  • The first 10 seconds holds the key
  • The video should be point to point
  • Lengthy videos fail to hold the attention

# 2 Put quality content in videos

Your videos may not help realize marketing purposes if they lack quality content. Videos should be such that they deliver enrichment to users. A lot of factors count when it comes to adding quality in your videos, including:

  • The content should be such to provide information to users or viewers
  • The content should be such to solve problems of viewers
  • The content should be easy to link and share
  • The content should be easy to browse
  • The content should be interactive in nature and it should deliver enrichment to viewers
  • The content should grab the attention and keep users busy
  • The content should come with some call for action

#3 Be sure of right channels for video distribution

Having a video made is the first step and its distribution comes next on the list. You know there are many video-sharing sites or big platforms like YouTube where you can place your messages. Would that do the job?

  • Find a suitable distribution channel for your videos
  • You can post videos directing to social channels including Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Choose your social channel carefully as the userbase profile of each channels is vastly different and unique.

#4 Make your videos SEO-friendly  

Creating quality videos are as important and distributing them through the right channels. What purpose is of your videos when they did not reach to users? It means, your videos should be SEO-friendly so that they can get superior search engine rankings and reach to the intended audience in the desired manner. To make your video SEO friendly, you should:

  • Videos need to be optimized to deliver traffic and help in superior ROI
  • User relevant keywords in titles and transcripts to help more users find your videos
  • Rather than trusting big platforms, you must share videos on your domain itself
  • Make your videos in a way so that users can share and embed them on their site with ease
  • User catchy titles and appropriate description with videos to help users find them with ease

#5 User-generated content (UGC)

Marketers should understand the trend of user-generated content and leverage it to the core. This kind of content is now used extensively to engage and entertain users and win their trust. Such content does not resemble like sales copies crafted by devious ad agencies. They rather look more genuine way to get the message through and bolster the brand.

  • UGC adds more reliability factor to videos
  • Viewers relate to such videos more and more easily
  • Such content grabs attention and deliver value
  • Brands now rely on UGC to boost conversion rates of their videos

#6 Don’t go flashy, seek engagement 

Video marketing is not about brand advertisement anymore. Rather, the focus should be on seeking the engagement of viewers. Gone are the days when people used to watch videos for its aesthetics and visual appeal; they now seek entertainment, information and engagement.

  • Your videos must inform about some products or services of the business
  • Your videos need to educate users
  • How-to videos or DIY-videos work because they add value to users

#7 Leverage live streaming and micro sharing sites

YouTube may be the biggest platform for videos, but it’s not the only one around. There are quite a few other popular micro sites for same purposes also with global exposure prospects to brands. There are Vine, Snapchat, Dubsmash with a big user base and reach, and brands can capitalize on them to meet their marketing purposes.

Similarly, a business can benefit from live video to build their base and engage with customers in a superior way. A live video stream works best when a brand wants to announce or inform its target audience. Live videos can help a great deal in conveying your brand history and heritage.


In overall, video marketing is here to stay and your business should plan for the right ways to benefit from it. Marketers should understand the changing trends in the market and adopt to them to deliver viewers what they exactly want. After all, videos can be more persuasive when right messaged are embedded to them.

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