Enterprises Watch Out the Competitive Advantages of PSD to WordPress Conversion

There is not a platform as simple to use and power packed, as WordPress. The PHP development framework, which started off as a blog publishing platform, soon started to be used as a customized CMS for powering and managing various websites, owing to its user friendly attribute and extensive scalability provided by its intrinsic plugin architecture. It does not come as surprise today to know that WordPress is the most downloaded and universally acknowledged system for developing and owning websites.

Astounding Aesthetics and Superior Functionalities with PSD to WordPress Conversion


PSD to WordPress conversions are a unique and highly rewarding way of developing WordPress websites with tailor made, refreshing and completely bespoke aesthetics. If you have a good design file in place, instead of simply uploading it on the website, it would be a smart move on your part to convert PSD to WordPress. Yes, that’s correct. With the efficient markup conversion services, it is now possible to literally convert a design file – PSD to JPEG or PND etc, into a fully features, live and active WordPress website, utilizing the wide gamut of WordPress features like extensibility, easy ecommerce and shopping cart integration, search engine optimization, efficient management and tracking and a lot more.

A Brief Glimpse into the Process of PSD to WordPress Conversion


If you are intrigued to know how the design file can be converted into a meticulous, fully functional and robust WordPress website, we shall hereby provide you a brief glimpse into the said process.

The extensive process of PSD to WordPress conversion begins with experts slicing the design file and disintegrating it into various segments. So, the header section is sliced and kept separate from the footer and the side bar and the navigation bar. Once the slicing is done, all of these sections are transformed into HTML elements. HTML or the Hypertext Markup Language is regarded as the language of internet, and in order for any website to function optimally on the internet it needs to have good quality HTML coding in the backend.

Once the HTML conversion is done, and the website is tested to be fully functional and free of any malice and anomalies, it is integrated with the WordPress CMS. The integration is carried out carefully by the experts and it is ensured that the resulting website is pixel perfect, W3C valid, search engine optimized and cross browser compatible. All of these attributes are discussed in detail below.

Benefits of Manual and Professional PSD to WordPress conversion

Markup conversion is not really a process you would like to perform via automated software or outsource to novices. It is rather a technically advanced means of coding various design concepts, and in order to render complete justice to the design file, it is important that you opt for a professional markup conversion company with high levels of coding expertise and integrity. There are several benefits that you receive when you opt for a professional company, some of which are mentioned below:

  • W3C Valid coding – W3C is the school of authority which governs the websites entering the online realms. It regulates and ensures that the web applications follow a certain criteria and matches the required standards. The professional centers make sure that the website is W3C validated and hence is appreciated and acknowledged in the World Wide Web consortium.

  • SEO Semantic Coding – along with W3C validation, the website is also developed to feature early on the lists of various search engines, by following the standards prescribed by SEO semantic coding. By using various appropriate key words and tags in the backend, the developers at the professional markup conversion company ensures that the website gets maximum possible organic traffic on various search engines.


  • Pixel perfect websites – coding the design file into a well animated and lively website is not an easy task, and various design elements can be compromised, if you opt for automated coding. However, with professionals on the job, you get a rather pixel perfect solution, in which the design file is optimized for the web environment. There shall be no loss of the design elements and styles with the professional PSD to WordPress conversion.

  • Cross browser compatible websites – finally, the professional company goes up to the extent of ensuring that the website is cross browser compatible and hence can be easily accessed by a myriad of web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer etc.


And these are just a few of the many advantages that you receive with professional conversion services. Thus, get in touch with a professional PSD to WordPress Conversion Company today and let your website enjoy the power of the WordPress CMS and the web benefits of professional markup conversion.

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