MacBook Pro versus the iMac

You been poring over the expert magazines and trying to read all the reviews online but you are still undecided. What should you go for? The superb, new MacBook Pro or a beautifully aesthetically pleasing iMac? Here we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro offers you fantastic retina display making the screen quality on this superb. Overall it also gives a pretty strong Untitledperformance with high quality speakers and a comfortable touchpad and keyboard.

The latest version of the MacBook is also slightly lighter than previous incarnations whilst still running a full voltage Core i5. As ever with Apple, the design feels and looks great. The retina display for the 13 inch screen isn’t as great as the 15 inch but will still beat any non-Apple competitors. Although Apple has ditched the DVD drive as well as losing the Ethernet ports, the MacBook Pro still retains two Thunderbolt ports along with a headphone jack and a USB 3.0 port.

The MacBook Pro can really be summed up as the best of the best in its class – with long battery life, fast performance and super sharp screen quality. The only real downside is the price so perhaps you should Sell your Apple iMac here first ….. to raise some money towards your new purchase.

The iMac

Many would argue that Apple owes all it is today to the iMac –  sure the iPad, iPhone and iPod have now become the big players for the company but before all that, the release of the new iMac back in 1998 just about pulled the company back from the brink. So what about the 2013 iMac and how does that compare to the MacBook Pro? Well almost three quarters of sales are for MacBook products so where does the iMac fit in?

If there is one thing that best describes the new iMac, it’s that it is ultra thin – actually 80 percent thinner on the sides and ultra beautiful to look at. The screen offers great vibrancy and is far less reflective than older versions although it is yet to have the retina display so popular in other Apple products. In a direct comparison, there is a definite difference with the text on the MacBook being far crisper.

In reality the size of the screen (either 21.5 or 27 inch) trumps the lack of retina. Another benefit in comparison to the MacBook Pro is that the iMac offers you the option of a “Fusion Drive” giving you up to 3TB of storage – perfect for a machine that is likely to be the content hub of the house.

So which should it be?

Apple has really cornered the market in this kind of premium quality technology; its design and marketing makes it difficult not to regard any alternatives as slightly inferior or second best. So the choice is yours – ultra portable MacBook Pro or ultra slim iMac. The only real tangible difference is the portability factor, so you need to decide whether you need to be able to easily move around with it – unless you already have an iPad to cover that?


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