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Several changes keep taking place consistently in the sphere of blogging. This reveals a tough competition globally too. No matter whether you are a professional, corporate, or an entrepreneur blogger, you may be definitely aspiring to gain additional popularity and a huge audience crowd toward your blogs.

Despite creating and nurturing your excellent blogs, you may have experienced low blog rankings and might have failed miserably at times. To overcome the dilemma of persistent failings despite giving your level best efforts, you can simply follow a few tips and attract more and more potential audiences to your blogs. This will directly help you to increase more traffic and achieve success in blogging.

Get expertise, knowledge and experience

You must acquire maximum knowledge and experience on variety of subjects. More especially on the subject that inspired you to write a blog. Always make it a point to write intelligently to gain reputation, appeal and positive comments from your readers. It is also necessary to respond quickly to the readers’ comments to maintain a lasting relation with your readers online

Make a first impression

Do not forget that first impression is always the last one. Make a distinct identity for your blogs with exclusive opening contents, designed paragraphs, outlines, themes and a remarkable conclusion.

Be a good host

You can host polls, contests, discussions, forums and other interactive discussions so as to encourage more and more participation from readers of your blogs.

Make the Blogs appealing to your readers

You can make your blogs challenging and controversial yet fun-filled to accumulate interest in the readers and gain appeal for your blogs. An investment in attractive and appealing blogs can make you gain higher returns with time in a long run.

Make your readers feel important

You should respond to your readers’ comments to make them feel an important part of your blogs. You can also offer rewards and bonus points to the active and best reader comments. Also ensure that you do not ignore emails that ask for your necessary suggestions, tips and advice.

Write Blogs on regular and consistent basis

In case you have committed to write 4 to 5 post in a week, make it a point to write it consistently without a break. You can expect an increase in numbers regarding returning visitors when you write and publish content on a regular basis and stick to your schedule.

Let the design of your blog speak for itself

You can select designs for your blogs that can complement the published quality content on your blogs. You will have to take care of the color, the size of font, images, and outlay of your blogs that can make your readers more comfortable and offer them an adequate breath taking space.

Ultimately, the success of your blogs depends entirely upon your long term goals, your target audience and the functionalities required by you. You can share your questions and insecurities with many successful and professional Blog writers and gain their expertise knowledge that will help you to achieve newer heights in blogging in a few years, months or even days.


About the author: Bethany is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Nikon Binoculars attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Razor Scooter.

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  2. Main uddin says:

    Your tips are only basic for beginners not for the professional bloggers .Professional bloggers have to do more things as such i have found at

  3. i would go to different websites you frequent and check out the blogging features..then, pick your interest and blog on..believe me, no matter what blog you choose, it will be read..

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