How to create Most Popular Blog Posts in a few Steps

How to create a popular blog”. Perhaps this is the most asked question on the blogsphere and the most simple answer is “Write Great Content”. Easy said , Well that is very easy to said but when we want to engage our reader, its not so easy, since they want all the time something new, something special from you.

Know your niche Properly

“Half Knowledge is worse then ignorance”

.  I am sure you know what happened with “Abhimanyu” in MahaBharat, he had half knowledge, thus was killed in the battle.

Do You read my point? If you are not fully aware about your niche , how can you guide your reader/visitor?

Role of Picture

“A picture speaks a thousand words” . Some of the best example, How picture attract the probable visitor can be seen on and on

Have a Look on these two website and try to decide, Do you not want such picture on your articles.

It is learnt that abstract picture does not attact the visitor .

Kiss – Keep it Simple Silly.

This is the another most common problem most of the famous blogger are trying to solve day and night. There blog are full of these type of articles how to write popular posts you can take Niel Patel, Darren Rowse , Copyblogger and a lots of other bloggers are trying

Does Length of article Matter :

According to Neil Patel , it matters a lots, this is the one main reason, now a days established bloggers start writing detailed informative articles on their blogs. This ways they solved two problem : Google SEO and Pagination and Google Panda.

Most of the time people love to read detailed article on a particular topic.  On the other hand Copyblogger suggest that short and crispy article direct to readers attract the most.

How much Large Paragraph Matter

This is a much debated topic on the blog sphere. Some bloggers love to write long descriptive paragraph. Other Suggest write only two to three lines only at a time and try to divide the whole paragraph into small paragraphs.

I also do not love to read long continuous paragraph thus, whatsoever i want to say i divide the whole thing into small pieces and just try to co-relate them.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you have a very large reader base 30 or 40 times bigger then Darren Rowse then You can skip this part, if your answer is NO . then read some Good book on search engine optimization or you can refer my quick guide on search Engine optimization.

Even the most famous blogger can not take this challenge. Do You have ?

Here is a quick recap on search engine optimization tips.  Just Kidding !!!!   ;)  I know you have already read on this topic already

Two wordpress plugins  are specially advised in this case  1.  Yoast SEO.  2.  Search Friendly Images.

Grammar and Spelling

This is the last thing in my priority list. You may wonder why this is the last. Well it’s now a days very easy to correct the spellings. If you are able to covey your message properly. In my opinion-It hardly matter.

Some bloggers and copy writers prefer perfect selection of the words and grammar so that they can create a perfect impact. But words alone does not make any sense. I strongly feel, Proper use of words make sense.

Grammatical mistakes does not mean, you do not use proper use of words. misused words can create havoc. Check out this post by copyblogger.

Reader involvement

Does your blog post involve its’ reader. If not, Pay attention on this matter immediately. A successful blogger never ever leave their post like this. They always try to invoke their readers.

Blog are basically designed to get readers reaction and if your post does not invoke them to take action. I am really sorry to say, All my previous efforts are now useless.

How Comments affect my blog post

Have you ever posted comments on other blogs in search of backlinks. If yes, Does not matter how busy the blogger might be, He/She Always tried to respond you. Thus make a relationship.

A Good read on why you are posting comment on blog may be here :  Good comments means backlinks and Lots of visitor including blog owner

We readers does not visit each and every blog, because that blog is serving some very good information. Sometimes we visit the blog because we like the guy behind the blog.

Comments are excellent method to establish rapport with your readers, if you does not leave comment on your fellow bloggers site, i am seriously doubtful, they will come back to check your blog.

A Good read may be : 5 Easiest method to get high quality backlinks instantly    Easiest method to find out do-follow comment-Luv enabled blogs


Writing good content isn’t enough! You have to do all of the things I mentioned above if you want a popular blog posts.

Even though I have been blogging for 2 years, by no means do I know everything about blogging. So if you have any other ideas on how to make your blog more popular, feel free and leave a comment.

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  1. I recently added my first post to my blog. All because of the inspiration I got from your post. :)

  2. rakesh says:

    Kelly, Glad to know that you find this article useful for your niche site. hope to see you very soon.

  3. reviews says:

    I do wish there were more people like you around on the inter webs. Not many people are careful with their words, including myself sometimes. Thanks dude.

    • rakesh says:

      Thanks dear for your kind words, sometimes such appreciation confuse me, whether this is a genuine comment or a spam. But this time i was able to figure it out , that your are a genuine fellow. ;)

  4. sumit says:

    very nice post,very useful for me .thanks for share it .

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