How social media effect your AdSense account

Social Networking Site softwareSocial media has provided immense possibility for marketers and promoters to apply targeted and relevant advertising. For example when a person updates his or her personal information to being in a relationship, Facebook can direct advertisements to you relevant to your new updated information.

With an ‘in relationship’ update on Facebook, you will be seeing many ads of chocolates and restaurants. This means that Facebook can create its own version of Adsense, may be facebooksense! People who have been using Adsense to customize ads for their websites and one of the most used programs on the internet will have to face a huge challenge against social media sites like Facebook.

Facebook vs Google:

The ongoing battle between Facebook and Google has made Adsense face many issues. Both came to blows when Google restricted Facebook from importing contacts from its Gmail. Facebook has now restricted its app developers from using sources other than Google base like Adsense.

This means that app developers would have a list filled with many Adsense like tools but not Adsense and Doubleclicks. This also means that people who have an Adsense account will not be able to publish ads on their Facebook pages. Facebook that has a far better chance to target customers with relevant targeting, is a huge platform for marketing opportunities which are not available for people using Adsense account.

Where Adsense loses:

Even if there was no conflict between Facebook and Google, Adsense has a great disadvantage. Adsense, using the texts and words on the content tries to sell the ads to the viewers of the page. This means that ads can be of an irrelevant subject which is very common.

Two or three ads definitely happen to be totally useless for the user of the page which means they may not get clicked. On the other hand social media sites like Facebook and many others are fully aware of customer preferences and tastes. Also the average spending time of a user is far greater on these social media sites where they are shown relevant ads. This means that ads have a far better chance to get clicked upon on these sites compared to a Google page. Facebook will probably launch its first variant of Adsense very soon, as it offers a far better incentive for ad publishers to get clicks and earn revenue.

Rules and Regulations:

With the fast adaptability of social media and strict rules, the social media website creators have restricted Adsense to get into their lists. Like Facebook, Adsense users face the risk of not being able to get their ads published on other social media sites. Even though YouTube is owned by Google which makes it easy for Adsense accounts to function on other sites, it can also restrict Google.

Even though social media websites are available to many on a world wide scale, bloggers now face the country specific restrictions where for instance anyone from India or any other country may not able to open their blogs.

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