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“ Which tools/ plugins do you use on your blog/website to get such a nice ranking without doing any such hard work as we do?”. This is a very common question, we old hands face, it is very hard to tell each and every one on the internet which tool, right now i am using to gain such a huge success in no time. I am really fed up with this question, so decided to to pen down all my resource in a single place for all of you.

These are the tools which help me to build my business as an affiliate/blogger and off course, as a niche theme developer, funny image wordpress theme, wallpaper wordpress theme, affiliate wordpress theme and pagespeed are my few most successful wordpress themes right now.

I highly recommend you to bookmark this page for your reference and convenience, you are also advised to do your independent research before making and concrete decision.

Disclose: please note that some of the links are affiliate links, which will not cost any extra money to you if you will buy using my links. I am personally using all the tools, so here I am not going to create any hype or any statements to make you buy these products. My intention here is to help you select best tools in the industry.


WordPress: WordPress is world’s most loved platform among bloggers. It’s very easy to manage and you can create stunning blog with its themes and plugins. I started my first blog with WordPress and now almost 95% blogs are running on WordPress (few are on This is the biggest market place of any type of premium theme related to any niche in niche, Just image the market and i am sure they would love to share some of the most amazingly designed premium themes in cheapest price on the internet, along with complete documentation and support.  Right now they have more than 11,276 files in their repository. : This is my another resource for taking stunning themes for my website or for selling my own developed themes. They have everything similar to themeforest except the themes, they do provide themes on almost every CMS. They impressed me first with their LAWYER wordpress theme, their design is simply- outstanding yet very cheap- if you will compare their features with their price.  Before making any decision to purchase a theme, i think you must take a look on this site once.

Yoast SEO plugin : Though this is free SEO plugin, still i love this wordpress plugin too much and use on almost in my every project. You would not believe me if i would say – dumped SEOPressor for Yoast.

Easy WP SEO Plugin: This is a premium plugin which I am using on all my client’s  WordPress sites and it is helping them to follow SEO guidelines without my help all the time. This plugin automatically adds required SEO on your article.

Premium WordPress Plugins

Paid Download Pro : This is my favorite plugin, as you know, i do sell my themes through this blog, to make all these download smooth.  This plugin automatically transfer your buyer on paypal [or any other payment gateway of your choice ] and send a temporary link at the registered paypal ID of the buyer to download your digital product.

Social Share to download : If you are offering something free on your website, but worried about the traffic coming through social media, in my opinion this is the best plugin to attract traffic from social media through your free download, it will force your downloader to share your product before download.

Subscribe to download : “Money is in the List”. This plugin is specially recommended for those who wants to generate  an email list quickly, as the name suggests people will have to subscribe your email list to download your product.  NOTE – Give some stunning wordpress theme to download and just enjoy your list very quickly.

Hosting and Domain Deals

HostGator: HostGator is my top-most loved hosting provider. I am using HostGator accounts on as well as on wallpaper website . Right now, my blogs are on shared hosting but their support is so awesome that you can get your problem solved in fraction of seconds.   You can use my discount coupon bigsharedhost to avail 25% flat discount on any hosting plan.

GoDaddy: All my domains are on Godaddy. This is one of the top domain provider company and they provide you chat support 24×7. Besides that you can also book your domain with debit cards also.

Keyword Research Tools

Long Tail Pro: This is the best keyword research tool ever made. This tool will help you to find money-making keywords, and with those keywords you can build any niche sites very easily.

Keyword Researcher: This is another awesome tool which will help you to get many ideas about writing articles on your targeted keyword. With just single click you can generate tons of new ideas for your blog post.

Other IM Tools

Magic Submitter :  Magic Submitter Spins And Submits Your Articles, Videos, Blogs, And Press Releases To Over 500 Sites And Gives You 1000’s Of Backlinks Automatically….Plus You Can Instantly Add 100’s Of Additional Sites. A time tested tool that is 100% guaranteed to help you to dominate your niche.  You can try this tool for $1 only for the first 30 days.

Magic Rank Tracker: This tool will help  you to track keyword position in search engines. You can simply create one project and add your targeted keywords. It will start plotting graph for your keywords every day, so you will able to check your SERP position very easily.

ScrapeBox: As the name implies, this is a scraping tool, means by putting any keywords in this tool you can scrape 1000 links from internet which have used that keyword. For building manual backlink this is the best tool I am using.

WordPress Books

Professional WordPress Plugin Development I think this is the best book, i have ever purchased on wordpress plugin development, but assumes that you already have some development experience in wordpress. If you are planning to make something big in wordpress, then in my personal opinion – this book is a must.

WordPress Theme Development – Beginner’s Guide   This is the another book, just purchased from to boost my wordpress theme development life.  This book will guide you as a little child and help you to develop some of the most amazingly fast wordpress themes in no time.  Using this book you can develop your own theme sites or  can sell you premium themes either at

CSS Material

CSS3: The Missing Manual : CSS3 lets you create professional-looking websites, but learning its finer points can be tricky—even for seasoned web developers. This Missing Manual shows you how to take your HTML and CSS skills to the next level, with valuable tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions. You’ll quickly learn how to build web pages that look great and run fast on devices and screens of all sizes

Everything You know about CSS is Wrong: Read this book at-least once in order to understand CSS in a new perspective.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design : This is another favorite of mine, basically it deals with the science behind the most beautiful websites and how you can use the same to develop such sites.

So these are all resources which I an using to build my online business. I will keep updating this list time to time and add more tools according to my experience.