How to convert your PDF files to Excel sheets online

Excel files are one of the most widely used digital file formats for creating and managing Tables and spreadsheets. The editing and creating of tables with specified sets of rows and columns and their aligning is plain and simple with Excel files. But when you deal with different file formats; be it for office or personal purposes, there might occur a time when you are handed a PDF file with tables and you need to edit those tables and columns. These PDF files are harder to manage without the use of PDF editing tools and a conversion to another editable file format is essential for editing purposes. Portable Document Format or PDF has been developed with an intention to keep the original file formatting and content in a document and is itself would not editable as you would do with a simple Doc file.

So for editing tables and columns in a PDF assigned to you, the file ought to be converted into an editable Excel file beforehand. For letting you convert your PDF files into Excel spreadsheets, below are the steps to use a premium online tool and get the entire conversions done right from your web browser.

Go completely Online with Docs.ZonePDF to Excel Converter screenshot image


If you are not willing to shell out some big money for getting the Adobe Acrobat Pro, Docs.Zone is a great premium online conversion tool to do away with all the need for downloading native software. As seen from the above screenshot, Docs.Zone offers a ton of other features that would let you convert your digital files between different other file formats.

Here we will be taking a look at the conversion process of your PDF files into editable Excel spreadsheets and how in minimal steps, you can get your converted Excel files using this tool.

How to convert PDF to Excel files

PDF to Excel Converter-1

Docs.Zone being a premium tool requires you to sign up for their premium plans to get started on your file conversions. Once you have signed up on their network, access the ’PDF to Excel’ tab on the top menu bar. Here, you can add your multiple files at once and hit ‘Start’ to get started on your file conversion process. More files could also be selected and added to the queue for batch conversions of your PDF files to Excel spreadsheets.

The conversion process takes up little to under a minute, depending on the size of your file and the amount of heavy imagery and tables contained within it.

PDF to Excel Converter-2

Once the conversion of files is done, you can access your converted files from your ‘Inbox’ section at the bottom of the window as seen above. The converted files are kept online for a span of 6 hours if you decide to get them stored to your local hard drive at a later time.


This online file conversion tool is a premium one and it requires a premium subscription for conversion of your documents online. Docs.Zone costs $9.95/month or $59.95/year for an annual subscription.

Final Thoughts

Docs.Zone file converter is a great premium online tool to get your PDF files converted into editable Excel spreadsheets. While there are many third-party downloadable software to get the conversions done, an online tool seems even more viable for the skeptics who wouldn’t want to install another software that they might only use once in an often. The subscription plans are very flexible and let users choose what works out the best for themselves. If you are looking to take your entire file conversions online, Docs.Zone offer a great platform in doing so.

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    The conversion process takes up little to under a minute, depending on the size of your file and the amount of heavy imagery and tables contained within it.

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