Make Even More Money with Mobile Pop-Unders

A “pop-under” ad is not a new format, it´s been around for as long as the rest of the formats out there, just not being put to great use and the reality is, pop-unders can make you more money with the same mobile? traffic you´ve been monetizing until now.

With the same exact clicks you are using on banners, redirect etc. you can execute a pop-under that is statistically proven to generate a higher CPM than other formats. A simple ad that is delivered “behind” the initial browser product, it doesn’t bother the user, it doesn´t take attention away from the original banners on the browser and it´s not intrusive. Pop-unders are only visible once the user is done with the current page and closes it.

pop unders ads

To assure this “non-intrusive” behavior, pop-unders work on several “controlled methods”. For example, frequency capping, a pop-under ad is only delivered to a user every 24 hrs. Another method that helps is that the pop-under is not generated on the initial/primary page, it will be generated once the user is within the site. This will limit the number of ads that “pop” per user. All leading to a less aggressive user experience, however, generating extra revenue for you each time.

Basically, the correct use of a pop-under ad leads to is more revenue on top of your current benefit, without you having to generate more traffic. It´s the most simple and cost efficient optimization in the current market

Choose a High Quality Ad Network

A high quality ad network will also be serious about maintaining the quality and efficacy of its network. So when choosing a pop-under ad network, make sure to look for a company that is selective about what products it offers and whom it allows to join the network. User experience is a crucial factor leading to the success of any advertising program and pop-unders are highly effective when it comes to delivering value to everyone – advertisers, publishers and target audience. After much investigation of the leading networks, our recommendation is Kimia Ad Network. It services both mobile and desktop, tests offers prior to publication, provides creatively optimized pre-landers as well as smartlinks by vertical.

For more information, visit theKimia website here.

Advantages of Pop Unders for Advertisers

Here are the reasons why pop-unders should be part of everyone’s ad campaign:

  • They are Non-Intrusive: This is one of the biggest reasons for pop-unders’ effectiveness. It doesn’t ‘thrust’ your ad onto a visitor.It is the intrusive ads that increase the chances of people leaving a website. A good pop-under tool will allow your targeted audience to explore the website before displaying your ad.
  • High CTR: Another advantage of choosing pop-unders is that they have high click through rate. This is especially due to their non-intrusive form. A higher percentage of visitors are likely to click on this non-aggressive type of ad format.
  • Increased Traffic: Pop-unders can give a big boost to your targeted traffic. This benefit is also related to the non-intrusive form of these types of ads. They have higher percentage of CTR and thus help drive a larger volume of traffic compared to other conventional and intrusive forms of ads. It is the high viability of this format that allows pop-under advertising companies to offer certain assurances.
  • Highly Cost Effective: Pop-under advertising is also more affordable. Whether you are on a budget or not, if you want a more cost-effective advertising program, make sure to focus more on pop-unders. If you want to get more out of your advertising dollar, these ad formats are a must-have.
  • Faster Results: Another reason why pop-unders are effective is because help deliver faster results. You can start generating hundreds or thousands of targeted visitors based on your budget and the network you are using.

Pop-unders are excellent for increasing revenues from re-directed traffic. An increasing number of businesses are realizing the importance and effectiveness of this online advertisingformat. Publishers also prefer such ads because they don’t send away their own traffic. It is important for publishers to reduce their bounce rates, and this advertising format is helpful in keeping the bounce rates low.

Pop-under ads also eliminate the risks of getting noticed or penalized by search engines. This is especially because user experience is at the core of search engine algorithms. Mobile Pop-unders do not interfere with the user experience, as they allow users to continue with their browsing experience without any intrusion. So if you want to get the most out of your advertising dollar, make sure to include pop-under advertising into your marketing plan.

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  1. Hi Rakesh,

    Thanks for the valuable post. And for giving info about making money online by pop-unders in mobile, this info is new to me.

  2. Choosing a high quality ad network is the key for earning higher with Pop Ups. Thanks Rakesh for sharing this great information. It help’s me a lot.

  3. My opinion is do not start making money unless you are getting good number of visitors daily on your blog. This is very important because ads is a distraction for users.

    • rakesh says:

      Hi pankaj, Agreed with your point that we should not start making money unless we are getting good number of visitors daily. BUT an ads on your website is hit only when either the ad has that meat or your website does not have that meat. So according to me, you must monetize your website from the very first day. It completely depend upon the niche and how your website is designed does matter in this case.

      a simple example of such website is : this type of website must be monetize from the very first day of inception.

  4. Jelina Roy says:

    Hello Rakesh,

    Pop-Unders are always a great way to increase earning, but there are only a few good networks that deliver good pop-unders, I mean non-adult type, which do no not make our readers angry.

    So, thanks for suggesting Kimia. Will try it out on my blogs.

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