Make Money Online Writing for Content

How many times you have seen advertisement , A mom at home earns $$$ working at home and you also want to earn money for writing the same type of content for others.

Here you have the actual website where you can exclusively write content for almost on every topic and up to any length.

Yes you read it write,  a new web service blogging.orgBuy Articles - Write Articles - Freelance Writers,   specially dedicated to writer who find it difficult to their work or do not know where to serve their highly researched work and bloggers who find sometimes  very difficult to generate new quality contents for their website.

You can join 1000 of another writers and readers using this beautiful service. The signup process is very simple and hardly takes only 5 seconds, either you can fill up the registration form or Join it using your existing facebook login.

 How does Blogging pro works

Blogging pro is a plate form for the business owner and probloggers  who always search for the quality contents for their sites.   Business owners  can, sign up and place their order or specific type of article, if that is not available.

How to buy article  enable you to submit your article request through its dashboard. The article request dashboard  has nice and clean interface.

Write Article to Make money

Writers   can write article on any topic they like  or they can write article on the topics available on the dashboard.

All Available article title also come along with their purpose , so that the writers can search according to the purpose or how it will be used by the buyer.

The easiest way to make money writing article is – to write article for the others. Every requirement is properly mentioned.

These articles does not only available in English but also in German, Spanish and French.  So if you are not from the English speaking  region. Don’t worry , this service is in beta version.

 How Transfer Money

Whether You want to deposit money to purchase article or withdraw amount for your article writing service,  right now only supports PAYPAL.

Writers can withdraw their amount at any time if they have reached minimum balance of $25.  But this is not an automatic process, every time you have to submit your request.

Other Popular Resource for writers

This is not the single platform right now providing this type of service, , and are some of the most famous websites along Fiverr.  These website are well known for their quality control i,e.  they fully protect the buyer and writers interest.

These websites have thousand of jobs but every time you have to show your talent and have to bid for each and every new post.

On the other hand blogging pro  right now seems to me working on this issue and they have only a revision or approval method, that fully protect the buyer interest.


A solid platform for the bloggers and writers. Bloggers, who don’t have enough time to generate quality content, can place their specific orders along with their specific requirements. Writers can earn some easy money creating contents.

Since this is in a BETA version, budding writers can check this to earn money for writing,  right now, it seems to me that it can be a great alternative to fiverr. What is your opinion on this new plate form for  content creation, Share your opinion with us.

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29 Brilliant Comments - Join Discussion Now!

  1. Nilesh says:

    Can you please tell me the exat and perfect way to get aproved for google adsense. I am From India and I have tried several times for it. But I got rejected everytime.

    Tell me every thing about how to design, create a blog, what to write, etc.

    Guide me about everything.

    So , Please help me.

    Mobile number : 08308900771

    • rakesh says:

      Nilesh can you send me the link of your website so that i can see why Google is refusing you again and again.

  2. Andy Domonkos says:

    What a wonderful website! I can’t wait to dive into this writing program, thanks for pointing it out.

  3. sir,
    i am also facing the same prob of being rejected by Google adsence and many other advertisement websites like infolinks and many more..
    So, plzzzz help me sir

    • rakesh says:

      Dear Sagar,

      As per your comment on my website. here is my list of suggestion

      1. Change the blogger theme first.
      2. Define your interest- as i have seen your website contains different types of data. it seems to me, right now you are confused- from where to start and what to write on your website.
      3. define your privacy policy and add one page – about us and define yourself.
      4. Learn how to arrange your article information ie image, heading, subheading.

      Hope you will understand and follow some of them

      Rakesh Kumar

  4. sir,
    can u suggest me any blog theme….

  5. shafeeq says:

    Thanks for the information. I never knew such a website exists. I tried using InfoBarrel for earning money through there shared adsense program but inspite of writing original articles (and not using a content spinner)none of my content got published.

    • rakesh says:

      Besides this there are a lots of blog contest are right now going on the blogsphere, You can also earn handsome amount through them also. Thanks Shafeeq for your positive feedback on this article.

  6. Rupshi says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    It is a great idea. i appreciate you sharing this information here. it was a brilliant post. thanks!

    • rakesh says:

      Thanks rupshi for your kind words, hope that will help you to earn some good money for your content.

  7. jasonwilliam says:

    This is an awesome blog. I found this article very helpful. I bookmarked this website. No doubt to come here again and again.
    I really appreciate your teaching quality. I have created a same niche website. Please visit this page and leave a comment for a great communication.

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