SEO Trends to Expect in 2018

The ever-evolving industry that is Search Engine Optimisation continues to baffle even the best SEO experts with years in the field. With constant Google updates and changes to the rule book, often a winning SEO formula can be turned on its head just like that.

Just as you think you have mastered the art of SEO and seen the website you are working on rocket up the rankings, Google implements a change and you may well find yourself back to square one again.


SEO Trends in 2018

In 2017, Google decided to target the intrusive interstitials (or more commonly known as the pesky pop-ups that take over the main page content), which helped to stop these aggressive types of advertising. People who had gone down that route were penalised and had to adjust their approach accordingly.There were also updates that are said to have hit low-value content websites that are revenue focused rather than user focused.

The fundamental principles of SEO will probably stay the same for some time but what does the future hold? It is always difficult to predict but with 2018 fast approaching, we looked at what some of the experts are predicting in the SEO landscape in 2018:

Accelerated mobile pages


Fast loading pages are ranked higher by Google and with more people than ever before using smartphones to search the internet, people are investing a lot of time in trying to speed up the mobile user experience. Mobile users want super fast pages and won’t wait for pages to load.

AMP is a framework that can get the page to load up to 4 times faster. Mobile users will be the focus of SEO more than ever before, especially with the upcoming and long-awaited Mobile First update.

Voice Search

As users are becoming more comfortable with the ability of their inbuilt digital assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Alexa this area will be a key focus in 2018. The time-saving benefits are becoming more obvious to users who perhaps wouldn’t have attempted to use the technology before. Content will be optimised to take this into account, so keywords for a voice search could be quite different to those who are typing the keywords. Voice queries are likely to use longer phrases so expect content in 2018 to reflect that.Local keywords that are usually typed e.g. ‘SEO Peterborough’ will need to be considered from a voice search point of view.


Video marketing popularity has been surging and the more visual the content, the better in 2018. Rich visuals are going to be the ones that attract more customers and encourage more likes and shares. A lot of time will be spent curating high quality, visual content.

Content writers

More people will be turning to writers to produce high-quality articles and blogs. Rather than churning out low-quality rewrites of other copy, people will be hiring writers with expertise in the industry to come up with unique content that will impress users and therefore the search engines.


In the SEO world, backlinks are long-standing friends but there are going to be changes in this area. Experts are predicting that the quality of one link will achieve much more than several lower authority links. Expect more work to be done around finding trusted sites and building higher value backlinks.

These are just a few of the trends that the SEO experts are expecting next year. As you will know, when it comes to SEO and Google updates, most of what will come will be well hidden until the updates happen. And even then it is difficult to work out for certain what changes have been made. 2018 promises to be another challenging year for those in the SEO and digital marketing industry but these predicted trends should help by giving you some advance warning of what can be expected.

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  1. Anil Agarwal says:

    Hi Rakesh,

    What you said about content writers is too good and I agree with you.

    People are NOT looking for ordinary writers who rehash others content anymore. They are looking for creative writers who can bring them results (from sales to traffic).

    Voice search is one thing that’s growing rapidly these days. Even I’m using on my mobile to search through voice. It’s becoming common.

    AMP pages or mobile first indexing is also going to play a huge role in 2018. Spot on!

    Keep rocking.

    • rakesh says:

      Hi anil, Thanks for this wonderful feedback. Since we both are in this arena and we do understand the importance of SEO and we also understand that we have to change our SEO strategies in our to be in the race.

  2. mobile Search – The proceeded with development in the versatile pursuit consequently brings about the ascent of rivalry. Presently a site isn’t just required to be responsive however completely Mobile improved to change over and rank well.

  3. Nasim Khan says:

    High quality content is very much important . I think people should give more importance in quality content rather than link building.. I am not saying that backlinks are not important but I see in google top ten search results that sometime with less link but better content sites are ranking higher…

  4. Aamir suhail says:

    All in one. The content and Backlinks matter’s ultimately for SEO ranking.

  5. From the list of upcoming trends in SEO. I think the voice search will be more important because google has recently announced about that and backlinks might be a sensitive point.

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