How to find Profitable keywords using Free Google Keyword Tool

Let me announce some thing very special first, during the write-up of this article, I was able to find out one such Long Tail Keyword : before and after weight loss.

How many time you have written a post that exactly brings a lots of traffic and also bring a lots of fortune ?  I really mean it, have more CPC and CTR.

I know there is a tool on the internet specially designed to do the same i.e., they are claiming that using this tool from the wordpress dashboard, you can rank your article very easily.

The problem with this tool is, it is only compatible with wordpress and the prerequisite of this tool is your Google Adwords login information.

It means this tool is only presenting the information in front of you in a fancy way. So,  why not use Freely available Google keyword Tool and try to understand its Jargon.

High CPC keywords

Before we start our Journey, You are requested to create your own Google Keyword Account, to explore the full potential. It is free and you can directly login from your Google account.

Step –1  How to find out profitable Keywords

Difference between broad and exact

There are two criteria available in Google keywords tool. By default Google keyword tool display all the results that matches in broad criteria.

Best Free Keyword Tool

so what does this mean : Board criteria,

Allow me to explain

Broad criteria means Google try to show all the result that contain either any one word of your targeted keyword in all those websites. it does not filter your idea or what actually you want to find out.

it mean if you have written weight loss then keyword tool will include all those websites that contain either WEIGHT or LOSS or both of them.

Type your targeted keyword in the given search box and just try to find out what is the result. You will be amazed by the result or the volume of query this particular keyword generate.

Note : The above keyword ideas show all those websites and keywords which is anyhow related to your keyword WEIGHT LOSS.

One more Option Before Exact Search “Phrase

Phrase option does not delete or remove any terms any how related to our search term i.e, in our case we are trying to find out weight loss

but again Adword Tool,  oh no!  again too much high volume and competitive websites on single or  two words  – keyword tool

Now exact search – Exact search means user type the same keyword in the google search bar using double inverted quotes.  like this “Weight Loss”

Now de-select the broad criteria and select “exact” criteria and hit search button. Look at the volume and how much now the results are different.

Find Most proftable keywords

Did you find any difference ?

Now  you may ask me , What is the fun we all know this simple idea, where is your proper idea ?

Just wait !! I am coming to the point

Google Keyword tool Advance Options Filter

Now the above criteria does not reveal any thing special and does not reveal any thing solid.  So again Look at the image given below once more

adsense most profitable keywords

again hit the enter button – Now you will be able to see some real stuff.

Now its time to squeeze our search result as it show all type of search result. Since, You are targeting to see your result on the first page – perform the following in your advance filter option

The criteria you have to select is

1.  Competition – Low or Medium.  You do not need to involve your self to compete with the authority sites or very big sites having thousands of links

2. CPC ( Cost per click ) : select moderate CPC should be more than $1 per click

3. Global Monthly search must be more than : 10000 search per month , if you are targeting your local search than 5000 search per month is nominal.

4. Google Search Network search here must me more than 5000 search per month.

Advance options of Free Keyword tool

We all are aware that  this is one of the most profitable niche so it is totally foolish to target single or double word. From this list now short out some three , four or five world keyword.

Still, you are not sure how much competition these worlds will hold on the internet.

Step –2  How to find out Profitable Keywords

Before we  start on stage –2 , lets do some home work. To search advance queries google provide some clauses to lower down search criteria, is basically designed for the   webmasters.

1. inurl : This  clause search the desired keyword or long tail keyword in the “URL” of all the indexed websites by the Google.

2. Intitle : This clause search desired keyword in the titles of all the indexed pages.

these two clauses can do wonders if you are able to hit the nail, most of the premium keywords tools these two clauses to show the competition on your selected keywords.

Now open your search engine – and type the following query  on the search bar

Before checking the actual competition just simple type your spotted long term keyword, for example

“before and after weight loss”  and hit the enter button

How many result now you are able to see in my case this is in millions

Now  type the following search query

inurl:”before and after weight loss” intitle:”before and after weight loss”

voila, you hit the jackpot. Your search results are less than 10,000. It means you have favorable chance to get on the first page.


The main objective of this tutorial was to empower readers to use Free Google Keyword Tool.  I  find this tool much useful and accurate for my keyword research, how much do you find this article useful for your keyword research , do share with me.

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    Doing Proper Keyword research before writing an article is key to success.And you have delivered good article on how to use google keyword tools
    to find profitable keywords

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      Hi Ravi, Thanks for your kind words regarding this article,Hope you will take very good care of this article in your keyword research. Keep in touch :)

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