Pool-mining and trading with ghash.io

Last time when , I introduced CEX.io to my esteemed readers, most of them asked me how they can min using their own hardware or how they can min bitcoin in a pool.

So, here is a small introduction to all my friends who are interested in pool mining and also want to trade their mined bitcoin.

But before that a little intro.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are a computer generated currencies that can be gained using mining software freely available on the internet using your very own hardware. But your very own hardware is not sufficient to solve the typical mathematical problem posed by the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The probable solution of this simple problem was reduced by the introduction of mining pool, a lots of mining pool are available to solve your problem but to give you a transparent platform GHash.IO, launched in July 2013, is the leading Bitcoin mining pool contributing to the crypto-society approximately one-third of the overall hashing power, which makes it the #1 mining pool in the Bitcoin community.

GHash.IO closely follows and constantly upgrades the mining possibilities as well as incorporates the latest developments and trends to ensure the widest range of features available to its users.

Besides providing it a #1 mining pool it also help you to trade your mined currencies with its sister portal cex.io. You can learn a lot more about cex.io in my previous post

Ghash.io not only provide you to min bitcoin but also help you to min other Cryptocurrencies like NMC (Namecoin) ,IXC (IXCoin) and DVC (DevCoin) better known as mix mining.

Script mining is also available once you are part of ghash.io pool mining, following coins are also available in their pool

  • LTC (Litecoin)
  • DOGE (Dogecoin)
  • FTC (FeatherCoin)
  • AUR (AuroraCoin)
  • ANC (AnonCoin)
  • MEC (MegaCoin)
  • WDC (WorldCoin)
  • RDD (ReddCoin)
  • DGB (Digibyte)
  • MYR (MyriadCoin)
  • POT (PotCoin)
  • USDE (USDe)

Currently, it users have the possibility to exchange NameCoins for Bitcoins and LiteCoins or simply reinvest them by purchasing more GH/s. CEX.IO has recently introduced an opportunity to exchange IXCoins for Bitcoins as well. DVC can only be withdrawn at other exchanges and corresponding wallets.

The best part of ghash.io is downtime compensation ie if ghash.io is down due to any reason, users will be compensated using cloud based GH/s purchased on CEX.io bitcoin crypto exchange but miner with their personal hardware will not be counted in this compensation.

Your Turn on Ghash.io

pool mining with ghash.ioGHash.IO guarantees priorities technical advancement for mining and trading options and provides a stable hash rate for its users. I have my own login details over there, when you will have your own?

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