How to Find Real Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs can really be tricky. You are not sure about them because many such jobs don’t really exist.

There are a huge number of people in this world who are looking for data entry jobs.

Fraudsters are smart enough to exploit these people who are looking for data entry jobs.

Data Entry Job in India

How to find Data Entry Job in India

They fleece money from them in the name of registration fee. After taking money they disappear. And the people feel being cheated.

So you have to be very careful while you are looking for a genuine data entry job.

Off course they are there but finding them could be a challenge.

Offline Vs Online

Data entry jobs are available online as well as offline.

You can go to Google and type in data entry jobs you will get websites offering you data entry work.

Some of them are genuine and some are fraud. You will find many websites asking you a registration fee and others are offering for free.

This is where a new comer gets confused. So what does he do?

Well you can look offline for a genuine data entry job.

In fact in this article we tell you going for offline data entry jobs rather online.

Here are few offline ways to find a job.

Classified Ads in Newspapers

The best way to start is classified ads in your daily newspaper. You go to classified page and see all advertisements related to data entry jobs.

You look out for these ads on daily basis and make a list of them with their phone number and website.

Do not go for an ad which has only website and not phone number.

After jotting down a list you call them one by one. You talk to them and enquire everything about the job.

For example what work you have to do, how much will you be paid, about accuracy rate, where to submit etc.

You must also visit their office. If they don’t have an office then doesn’t go for the job.

You should pay the registration fees only when you have seen their office.

Here you will work from home and submit your work via an email.

You get paid depending upon the number of projects you successfully complete and submit.

Openings in Outsourcing Companies

Many outsourcing companies are looking for data entry operators.

You have to appear for an interview in person and clear all the rounds from aptitude test to typing speed.

Unlike in previous paragraph where you have to pay for registration here you don’t.

Moreover here you get fixed salary every month.

These jobs are more genuine because you work for a big outsourcing company which has over thousands of employees in their office.

This is a 9 to 5 job and you can’t work from your home.

Local Grocery and Chemist Store

If you don’t want to appear for a job interview or pay a registration fee then you can walk into a nearby grocery or a chemist store.

These shops always need data entry operators who can fill data into excel spreadsheet.

The data is about the products present in the inventory, their price, expiry date etc.

You have to be familiar with MS Excel and Word.

Here you have to search for shops in your area that are looking for data entry operators.

You can do this on part time basis also, like working 4 hours daily.

So these were ways finding a genuine data entry job offline. Now let us see how you can find online.

Searching Online

As I said earlier in this article online data entry jobs are very dangerous. Most of them are scams and they don’t exist.

However still you can find genuine data entry jobs online.

There are two ways.

The first is you go to individual sites and find out every detail about the company.

They will give you the work and you have to submit it online. You may also have to pay for registration fees.

I can’t name such data entry companies because they keep changing.

The second one is going for popular freelancing sites like upwork, freelancer etc.

They also offer data entry jobs which are more genuine because millions of people are already using these websites.

So while searching online jobs you have to do more research or find review of individual sites before investing.

You can also check where you can find details of different data entry jobs & reviews of the companies.

Which is Better Online or Offline?

So finally which one you want to go for, online or offline?

To be honest, go for offline because they are more genuine and you can always find a job.

Online jobs are fraud because there is no one you can talk to.

However if you don’t want to work 9 to 5 then you may to choose an online data entry company.

So you decide what do you want?

What Not to Do

Finally here are some not to do list.

  • Do not pay a registration fees without talking them on the phone and visiting office.
  • Always ask for the accuracy rates.
  • Avoid projects with short deadlines.
  • Form filling data entry jobs are better.
  • Do NOT fall for a job which is offering too much money because it may be a fraud.

If you have any other idea for online data entry job, do not hesitate to share with us.

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  1. From time to time i usually work for a data entry job. That article of your simply help me to understand what should be the factors which differentiate among the real and fake data entry jobs. Thanks for sharing that info. Like the way how you have explained all this.

  2. shajeer says:


    You are well written the post. also can you share the best way to promote a website.


  3. shaki says:

    Good article , usually offline data entry jobs done by full part-time or full-time employee. For the people who want to work from home, online jobs are preferred. Please provide some reliable online job provider. Thanks.

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