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Now a days twitter is more widely used by the bloggers and corporate houses to launch their product and to give the full awareness about their products.

Bloggers find it  a traffic generating method to attract more and more traffic to their site/blogs. The more followers means the more traffic and the more traffic means the more money. So here is my experienced method to get more twitter followers.

Good Tweets means more followers

Maintain good tweets in the first page of your profile. This seem to be a lot of work in the beginning. But seriously this will bring a lots of traffic and follower.

Good Tweet Vs Bad Tweet- A Guide To Being Not Boring On Twitter 2012-03-27 23-39-04

If you are targeting a particular niche then it is always advised tweet relevant information only. 

Your Twitter Profile.

Treat your twitter profile as you would treat any other website. Send as much traffic as possible to your twitter profile.

ideal twitter profile

if you a lot in gaining followers. If people visiting your profile see only handful of links being tweeted, then they may not follow you, thinking that you are some sort of a automated script or some may think you as spammer. So see to that each time you decide to stop tweeting, make sure to tweet some useful things and minimize links. Because your recent tweets will be displayed in the first page of your profile.

Do not mix your personnel profile with your business profile. Your personnel tweet must not mix with your business tweet.

Tweet This or retweet this Button.

Use a “tweet this” button below all your articles or below the articles which you think can go viral in twitter world. Ask your reader after every article to tweet about your article.

It is now a proven fact if you do not ask them to tweet or retweet they do not do this, install a proper plugin, visible all the time.

Use Free Twitter  Tools.

New twitter user always find it very difficult who to follow and whom not to follow.  Friends and follow is a very Good free twitter tool to help you.

Another very difficult issue faced my new twitter users are who is not following them and the users who is not active on twitter from the last 30 days.

friendorfollow is such a free twitter  apps which can help you who to follow or not to follow. It can surely increase your popularity.  is a twitter apps find out all twiiter accounts you are following who does not tweet often.

Use different other services to know who is following you, and use the suggestion tool to get the suggested twitter users to follow. By this you can connect to relevant people around the world and they are most likely to follow you back, if they find you as relevant.

110 free twitter tools to Manage your twitter life.

conduct twitter contests on your blog.

This one strategy will drive a lot of followers in small amount of time. But it highly depends on what you are giving away in the contest. The higher the value of the product/service, higher the chances of getting more followers.

The hack in this case is a value added product that may increase the targeted traffic or links to your contest awardees like wp-syndicator or a Premium Woo theme.

Tweet about this page and inform me i will send you the link to download keyword  winner wordpress plugin link or SEOpressor wordpress plugins download link  are the common hacks to enhance twitter followers.

Another very popular method is run contest on twitter to attract more tweeter follower.

Get your twitter profile link featured on any famous website.

Google AdSense review

This is a common feature on some famous bloggers. Do not forget to attach your twitter profile here. if you are writing Good Comment on these websites, most probably readers will try to follow you on via your blog and twitter.

If you are listed in the top 10 re-tweeters, then you can get still more followers. As people will think that you will re-tweet even their tweets!

Follow me Button on Twitter Button

follow me on twitter button If you have a website or a blog, display the follow me button at the top or any other highly visible regions. If you get sudden hike in the traffic, you can’t expect that all those visitors will turn into your blogs subscribers or your loyal readers. But if they like the content of the blog they are most likely to follow you on twitter, as they think that you have the capacity to deliver the value.

Participate in twitter contests.

By this you will be in a group of people who are into the contest, by this people participating may be willing to follow all other  participants. So it is important that you leave a status message of the tweet or the twitter ID that you used to enter the contest, in the comment section, so that other participants can find you on twitter.

Use Twitter profile for commenting

You can also use your twitter profile URL, while commenting on other blogs. A lots of blog now use keyword love and twitter profile to list along with your comment.

You can hire someone to use your twitter profile to post comment on other blogs powered by commentLuv and KeywordLuv. It is now very easy using Google Query.

Participate in twitter.

Participate in twitter actively. Re-tweet others useful tweets and get their attention. If they also re-tweet one of your tweets sometime,  you will end up getting noticed by their followers, some of them may even follow you

It does not mean tweet anybody you have seen on or asked to tweet.  Tweet only those article or items you personally like or think they are useful for your friends and followers .There is only one service I know where you can get real active targeted followers and it is slower but produce aamzing results on Twitter


Still you are not sure how to get more and more tweeter followers, Here is a very nice tool which will automate the whole process of  getting more twitter followers, the official website of tweetadder  is

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