Must Have sidebar widget Plugins

If your site’s fold area is its primary real estate then your sidebar is definitely your site’s second most premium space. There are lots of plugins out there that can help you leverage your sidebar.

If you pick the right ones, you’ll be able to extend a smoother experience to your visitors. Your sidebar plugins can offer a lot of support in the form of social optimization, growing an email list, adding credibility, boosting readership and more…

These are a handful of plugins that will bump up your sidebar’s performance.

Floating Social Media Icon

Social media is your visitors favorite hangout. It is also the second biggest factor in driving sales. Since social media is the online word of mouth, your social footprint plays a big role in your overall success.

Therefore it’s important that you give easy ways of following your social media accounts as well as sharing your content over them. And there’s no better area within your site than your sidebar to place the social icons.

floating social media icons

Floating Social Media Icon is a light widget plugin that you can place within your sidebar to optimize your site for social engagement.

Floating Social Media Icon lets you choose from 20 stylish icon packs. These icons stay with your visitors as they scroll through your site. You can choose the social media platforms that are important to you.

Newsletter Sign-up

A very strong metric of your site’s popularity is the number if subscribers on your list. Adding a newsletter signup to your sidebar ensures that your sign up form is in the spotlight all the time. Right from Optin Monster to Hybrid Connect, any decent list builder plugin will have a special provision for covering the sidebar.

There are lots of options(both free and premium) for doing this. A popular choice is Newsletter Sign-up. With Newsletter Sign-up, you can add a signup form in your posts, pages and even the widget areas.

Newsletter Sign-up works with all the popular email marketing services.

Image Widget

Image Widget is one of the most heavily used image plugins in WordPress. You can use it to dress up your sidebar with cool images from your media library. It is possible to link these images to custom URLs. So you can stick your CTAs in here. If you promote some products, you can add their advertisements too. You can also make these links open in new windows.

image widget

The only downside is that you can add just one image here. If you’re looking to add some sort of a slider, then that’s not possible.

Rating-Widget : Star Rating System

Adding a simple rating widget to your sidebar can boost interaction at your site. You can let users share their opinion with a single click with this rating plugin. With Rating Widget, you can add a star or thumb rating system to your pages, posts and comments.

star rating widget plugin

You can also display your most popular posts based on the ratings within your sidebar.

The free version offers limited features. There are two upgrade plans too but the free version may be just enough for you. You can also use it with BuddyPress and forum topics.


The proof lies in the testimonials. Establish your credibility by displaying testimonials within your sidebar.

testimonial widget for wordpress

Adding testimonials to your site ensures that they receive your users’ attention. Testimonials widget lets you display your testimonials randomly. You’ll be overwhelmed with how creative you can get with your testimonials with this plugin. There are many special effects too. Video testimonials can also be added.

Add Link to Facebook


With over 1,621,905+ downloads the Add Link to Facebook lets you automatically add links to your published posts or pages on your Facebook wall, pages or groups and more. A simple one time setup & you are good to go. Getting social on Facebook is a breeze with this plugin.

Special Recent Posts

Any site or blog wants to retain its users for longer periods. Special Recent Posts is a handy plugin to help you with this.

Special Recent Pro

Images are known to boost the click through rates. Special Recent Posts displays your recent posts along with their thumbnails.

You get lots of customization and filtering options too. If you want to display your recent posts within your pages or posts using Special Recent Posts, you’ll have to get the Pro version.

WP Biographia

Whether you are a blogger or a site owner with many contributors, this plugin will help your readers connect with your content.

author biodata

It’s always good to know a little about the person who’s behind the content that you’re enjoying. With WP Biography, you can display a crunched version of the author’s bio on the sidebar. There are lots of settings and placement options too.

Which of these are you using in your sidebar? Do share in the comments below…


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