How to add ripple Effect in WordPress

Ripple effect in website homepage and other pages. Just enhance the user engagement on your website. Most of these ripple effects are the end-result of CSS3 Animation effect mostly borrowed from jquery and javascript.

But now my dear friends we all can add that amazing ripple effect in our WordPress based website using Ripple lazyload scrolling plugin
developed by my old friends at

Ripple Lazyload Scrolling Effects WordPress Plugin is First ever made plugin for WordPress Lazy Load Scrolling effects. Till now these effects working only on html but we have now created 20+ Lazy load effects which makes your website more professional and graphically attractive.

Above statement is the official claim written on the by the Developer of this theme and I do agree with them after using this wonderful plugin on my Wallpaper Website.

For all those who are new and do not have any idea about lazy-load- Lazy load is a new technique used to reduce http request thus make only the required request to render your page. As soon as
you scroll down your webpage, it keep on loading fresh contents. Thus this plugin does not slow down your page rendering time
but enhance your readers experience on your website exponently.

Some of the ripple effect supported by ripple lazy load plugin is as follows

ripple effect features list

How to generate short-code for a particular Effect to use anywhere in your website

Step 1 :-   To generate short-codes open Ripple Lazy Load Effect from Setting Menu.
Step 2 :-   Select Effect from second drop-down, also set delay time from last drop-down.
Step 3 :-   Click on Generate Code button.
Step 4 :-   After Clicking Generate Code button your Short-code and PHP Script will be generated.
Step 5 :-   You can see demo of your generated effect in right sidebar by scrolling down.

How to use Ripple Lazy-load short-code

Step 1 :-   After successfully generating codes. You can use effects wherever you want.
Step 2 :-   You can see some demo generated code below
How to use Shortcode
Step 3 :-   You can use these codes in post, editor or anywhere you want. You have to just paste them in your editor remove the line   Paste Your Content Here. and Place your Content.
Step 4 :-   These effects work on All HTML Tags.

Where You can Use these effects

You Can use these effects on any HTML tag.
You can use these effects on WordPress Editor / Post or Page.
You can use these effects on PHP File which is inside your theme.
You can use these effects on any Widgets

Final Verdict

Besides all these wonderful effect only for $1o, guys at thememonstor are always there to listen and to help you. So in my personal
opinion it’s a value for money plugin for every WordPress user.

Demo Link of Ripple LazyLoad Plugin

What is your opinion on this Wonderful Plugin? Do let me know through your comments.

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