Small Business Credit Cards to Consider

Being the owner of a small business, you must consider about your cash supply because the survival of a small business depends much upon the availability of cash supply. Small Business Credit cards are the smart way to maintain that cash supply level to run a business.

Whether you are selling something, providing some service, or doing any legal action to earn the profit, you can consider about applying for a small business credit card. So in short, the first step to qualify for a small business credit card is to involve in some activity that can earn you some profit.

Even a good freelancing business can qualify for the small business credit card.

small credit cards

While applying for small business credit card, you must get the form. Forms are available online that you can fill correctly. Fill all the info with accurate information. Filling the form with wrong information can land you in hot water,or simply they can blacklist you.

So, avoid misrepresentation while applying for a credit card. Your credit matters a lot if you are applying for small business credit card. If the bank has already declined your credit card application then most probably your business credit card application will decline as well.

If you are applying for the small business credit card then you must consider some of the best business credit cards as discussed below:

American Express

Most of the business owners in the United States of America love to have AMEX Small Business Credit Card. If you have good personal credit, you can get AMEX Small Business Credit Card even if you haven’t yet started business operations. But if your business has good revenues then you shouldn’t care much about your credit.

The good thing about American Express, Small Business Credit card, is that you will earn Starwood points very rapidly. You will earn 2 points if you spend just 1$. You can use these points if you want to travel by air or if you want to stay at some hotel. AMEX credit cards also have some amazing cash back offers. You can enjoy 3% to 5% cash back on eligible purchases.


It is much easier to qualify for Chase Small Business Credit Cards because they look at your overall credit. If you have good banking relations and you own sound assets, then you can get Chase Small Business Credit Card. They are making their rules harder now. In the past, it was very easy to apply for Chase Credit Card, and just because of this reason most people still love to apply for Chase Small Business Credit Card.

There’s Chase Ink plus Business Credit Card which allows you to earn five times more points. If you spend $1, then you will get five reward points. Chase Credit Cards also offers up to 5% cash back offers.


Citi Advantage Credit Card is one of best business credit cards. People love to have it even for personal use. The main advantage of having Citi Business Credit Card is that you can use it worldwide. You can apply for the Citi Business Credit Card even if your business has no revenue. You can get amazing reward points with a2X factor, i.e., two reward points if you spend $1. These points can be utilized while you travel through American Airlines.

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