How to beat keyloggers in their Game-Hackers perspective


What do you do when you know that the public computer system is infected with some sort of hacking tool- keylogger and you have to login into your account to check some very urgent mail or you have to transfer some fund?

Do you wait to install some anti hacking / Antivirus Tools to do that urgent work? No you need not?

Keyloggers are one of the simplest and yet most effective hacking tool to steal credit card numbers, userID and Passwords. Current Keyloggers are now even able to capture each and every steps you follow to open any application or software to record your data.

So how to beat keyloggers in their game to save your identity and passwords and other useful information. Here are my personnel tricks

  • Always carry PenDrive
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Type Random words and numbers

PenDrive to Beat Keyloggers  : This may seems strange to some of you how a pendrive can beat a keyloggers. A pen Drive can not beat a Keylogger but it can surely help you to beat a keylogger – How .

Create a file in your favorite word processor software and store all your passwords and other important information in file. Do not format to protect this file using a very strong password preferably using 128 bit encryption.

Now whenever you need your original password on such a computer just insert your pendrive. Open your file, Copy and just paste your password.

NOTE  : Do not take too much time to copy your password and after copying your password, immediately close your document as some new age keyloggers are designed to take screenshot of your open windows.

Virtual Keyboard to beat Keyloggers  : Keyloggers are designed to register your keystroke. Even some of  keyloggers can detect copy and paste work also. So it is always better to use virtual keyboard.

virtul keyboard

NOTE : Always use pointing device like mouse or touch pad to use virtual keyboard. Never ever try to use keyboard to use virtual keyboard as it will completely defeat the purpose of virtual keyboard.

Random Sentence and Numbers  : Another trick is type any random sentence and digits on any software like notepad or wordpad. Copy each and every letter from these sentence inside your password post.

NOTE : Here you can use keyboard to select copy and paste your letters.

Conclusion on How to beat Keyloggers

Is is always said “A tool is as intelligent as it user”. So these were my favorite tricks to beat keyloggers, What is yours.

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