How to Earn Money with Gold Affiliate Programs

Earn Money with Gold Affiliate Programs

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Gold is the rarest of all the elements that are considered immortal. Its value had been used as a currency in the past. It’s still being used as a currency today and there’s no doubt that it would continue to be used as a global currency in the future.

People are now saving gold because of their value and due to the fact that they last for an infinite time. There are companies that offer savings and payment services for gold. They are like banks, but instead of dealing with paper money, they deal with gold instead. These companies also offer gold affiliate programs to people who would like to earn extra cash by referring people to their site.

Ways in Earning from Gold Affiliate Programs

There are a number of ways in making money through affiliate programs. Some companies offer a certain percentage commissions while others offer specific rates based on the number of referrals made or customers brought in. There are also those that employ systems that reward affiliates on a cost per acquisition, lead, and click basis. Cost per click is the pays lowest while cost per lead systems pay slightly higher. Companies may offer a combination of fixed percentage or rate and cost per click or lead systems. If you want to get involved in affiliate marketing, you need to properly understand these systems and optimize your blog, website, social media posts, or email marketing copies accordingly.


BitGold and GoldMoney are two options worth considering. Actually, they are from the same company but to explain the differences in affiliate programs, it would be good to examine their offers. BitGold’s gold affiliate program provides as much as $35 for each member that makes their first deposit on their site. It’s a fixed amount paid per acquisition or customer conversion. However, the company offers a 5% that could mean up to $100 if you can convince a customer to make their first BitGold deposit within the next 15 minutes after signing up. BitGold is mostly aimed at small time investors and those who want to buy and sell gold online so its commissions or rates may not be as high as compared to GoldMoney’s.

GoldMoney is intended for those who want to invest in gold in large amounts. As such, GoldMoney affiliates can expect higher pay or commissions. GoldMoney pays as much as 25% of the net sales margin on all purchases made by your referrals within two years.

These two demonstrate the differences in target markets so you should understand that if you intend to be part of an affiliate program, you need to carefully analyze your target market to find out if your website, blog, or other channels for affiliate marketing are suitable. You can’t aim to find success with GoldMoney if you can’t devote effort in reaching out to moneyed people who are willing to invest in gold. If you just want to handle the smaller amounts, it would be better to stick with what BitGold is already offering.


Signing up for an affiliate program and putting up the banners, images, and links are just two initial steps of the whole endeavor. After having the banners or links, you should also find time and exert effort to reach out to the intended audience and to entice them to click or make a purchase. You may have to tweak your layout and design or do something about your content to connect them with the products or services being promoted.

Remember that clicks will be unlikely if readers don’t find any relevance in what is being presented to them. Moreover, be careful in the creation and adding of banners and images. Everything must be optimized functionally and aesthetically.

Affiliate programs are a good way to augment earnings especially among small businesses and website or blog owners. However, it’s also important to remember that affiliate marketing does not only have to be through websites and blogs. It can also be done through email and social media. You just have to have the affiliate link to be shared online so your credits can be accounted for.

Moreover, it’s worth emphasizing that gold affiliate programs are not the easiest to pursue. Not many of the millions of typical website visitors are keen on buying and selling gold online. Also, many have the stigma over gold buying and selling on the Internet because of scam reports and anecdotes of fraudulent transactions.

Before joining in a gold affiliate program, it is advisable to assess if your website, blog, or interests can be connected to those who are interested in gold buying, selling, and investing. Else, you will just be carrying affiliate links on your website or blog without getting any actual benefit.

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  1. James says:

    Good points, Rakesh. Buying gold online has been slow to catch on, especially with issues of trust. e-gold was one of the first gold trading sites and it got closed down by the US Government. GoldMoney is a great gold buying site, as is BullionVault (which has a two-tier referral program). For gold coins, BGASC has an affiliate program, though they only ship coins to the USA.

  2. Avenue says:

    Amazing Post Rakesh, You are such a person and blogger who is providing always informative post ever. I loved your blog Post Earn Money with Gold Affiliate Programs. I should learn more research more about Gold Affiliate. Or if you share details oriented with a video tutorial or podcast it will better easy to understand the whole process of gold affiliates.

    Avenue Sangma

  3. Great post, I think that trust is the most important thing for make money from affiliate programs to succeed.

  4. Lakshit Singhorha says:

    I Like your this Gold Affiliate Programs.With the Help of this We Get Idea How to Earn Money From the Affiliated Programs.

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