Recover all your Deleted data with Dr Fone IOS toolkit

It is very common to accidentally delete your important files for iOS devices. Few wrong touch and your hard earn images, videos, messages or text is gone forever unless you have WonderShare’s Dr Fone iOS toolkit.  It is one of the best data recovery / eraser software for iOS and Android devices.

Actually Dr. Fone iOS toolkit is a desktop application that is capable of recovering all your precious contacts, messages,photos, videos  from all type of iOS devices like iPhone,iPad, iPOD and from different locations / applications like  Line, Viber, Kik, Whatsapp etc. All you have to click on Data Recovery tab.


Dr. Fone recover your data directly from your device, in case you lost your device, you can recover your data from either iTunes or iCloud Backup files.

iOS data recovery

But before that make it very sure your desktop computer must have iTunes installed on it.

To recover data from a compatible iOS device, you launch Dr. Fone on your PC and connect your device via USB. It hardly take one or 2 second to connect your iOS device to recognize. Once it is able to recognize your device, It show the type of data you want to recover  and click on recover button.

iOS data recovery

It will now scan your whole device and show you the deleted files on your device, You have to select the file which you want to recover and where to recover this file. We have options to recover our data directly to the attached files as well as on our system.

ios-recover-iphone-03Since this the complete iOS device, it is not only able to recover your valuable data but also help you to take selective  backup / restore of your photos, media, videos, contact, chats  on your computer.

Dr. Fone toolkit can also help you to sell your phone as a new device and nobody will be able to recover your valuable data using any type of recovery software including Dr.Fone recovery software  if you will erase its data using dr. Fone Full Data Eraser.

Full Data eraser will selectively erase each and every bit of information from your iOS device multiple time, multiple times means at-least 70 times from your device. It is said that after 70 times of deletion, it is untraceable so Dr. Fone Full Data eraser do.

One more interesting point that this software include is private data eraser, this is specially useful if you are planning to handover your iOS device to your love one and do not want him/her to know your private information, using Private Data eraser  you can permanently  erase selective information including deleted information.

System Recovery

We do commit blunders and sometimes these blunders comes in form of jailbreak and once your device is jailbroken all your support is vanished. Want to take all that support from apple? Use system recovery and it will restore all the necessary information in place that will

Our review of Dr. Fone toolkit

While reviewing this wonderful tool for iOS, we deleted several files multiple times and tried to recover these files, it not only able to show all the deleted files from my system but able to show those contact and data that i forgot that it was actually exist on my system.

While trying to recover deleted photos from iphone, I was amazed to see that it was able to not only show us recently deleted photos but also those photos which we deleted months ago.

recover deleted photos from iphoneWe also tried to transfer our whatsapp data from iOS phone to our android based phone and to my surprise it did it so smoothly that once i felt that whether i was using Dr. Fone toolkit or whatsapp’s own software to do.

Since our system is not jail broken so we were not able to check this functionality but I am quite sure it will maintain its reputation of a complete iOS toolkit.

Final verdict on Dr Fone iOS toolkit

If you have any type of iOS mobile device than this Desktop software is must for you. A very highly recommend utility software for iOS owners.

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  1. The toolkit is a nice app though i was having issue of this “File not found” when i tried making use of it – join my forum @ Pyradic Forum

  2. Dr. Fone toolkit is very useful for recovery application. Now I know how to recover photos that were deleted from my device by this article. But if I want to sale my phone that time its contain many problems because the buyer of my phone he uses this app and easily will get my personal photos. Please may describe a new article about this topic how to permanently delete the photo from my mobile phone. It may benefit us.

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