Importance of Keyword Density for SEO

good-keyword-density Web developers are in tough competition with millions of websites for more visibility and better ranking on the first few pages of the search engine result page or the SERP. Many web developers tend to use the search engine optimization concept to increase their chances of getting better ranking.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the concept that took the World Wide Web like fire and is the most favored technique of marketing and promotion of a website by the web developers. Search engines utilize the keywords in your content to include you in their search engines so it’s the keyword that is the essence of the SEO.

By including the most searched keywords of the week or whatever period limit you choose you can increase the chance for your website to get a better result in the SERP.

What are the Keywords where can you find them?

Keywords are of two types. One is small keywords and other long keywords. Keywords are the search phrases used by the users of search engines to find their desired information or whatever they are looking for.

These phrases or keywords when specific tend to be longer like four to five words and referred to as long-term keywords. They bring out specific results – exactly what the person was really looking for. When a user is carrying out a search that may be generic then we say that they have used the small keywords which can vary the result.

Most web developers tend to use long tail keywords as they give your website a better chance of visibility and better ranking. Keywords can be found in the indexes formed by major search engines like Google or Yahoo. Also there are many online directories where you can get the keywords that have the best usage currently.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density can be defined as the number of times the keyword has been used against the number of words on the particular content that is under focus. If the keyword is used once or twice in five hundred word content then the keyword density is considered to be low.

Whereas if the keyword has been repeated more than five times within the same article then we can say that it is of the greater density. Keyword density is the main reason for the ranking of a webpage against the keyword search by the search engine.

Importance of Keyword Density and search engines:

About ninety percent of all the traffic a webpage can get will be that from the search engine. Many people tend to use search engines for finding their required websites and this means that they will only find your website through them.

A person developing a webpage must know that by using the proper keywords in the title of the webpage and also in the content with the proper density would help him in getting his page on the Search engine results pages. And if your webpage is not on the first few pages of the results then your website is invisible to the internet world.

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  1. Alok Dey says:

    Thank you for this kind of post. I am a new blogger and this post help me a lot for my blog. Thank you so much once again. :)

    • rakesh says:

      You are most welome alok, i am sure you will keep this in mind all the time before you hit the publish button.

  2. Thanks for sharing your enlightenment views on one of the biggest hurdle “Keyword” the seo campaign is half captured if the selection and placing of keywords are done in a proper way

    • rakesh says:

      That is the point every new and old blogger must keep in mind. Thanks for your valuable feedback on this article on “Keyword density”. Hope to see you soon.

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