7 Must have plugins for a Every WordPress Blogger

Whenever a blogger start converting his/her blog form any other blogging system or start a new blog from wordpress, always find it difficult which plugins are the best and which should not be included in his/her blog. Here is my list of best plugins every wordpress blog should have.

Wordpress is one of the best blogging plate-form available right now. There are some free blogging platforms are also available like blogger,type pad  etc.  But the feature and contents delivery system it provide is unparalleled.

must have wordpress plugins

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins

plugin#1 :CommentLuv

Why commentLuv as the first plugins, You may ask , as we all know that blogs are basically designed to have comment/user interaction , if this interaction encourage user to comment on the post so that they can also increase their backlink, then this is must. It can also convert  your blog comments into do follow comments but  only for registered users

plugin#3 : GASM

This is basically a spam protection mechanism designed by the same developers developed commentLuv. It simply place a checkbox below the comment box and ask every comment poster to click on it. Spambot software generally are not able to perform this simple task. So it is one of the cheapest and best method to protect your blog from spams.

plugin#3 : Subscribe to Comment

This small plugin place a simple checkbox button below the comment box and ask user “ whether they want automatic notification” on this comment by email.

plugin#4 : Wp-super Cache

What to increase the speed of your web blog. This simple plugin add all the necessary PHP and custom html pages in their cache, also provide a lots of options to fine tube your cache, thus whenever the same page is asked by the webserver is served by this cache.

plugin#5 : Permanent Link migration

If you have recently change the permalink structure of your blog, You may loose a lots of visitor , because your and other search engines still have the old permalink structure and every time a user come to your site looking for the same information, will receive an error message. This simple plugin can save your lots of days.

plugin#6 : Yoast SEO

You may again ask why not all in one SEO, In my opinion , All in one SEO is much hyped SEO plugin. Yoast has some built in facility which none other SEO plugins provide like sitemap generator, breadcrumb, Meta Tag , Meta Description , Automatic ping, Search engine verification codes etc. For the same purpose otherwise you have to install 3 or 5 plugins.

plugin#7: SEO Search Tagging 2

This small  wordpress can convert all the incoming search term into it’s equivalent wordpress tag and also store the same into your tag database. This it can help you a lot to increase the search engine ranking.

Do not forget to choose a proper theme with some built in support for Post Author, Latest Post, Popular Post, Top Commentator,  Ads ready, Adsense optimization features, Ads spaces and number of widgets , Featured post and featured image for each post or each category.

A properly selected theme can save a lots of plugins.   Also check it properly whether theme support these feature or it is built in features in the same theme.

The list of plugins is very large , ( If you want to know the ultimate list of wordpress plugins )but here I have included only the best in my view.if I am anywhere wrong. Please correct me.

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  1. Himanshu says:

    gasm and seo search are new to me. will be trying these for sure. concerting search terms into tags is a good concept i guess

  2. I think there is a way to repost all of them to another bloging platform using its feeds. Try using bogger, it is way to flexible not to do this.thanks a lot for providing the information.

  3. i have a most dedicated love towards the wordpress bloggers as i m also done the blogging. thanks

  4. Osho @ Latest Tips And Tricks says:

    @Rakesh I am using blogger for my website. please tell me benefits of moving from blogger to wordpress

  5. Dana says:

    Thank you for your suggest list.

  6. Ahsan says:

    Here all plugins are helpful. I used most of these but I try now with gasm and seo search plugin

  7. These list you have shared for us to create the best website is very useful, specially for those people who are new on wordpress.

  8. Mont says:

    this is an awesome post. I find it really interesting and helpful. Thank you for sharing this.

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