SEO Techniques Needed for Google TV

Google TV is on the loose and spreading like wild fire. Internet marketers and small businesses are contemplating what this innovative product will do for their websites. Various people are asking, “What type of SEO strategies can we use for Google TV?”

The answer to this common question is that normal SEO strategies will not change drastically from the course website owners have performed this before.

Google TV - Overview

Even though, the SEO strategies will not change drastically, there are some effects that will be viewed in relation to new Google TV traffic. The fact remains that Google has not poured a lot into their marketing launch with this product, so it is yet to be proven if it will become a household name. It proves prudent to anticipate that if Google TV does grow in popularity, the product will allow users to search the Internet while sitting comfortably in their living rooms. This could cause an increase in search engine traffic in the near future. An increase in traffic sounds fantastic; however, users could easily be generally searching the Internet instead of seeking specific products and services.

It is predicted that the largest effect Google TV will have on business website owners is the part of the optimization. Website owners will have to focus more on the “user experience” to ensure the Google search engine is in agreement with their website. What will website owners have to do? They will have to redesign their website while maintaining normal website optimization. This task will involve using LSI or keywords and bolded keywords.

There are some additional things that website owners can do to get more traffic from Google TV users who are not using the Google search engine. Keep in mind, that the majority of Google TV users will be using applications. The apps let people use social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter in conjunction with their TVs. It would prove wise for website owners to use social networking to get more traffic to their websites.

SEO strategists should consider using videos on their websites. Google TV can display high-quality videos. Videos typically rank high in search engine results, especially with the use of strategic keywords. Simply optimize a page for Google and users. Embed a YouTube video on the page. Apply basic SEO techniques to the page. This task will allow your video webpage to be featured in the “Google Results”. This proves a momentous task because users are likely to watch videos instead of reading “text” while using their Google TV.

It proves wise to give Google TV users a version of your website that is clearly and conveniently read. Your website will have to be viewed from a small distance from the TV. It proves essential that users can easily navigate the site with being able to see jumbo headers. Remember that white or light fonts against dark backgrounds are more easily read on the TV screen in comparison to computer screens. Use Flash and HTML, shorten your paragraphs with increasing the font sizes. If you want to take a look at some samples, Google TV does provide samples of business websites on their “Google TV website” that has been optimized for Google TV.

Currently, a SEO strategy to use with Google TV proves common. Please remember to increase the Google TV user’s experience of your business website. The attention span of software users proves to be only seconds in length. Users will not stay long on any website if you only have the site optimized for computer visualization. Do not forget to establish an expert presence on social media networking websites.

About the Author : The post is shared by William Taylor. William is strategist who likes to blog on varied topics like cloud computing, hacking and internet. Apart from that he is tech freak and passionate entrepreneur. Visit his site for mobiele telefoons and simonly.

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