4 Top Reasons to Track Visitor Pattern

For those who blog, or write in on line journals, keeping track of visitor pattern can be an excellent way to see who visits a certain blog. There are lots of ways to keep track of blog readers whenever you blog. Blog hit counters, visitor tracking, referrers and keywords all can help you know if someone has visited your blog.

Whenever you set up your blog, you will most likely have already decided on the type of blog you will maintain.  Some internet blog hosting sites will provide there service for totally free, but have a minimum of  features. Other blog sites could cost, but will supply blogger services to keep track of visitor pattern.

Visitor Pattern


There are numerous reasons to track the visitors that read your blog. Understanding who visits your blog will help you know what your readers are looking for.

Prosperous blogging starts with interested writing and will appeal to your readers.

Yet another reason you may want to maintain track of the visitors that come to your website would be to boost visitors. This is specially important for blogs that are for firms. Firms can use their blog for inexpensive advertising. Understanding who visits the blog website will support an organization recognize if they are reaching their target audience for their services or items.

1. Hit Counter and Visitor Pattern

A blog hit counter is a approach to maintain track of the amount of visitors that read your blog. Blog hit counters are generally little boxes at the extremely end of a web page that updates a number every time your web-site is hit.  Some blog hit counters can give site owners internet site statistics, reports and graphs to illustrate blog activity.

These counters can also show you where your readers are discovering your website. If your blog hosting website does not offer a blog hit counter feature, 1 can effortlessly be downloaded or added to your page from yet another web site.

There are lots of free sites that supply counters for blog pages. Blog writers can register on the hit counter web site, download and install directly into the blog template. This will give an accurate count of how numerous visitors you’ve to your blog.

Note : If you’re not worried about keywords or details details about your readers, then a blog hit counter is the easiest method to track your readership.

If you want extra advanced blog features, then you are able to add tracking possibilities to your blog. There are a number of approaches you are able to track your readers. One is by keywords and the other is really a visitor tracker.

2. Keyword trackers

Keyword Trackers are ideal for those who need to know what keywords men and women are utilizing to locate a blog. This could possibly be crucial for companies that need to have to reach prospective consumers.

A good keyword tracker can also assist you to organize your blog web-site to determine which keywords are most well-liked with readers. It can also aid get your site listed on search engines.

Keyword trackers could be downloaded for free of charge in many cases. If your web page relies heavily on readers, then a keyword tracker might be a great option.

3. Visitor Tracker

A Visitor tracker works a lot the identical way as a keyword tracker. The difference, nevertheless, is that a visitor tracker will offer you with information and facts statistics about your blog visitors Pattern. Generally, this info is given in effortless to realize graphs and tables.

In case you want to see where your visitors are coming from, then a visitor tracker might be very beneficial. It really is just a little far more sophisticated than a hit counter, but works about the identical way.

When a visitor enters your blog web site, their data is saved onto the visitor tracker. Whenever you are ready, you may log in and see exactly who your visitors are.  A lot of times not only are you able to see the statistics on your readers, but you can also see reports for present visitors and those that have visited the site in the past.

Other way that a blog writer can keep track of their readers would be to include a comment section at the end of your blog post. Not all visitors will wish to leave a comment, but this can be a great method to gain feedback about your internet site, and this is one of the best method available for the blogger to track their visitor pattern .

4. Analytic Tools :

Analytical Tool like Google Analytics and Alexa Site Tools can provide you much more information beside these simple matrix. These tools are able to locate the conversion rate as well as many more statics.

Crazy Egg is another very interesting web analytic Tool  by Niel Patel, said to track human behavior on your website and provide detail information of your website.

Final Words on Visitor Pattern

Visitor Pattern,will Superior comprehend the kind of readers that frequent your site, but also fully grasp the type of content that they want to read.

Though, I have taken utmost care to prepare this article, some errors might be erupt during this process, if you find any, kindly intimate me through comment.

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  1. Joy@cash for jewelry says:

    Hello Rakesh, thanks for the salutary post :) I have a number of widgets to track the number of visitors I get on a daily basis but most of them are not that accurate so I still rely on google analytics to give me an in-depth look. There’s a huge disparity between the results on google analytics and the widgets I have installed.

    • rakesh says:

      it depends upon the tracking system used by different software, even though most of them relay on google analytics for tracking visitor pattern. Thanks joy for your valuable feedback on this beautiful article.

  2. Kristine@balinese hut says:

    Hi Rakesh! Thanks for the salutary share, tracking visitor patterns is probably one of the most exciting facets of blogging. I am highly driven and motivated when I notice a significant increase in numbers. I have tried a couple of hit counters but they seem to be quite inaccurate in comparison with the results I get in my google analytics dashboard. Would you be able to recommend a specific widget that really works? Thanks in advance!

    • rakesh says:

      One more application can help you a lot if you are not fully satisfied with Google Analytics tool, it is crazzyegg by neil patel.

  3. mahfooz says:

    nice information for blogger community

  4. Patrik says:

    Very informative post. Bloggers have to always pay due importance to track back patterns. This will help in growning and becoming better as a blogger.

    • rakesh says:

      Right, This will also help you to target your audience as well as your matter. Google analytics is one such wonderful tool

  5. Thank you for taking time to write this informative passage.
    Is there any tool to get knowing who is our visitor, or visitor demography?
    Thank you.

    • rakesh says:

      Google analytics can help you a lot in this case, You can check how much traffic you are actually receiving for a particular country, but , i am afraid their is not such tools right now who can track down each and every visitor seperatly.

  6. Ravi Singh says:

    Nice information your have shared for the blogger and website owner. Google Analytics provide a lots of detailed information about our visitor pattern such as Traffic Sources, Advertising and also we can find how many revenue earn.

    • rakesh says:

      GA is right now the best among all types of free analytics tool. Thanks Ravi for your valuable feedback on this article. Hope to see you soon.

  7. shahriyar says:

    hi there Rakesh ..its a helpful post and obviously i agree with you about tracking . and you recommended googleaAnalytic for tracking .. but i am using Statcounter …is it any good. want know your feedback.

    thank you

    • rakesh says:

      Dear Shahriyar, The only words i want to say about google analytics is – Just use it once and then compare yourself. Whether do you really need statcounter?

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