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Today we are going to introduce you a new website called , as per their tag line they are claiming that their free themes are the best among the domains, They are not only complete but also ready to rock its niche domain. They are according to the latest trends and designed according to the Indian conditions where people wants everything for free.

Free HTML Themes collection

Free HTML Theme for Tour Operators

As you are well aware that most of the time people release their themes free of cost only for the two reasons

  1. They are not confident about their own products and the theme is not built as per the industry standards. Sometimes it lacks the standard coding codes, sometimes programmers are a total newbie
  2. A new trend has been observed in the Free theme market- A light version is free to try whereas its developer show us the full version of the theme in its demo- thus force its downloader to purchase their full version.

The second case is worse as the downloader of the theme is the ultimate sufferer either he loses money or his valuable time.

Who is behind

Themeauthor is the brainchild of me and my team at, When we decided to separate our  theme developer team with then decided to launch this new website for all the users and also decided at the same time to release at-least one full-fledged theme per month for the community.

This month they have decided to release a Tour Operator theme for the community, the theme is free to download and use and misuse.  All the code behind the theme is already written and the images bundled with its download is also free to use and misuse.

What we are expecting from the users

Without money we cannot survive in this very highly competitive word of theming thus team had also decided to release premium themes but the price of these themes will be the lowest in the industry and they will not be limited to only one domain or charge annual subscriptions like most theme developers are doing right now.

We would also like to inform all the readers that we would also take WordPress customization projects like themes, Plugins or child themes based on Popular theme Framework Genesis, rest assured our rates will be the minimum in the industry.

ThemeAuthor PortFolio

Collection of  Free HTML and WordPress themes

Free and Premium Themes available on

Since the core developer team comes from , some of their work is also listed on as well as on, You can see their complete work through this link. Right now they have showcased only three types of themes – Wallpaper  Themes, free WordPress themes and Free HTML themes.

What will cover will cover all type of tutorials based on HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, Python, Ajax, JQuery, WordPress, Joomla, Magento and many other popular CMS.

Free Theme of the month

This month they have released FREE VisitIndia HTML theme for Tour Operators.  The Free HTML Theme contains Home Page, Category Page, Single Page as well as Contact us page with required PHP, CSS and JQuery files. Do not wait just go ahead and grab their theme of the month.

Download      |    View Demo

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  1. Very useful information. thanks for sharing

  2. Arup Ghosh says:

    They have got a nice collection of themes.

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