How to run coupon Code and Daily deals website on autopilot

Are you running a stale coupon code website and still thinking that people will come and search throughout your website to get new deals? If you are not crazy than you are well aware that this is not possible. It is also not possible to grab daily deals manually from 1000 websites and update your website manually?

When I was preparing my book review WordPress theme the idea I was carrying at that time was to crawl a particular affiliate link of that product and update the current price of that product but it was too much difficult for me to scrap each website’s affiliate link and then update my site,thus dropped that project.

But Recently I came to know that is providing feeds and daily deals data from 2000+ of Indian websites all niche starting from Electronics, travel, to beauty products.

Feeds for major indian affiliates store

LinkmyDeals coverd stores

How is beneficial for their users is clearly explained in their demo video. You can watch this video to have a clearcut idea. If something is missing in this video that is covered in this review article.


Coupon Code data feed

We all are very well aware about this fact that WordPress is the easiest CMS available on this planet  and we have themes on almost on every niche, Coupon and daily deals are not at all exceptional . have feeds specifically generated for the most popular coupon code WordPress themes CouponXL, CoupanPress  clipper , So you can run your coupon code and daily deals website on autopilot.

BUT if you not using any of these themes  and working with some CMS or theme then they have CSV formatted data for you as per your requirement.

coupon code data feed CSV

coupon code data feed for WordPress and other System

Some of the notable features that we diagnosed while reviewing LinkMydeals  are as follows

Daily Feeds :  There is no need to check each and every website on the net to find out which webstore updated their deals or upgraded coupon code. Linkmydeals will automatically scan more than 2000+ odd webstore for you and it automatically update the feed for you so your coupon code website will never hold stale or invalid code.

Add New store in your feeds automatically : As we all are very well aware that more than 100+ ecommerce website pop up every day. Which one is good in terms of revenue and have potential to generate income as an affiliate is tough to decide.

Linkmydeals automatically scan all these types of websites for you and if they think any of these website is beneficial to you the webstore is available to all its premium subscribers. Thus automatically increase the brand value of your coupon code website..

Customized File Formats :  As we have already discussed in the previous paragraph that right now they are supporting three WordPress themes but this is not the limit , if you are programmer or designer then they can provide their feeds in almost every format you want, CSV, XML, JSON and almost in very structure you want. You can decide number of columns and names as per your specific requirement.

Incremental Feeds :  increamental feeds means there is no need to download previous data again and again.  In case of incremental feeds you will always receive the new data next time.  Thus there is no need to update your whole data again and again. This also means you will only receive updated information of your coupons only.

Affiliate Deeplinks :  Now this is a real gem, Suppose you are an affiliate of 10 to 20 + webstore  and now you fear that when I will subscribe linkmydeals than what will happen to my affiliate links?

Now there is no need to worry , all you have to do is supply you affiliate ID to linkmydeal and they will generate deeplinks for you as you were generating them manually.

There is no need to worry that they will take their cut to generate your deeplinks on these webstore, As per the information available on their website, they are not taking even a single penny from your earnings.  So again a win-win situation for all of us.

Affiliate Management :  It is a common practice on the net that a marchant change its affiliate management company when they change then it is very hard for all of us to update all the previously acquired affiliate links thus sometimes willingly or unwillingly we start generating bad links for our own website.

Broken Link checker WordPress plugin is for us if we have not change all such URL and do not want to damage our own website.

Switching a campaign from one affiliate network to another becomes super easy with linkmydeals. All you need to do is, Change your Affiliate Network Preference at LinkMyDeals, and your coupon feeds will start generating new affiliate links immediately.

Search Engine Optimization  : If you are in blogging business for a while then I am very much sure that you know how much our big brother ( Google ) treat the spammer who copy paste the information.

So before generating any feed for any user linkmydeals spin all the content in this way that no two users get the same detail for the same store while maintaining the accuracy of data.

LinkMydeals  Pricing and your Benefits

linkmydeals pricing

linkmydeals pricing plan Table

LinkMyDeals provides 2 types of data for each of the stores – Budget and Advance.  Advance plan will come with all the features that we have already listed above and that will also be 100% accurate content for any particular store.

Budget plan as you can clear see from the above figure the most crucial features are not available in and their accuracy rate is also between 60 to 70%.

Thus it is highly recommended to choose the right combination of information + features to bring best of your coupon code and daily deals website.

Daily Deals and Coupon APIs :

If you are a designer or developer and want to take your website at the next level with their feeds this service is for you. You can get coupon API. API Documentation and flowchart are very much there to help you in your endeavor.

Our verdict on’s coupon feed

Still not ready to create your daily deals and coupon code website on auto-pilot,  Think it again. A must use service for all the bloggers and webmasters running coupon code and daily deals website, A very highly recommended service from our side. Go grab it and enjoy :)

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  1. Rohit says:

    Really useful service for Coupon websites and Affiliate marketers in general. I used to take coupons from someone who used to copy from other websites. I ended up in a lot of trouble. Then saved me. Their data is 100% genuine and up-to-date. Love these guys!

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Rohit, Welcome on board and thank you very much for this update. keep in touch :)

  2. That’s really a great article about how one can get the benefit of coupon code on daily deals so as to get maximum benefit out of your spending.Really thanks for sharing this great info…

  3. Peter says:

    That’s great information I’ve known. I’m also running a coupon website, but I limited to domain & hosting industry. That means I just provide domain promo codes and hosting promo codes to end users.

    But most of the daily works I do are by manual. It includes from searching & update new coupons, writing articles, reviews and many manual tasks I need to do. Linkmydeals is really a good tool I know, but the price is a little bit high ($1500/mo)

    Thanks for share. I will take a look if they have a trial version.

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