How to Recover from Google Penguin update

Google Penguin UpdateGoogle algorithm updated! perhaps this is the single most  feared word in the blog spare, If your website has suffered in terms of search engine rankings in the recent past, it could have been mostly due to the Penguin update. This tool was created with the intention of penalizing sites that were engaged in bad SEO practices.

Penguin updates are mostly related to checking issues such as keyword stuffing, anchor text and dubious links. Firms that employ Black Hat SEO tactics or hire the services of firms that use these techniques can get impacted with poor search engine rankings.

Extra information on Penguin 2.0

The main goal of Penguin 2.0 just like its earlier counterparts is to check and eliminate web spam. What is spam and how to recover from that is already been discussed in  step by step method to regain your lost traffic.  It checks for issues such as bad inbound linking profiles. Links that can possibly get you into trouble include:

  • Paid and advertorial links
  • Mass updates to low quality directories
  • Links from blogs and posts that may be irrelevant to your niche
  • Exactly mirroring anchor text

Sites that have inferior content and hacked ones can also be affected by Penguin updates. On the other hand those that have solid link profiles and superior quality content can feature top most on search engine result. The main aim of Penguin is to offer a greater user experience. Its constant updates are aimed at enabling search engines to throw up a wide array of sites for a range of queries. Webmasters are required to adapt and alter their approach in keeping with these updates or changes. In case your site has been affected by Penguin 2.0, you don’t have to fret endlessly. You can use the tips outlined below to understand things and to chart out the fastest path to recovery.

How to Protect your site from Google Penguin 2.0?

Accept Responsibility

You should not engage in things that you may regret later on. Your site may have sunk in terms of rankings owing to bad decisions taken in the past such as keyword stuffing and bad links. Being responsible for your action you can correct your mistakes and move forward in a different path. By knowing where you have gone wrong earlier, you can be wary of treading the same path and employ white hat techniques going forward.

If you are confused about what went wrong you can hire the services of a SEO expert to understand the state of things and to educate yourself not to commit the same mistakes once again.

Be flexible by focusing on the future

Even though the unethical or black hat SEO techniques can give results, it is true only for the shorter span of time. An unknown site may boost in rankings and generate good sales and profits. But gradually the same site may take a hit on the search engine rankings. This can result in huge wastage of money, efforts and time. Instead of taking this approach, it would be better to have long term goals and be consistent in your efforts to reach the same for sustaining the popularity of the site.

Search engines work continuously to remove the useless of weak sites and hence one’s motto should be to work at improvement of a site’s rankings in a sound and ethical manner.

Beware of doing the same mistakes again

Once you have understood your errors, you should beware of repeating the same to avoid your present predicament.  If you have been using automated software or have purchased mass links in the past, it is time you take a look at those methods one again.

The truth may be that they are not working for you any longer. By letting go of these short cut methods, you can get out of the current situation and start implementing methods that can give you actual results. For instance you can stop giving orders to link buying providers or using automated software. By being decisive and quick and staying away from dubious measures, you can pave the way for your site’s popularity through strategic and ethical methods.

Site link audit can help

If your site has been slapped with a penalty, then you should start overseeing your link profile. This is because of the fact that bad linking is at the core of Penguin 2.0 and so you should take action to do a full link audit and examine the results to understand your current position.

Such an audit can help you to know more about instances of over-optimization which can be one of the main causes of penalization by Google. Through this audit, you can find out more about the problem causing links and the way to eliminate the same.

Once you take steps to remove the same, you can get back into the good books of Google following a manual penalty. You can use the Google’s Webmaster Tools to know more about the incoming links to your site. This can give you a glimpse into all the links that Google associates with your site currently. You can follow the steps given below to access your inbound links from Google Webmaster Tools:

1.    Login to Google Webmaster Tools

2.    Click “your Website”

3.    On the left navigation press “Traffic”

4.    After clicking on “Links to your site”, click on “Who links the most”

5.    Click “Download latest links”

Oversee your links:

You should perform a complete scrutiny of the links on procuring the link list. You can do this by using a tool called Scrapebox. You can check for things such as content relating to your site, recurrence of anchor text and bad links or links from inferior sites. If these things are affecting your rankings, hire the services of an experienced SEO expert to do the things necessary to enhance the visibility and popularity of your site.

They can help you to have a couple of good links rather than keeping a lot of bad ones. Clearly evaluating and segmenting the links can help to boost your site’s rankings within a short span of time. If you’re unsure about doing this, take the help of an SEO professional.

Eliminate the bad links

After conducting the aforesaid step, you should eliminate the unwanted links efficiently and quickly. You can do this by getting in touch with the webmasters and requesting them to cancel the links. If over optimization of anchor text is the problem, then you can ask for change of text. The Google Webspam team will grant reconsideration only after checking the efforts taken by you to remove the unwanted links.

It can be very discouraging to get hit by Penguin 2.0. Recovering from this is also not an easy task. The best way to regain good rankings is to approach your recovery in a systematic way.

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  1. Bethany says:

    You say “The main aim of Penguin is to offer a greater user experience.”, are you referring to the amount of time a visitor stays on your site? I have been told that its quite important, do you have any input on that?

  2. Sahil Garg says:

    Hi Rakesh
    Thanks For Sharing Best Tips to Recovers Penguin Updates, Many Niche Sites Affected due to these Updates, i also Lose One of my Domain, but i Think I Can Recover it by Using Your Suggested Tips, Thanks For Sharing This Useful Info :)

    • rakesh says:

      You are most welcome sahil. Keep in touch and try to woo your readers first then google and any one else.

  3. Naeem Malik says:

    Exactly mirroring anchor text also includes legitimate comment links or not?

    I mean all my comments say NAEEM MALIK as anchor text; will I be in trouble with this?

    • rakesh says:

      If yo are posting valid comments on all the blog sites then according to Google’s new comment policy there is no problem but if you are writing only few words or line as a comment to get a simple backlink for your site then there is a possibility that you should extend your efforts in other form to acquire backlinks from other source also like guest posting. So in my personal opinion posting proper thoughtful comment is always a better option.

  4. Emmanuel says:

    This has come at the right time to the relieve of many. Finding yourself at the wrong side of Google is one bad thing which can occur to anyone.

    Hi Raju, thanks for this.

  5. Nikunj says:

    hi rakesh, it’s great articles to recover from penguin update. recently my one of site got penalty in minor update now this tips work for me i think.

    • rakesh says:

      Happy to know that you find this article useful to recover from penguin update. Keep in touch Nikunj

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