How to SEO Lawyers website for Local Business – part-1

Now a days IT market is growing rapidly in wide range which indirectly increasing numbers of Internet user and websites every year. So as a result, functionality of Search Engine is now more vital and more complex. So in order to overcome this critical problem, SEO strategies that is Search Engine Optimization are playing important role.

How to SEO Law firm Website

This technique is having noticeable impact on your site’s user and performance related to organic search as it improves your Website’s Ranking on search engines.

Overall, SEO provides you perspectives whether they are global or regional, targeted traffic with measurable results, long-term positioning along with higher visibility which are helpful approaches to have successful online marketing of your website.

So as in case of Lawyers Website to be successful all the above aspects are necessary which are fulfilled with SEO as it is backbone of online marketing.

As Lawyer Website mostly looks for large number of clients along with flexible and ultra-targeted advertising; means your website deals with those people who are actually looking for your services. So the user can easily get satisfaction as per their demands.

Most clients which are in need of attorney, lawyers search them online or they consult with Lawyers Official Website.

Now in the technical era, instead of outbound marketing sources like phonebook and newspaper ads costumer prefer to contact on website which is inbound source of marketing which seems to be professional.

Following approaches let you know about the proper way to SEO Lawyers Website which is very important and turns out to be more efficient.

Page Design and Layout

Lawyer WordPress theme

Clean Law firm WordPress theme Design

Most successful website have structured web page design included with proper well designed layout. The ultimate goal of website design to convert passive viewers into engaged prospective clients.

The professionally designed site helps to retain attention of user for long time so presentation is also important. This aspect can have effect over the impact of site’s search engine ranking. So you should have to take care of structure of your site and its layout so that to keep it attractive.

Design site layout in such a way that it minimize dictionary depth and also creates multiple subdomain which deals with different types of law that you practice. Supportive concept is to find out mistakes in Lawyers web design by issuing “The 5 biggest mistakes 99% of Lawyer make with their websites”

Note : If  you are considering WordPress for your Law firm then check out these 7 Best WordPress  themes for Law firms

Exclusive Content

Since our aim is to help attorney to stay ahead of curve you should make your page unique with relevant content related to Law firms, services, practices, etc. and stay organized around the topic which helps to make it “easy-to-read” text. Try to come over with latest updates which should be fresh and interesting and also reviewed by attorney.

Put some content related to your philosophy, credential, successful efforts, previous deals and achieved goals.

Make use of Optimized images and image sitemap related to profession. Have some analysis over those words which people uses in searching Lawyers Website and then use those content in your site.

Be careful about the terms you are using within the website, this should be meaningful and written appropriately of SEO. Phrases or other words specifies your brief content very shortly that can be indexed and easily shown up in Google.

Keyword Selection

Keyword Research is the most important factor as we deals with Search Engine Optimization. The efficient keyword plays important role for your content and helps to get indexed effectively by search engine crawler.

The keywords are placed in your content and HTML tags that is indicating unique and descriptive page title by using Title tag. Those contents in page title are displayed in search results. So this option helps the user to compare the search result with their own demand i.e. matching those keywords with words that appear in your web site.

If you want to capture attention of other Lawyer or legal professionals, you should use the content with keyword that they would use while searching. Moreover use the locality keywords which helps to know about your city, town in which your practices are mentioned. Practice area keyword.

Make the use of phases, words like “Lawyer”, “Attorney” and specific targeted words like “Family Lawyer”, “Divorce Lawyer” along with keywords which make it easily visible in search engine. So with the help of suitable keyword selection we can increase rank of website.

Though a lots of free Keyword research tool are out there that we do not encourage to use as they will kill your most precious time. Instead of that we would highly recommend Long tail pro – An excellent Keyword research tool that can save your lots of time to find out suitable keywords for your Law firm.

Efficient Structure of URL

SEO freindly URL structureURLs are displayed in search result it should be simple-to-understand and have certain characteristics. The confusing and extremely long URL increases the complexity and annoy user. The relevant URL can help the user and save the time required for searching.

Putting static URLs is advances procedure, if not terminated properly can cause crawling issues with your site. Making use of different version of URL may have problem related to redirection, so use canonical and same version of URL.In Lawyer’s website it provides you the way to be more specific regarding your law firms, services and practices.

Site Navigation

site-navigation-structure design

Website must be flexible in case of navigation. Let them know which content is more important and that should drown out very easily. This also to be taken in consideration that how client moves from general page to the next page containing more specific content. So it is necessary to plot navigation supporting to Homepage.

Avoid the liking of each page to every other page as it can increase the complexity. Make it easy and more specific by constructing naturally flowing hierarchy. Small investment of your time towards the proper site navigation may lead to have huge wave of traffic over the website.

Helpful Coding

Code vs Text SEO Ranking

Coding Factor for SEO Ranking

The simple and strong coding can turns out to be powerful for search engine. By using Anchor tag you can link the page of your own site and can also link the page to other site.

<a href=””></a>

So this points out something to user and search engine about the page you are thinking. The proper use of anchor tag can help the user to navigate and make it easy for search engine to know exactly about which page user is thinking and make it more specific and general for search engine. From SEO point of view, this is beneficial as it gives freedom to navigate properly.

The use of “description” Meta tag provides the search engine summary of current page. The Meta tag can be used as snippet by Google. This is very much important because it gives matching criteria to search engine and make it comparable with your search.

That’s it for this part, We will cover some more feature in part-2 till than keep exploring.

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  1. As a lawyer i really appreciate your information about how a lawyer could improve its overall appreciation among the community & getting more and more clients to provide them qualified legal advice.By making a website and then marketing it via using best online IT tools will be such helpful. Thanks for sharing this great info…

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