How to Start Smart Out sourcing with UrbanClap

UrbanClap is another Wonderful service that will automatically grow in India as they are trying to tap the untapped sector of daily services in India.

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Allow me to introduce me one stop shop for all services in modern days of Internet and connectivity .We are living in a world of cyberspace and everyone is busy in earning money. No one has the time to do household things like cleaning bathroom, electrification of heater, finding tutors or any daily services like plumbing or AC repair etc.

What we actually do when such cases arises, the very first thing we do is – Call all our nears one to suggest any good plumber/ carpenter or electrician at reasonable rates and this whole process takes a lot of time and as we are not from the same field, we hardly know what is the current rate of this / that type of job. Whatever the rate that professional quotes, we normally says “Bhai theek paise lo na. Are yeh to bahot jyada hai, Kuch kam karo Na”.

Let me share one such incident. Recently I want a hot water in my kitchen from the geyser. To do this simple work our local plumber charges 650/- INR which I think, I could get only for 200/- INR.

And just imagine that you want to change the interior of your home and before that neither you nor any one of your near and dear one get such services in the past. What will you do?

You also do not know whom to contact and what is the price of such consultation. What should be keeping in mind while negotiating and what are other factors must be kept in mind? Well, you don’t need to call anyone or take any worries as you just need to open your phone and download an app.

I am talking about an awesome app named URBANCLAP that is growing popular day by day. One destination to find and hire all types of professional for your work which is as simple as clapping. You just need to mention your needs, when you need it and what exactly is your budget.

Here you will read a review on urbanclap written by me after using the services provided by this app.

What is UrbanClap?

UrbanClap is a one-stop solution for all your basic SERVICE based needs. It offers you professional services ranging from health and wellness to business services and from weddings &events to Yoga /fitness trainer at home. The service is currently active in Ahemadabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai ,Hyderabad, Mumbai , New Mumbai & Delhi/NCR. The service allows you to use the desired service as per your timings and your budget

It offers professionals for these services so that your work gets done at ease and with perfection. It provides two type of services which are Professional services including Yoga Instructor, Photographer, Makeup expert, Birthday Planner, Interior Designer, Guitar teacher, etc. and Home Based Services like Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Home cleaning, AC repair services, Pest control services, etc.

Key Features of UrbanClap:

Large Range of Services: The best part about it is that it offers a wide range of services. The whole service sector now had been divided into eight categories. When you choose Event based services like Weddings and Events. It will includes all type of professional that is required to in an Indian Marriage starting from Astrologer to Wedding Photographer

Expert Services: UrbanClap offers experts and professional for these services. No matter what type of service it is, you will always get an expert help.

Clear and easy payments: Customer is paid on the basis of their pre-approved quotes. You don’t need to worry about payment too as UrbanClap offers various payment options.

Easy and Convenient: You can easily book services via your Smartphone, and the whole process of booking is simple and anyone can book it without any efforts.

How to use UrbanClap?

Here is a small step by step guide on how to use UrbanClap.



  • First of all you need to download the app. It is available on both Google Play Store and App Store.
  • Once it is installed on your Mobile phone,It will now let you select your location. However, you can change the location whenever you want.
  • Once location is selected then it will display the total services available in that particular city

Now select the service you want. I have chosen interior designer and in case you couldn’t find the service you need, just type the service you want in the bar at the top of the home page in the app.

UrbanClap-Opening-Screen UI

UrbanClap-Opening-Screen UI

Now, in the case of interior designer choose what you want to be designed.

Service-SelectionSelect the square footage of the area to be designed

Interior Design - Type-of-Project


Choose the services you require and what kind of styling you want .

Project Specifications

Project Specifications

Now, choose the quality of work you would prefer



And you could write anything else you want the designer to know


Tell the location of the project, it helps them identify professionals near you.

At last tell them that you would call them or they would call you……

Why should you use UrbanClap?

There are many reason besides quick and fast, on why you should use UrbanClap. Few of them are here:

  • UrbanClap has everything. Be it a plumber or electrician or wedding photographer or even Barber, the app offers all services.
  • You can read the readings and reviews from other customers before making the choices.
  • You get a number of professionals to choose from.

Final Verdict

Technology is surely making our life easier, and UrbanClap is just a small example of it. UrbanClap is the best solution for all household problems. It is quick, cheap and easy to use. The best part about UrbanClap is that you just need to use your phone and all these services can be availed even when you are sitting on your couch.

Next time when you need any service for your office or home, I am sure you would not forget to give UrbanClap a try.

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