How to Backup Android Data to PC using iStonsoft Android File Manager

These days’ mobile phones can be used as a storage device. Besides the contacts and the text messages, you can create, modify and save an array of different types of data in your mobile phone. It ranges from word document to media files. What happens when you lose your mobile or the data stored gets corrupt due to some reasons? It can be an absolute nightmare. So, given the importance of the date which is stored in your mobile phone, it is very important that you made sure to back them up, so that they can be retrieved whenever required. This article will provide you an insight into how to backup contacts on android using an excellent Android file manager. But before I do that, let me give you some insight into some applications which are used as file manager for Android

How to Backup Data from Android to your PC – Few Common Applications

When it comes to backing up your contacts from your Android phone to PC, there are quite a few options you can work with. Most of them are available in Android Play Store and comes with the handset. Here are some of them:

  • Back Up Using Google: When it comes to backing up your contact using Google, it might vary depending on the model of your mobile phone.
  • My Backup Pro: This Android file manager and can be downloaded from Play Store. It would cost you approximately $5 and it is capable of backing up virtually every single data in your Android mobile phone
  • Samsung KIES: If you are using a Samsung Android phone, then you are lucky. Samsung comes with its own backup allocation. This application is known as Kies Air and usually it is pre installed on most of the Samsung Android phones. This particular application lets you connect to your laptop or computer using a broadband or Wi-Fi connection. It has made the process of backing up your Android data very simple.

Apart from these, there is one application which has proved to be very efficient when it comes to backing up data from your Android phone to your computer. It is a File Manager from iStonsoft Android.

This incredible file manager for Android has proved to be one of the best applications available in the market. It offers easy and comprehensive backup mechanism for your Android device. This Windows Android manager is capable of backing up the followings:

  • Your Contacts
  • SMS stored in your phone
  • Photos
  • Music Files
  • Documents and other kinds of data.

android file manager features

What are its Features?

It comes with a range of different types of features. Here are some of them:

  • With the help of this application you can copy anything from your Android Tablet or phone to your computer
  • It allows you to export and import media files to and from your computer and Android device.
  • It also allows you restore the backed up data from your computer to the Android device.

Apart from these, it comes with some additional features, which are:

  • It allows you to set your favorite music as ring tone or alarm tone.
  • It is compatible with different brands; like, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Sony and etc.
  • You can easily manage any files which are saved on the SD card of your phone.
  • It also allows you to print text messages from android phone

There no need to worry about losing your precious data. With the help of the iStonsoft Android File Manager, you can easily backup everything from your mobile phone to your computer. It also acts as an Android media manager. You can easily backup all your media files from your mobile to your PC. This Android media manager would ensure that all your movie and music files are being backed up and they can be retrieved.

When it comes to the best Windows Android manager, IStonsoft Android File Manager has proved to be the most reliable one. It is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 8 and it can be also used on the MAC operating system. In order to get a detailed overview about this application and to buy it online, you can visit IStonsoft official website. There is good news for you; you download a trial version free of cost.

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