Genuine hostgator webhosting review with maximum discount code

What !!!!!!! host gator sucks?

Choosing a web hosting company is one of the toughest decisions and it is equally important for the success of your online business, blog or website and must be taken with utmost care.

Before you start with this genuine hostgator webhosting review, I want to show you some screenshots, these are the messages, received on  Google webmaster tools.

Hostgator webhosting review

How much hostgator webhosting suck been discussed here

These are the real time problem faced when my site was on a cheap web hosting company,  Don’t fool or confuse yourself. These are the type of problem, I was facing with cheap webhosting service providers.

When people start their online jounery as a blogger they just do not understand the need of a good premium web host, Their main objective becomes – technology …. Yes you read it right,  perhaps your targeted was how to select a good premium wordpress theme free of cost!!!

If you are really serious about your online business blog then the first and foremost requirement is to choose a perfect web hosting company and the services rendered by the webhosting company servers.

When it comes to selection of a hosting service provider for your blog or website, there are a lots of factors that must be considered, it is learnt that the performance of your site is directly depends upon the performance of your web host.

Top 10 reason to select a cheap webhosting service provider

Now here i a  providing you 10 reasons why you  should not select host-gator web service and select the dirt cheap webhosting services

  1. The admin is your friend and he/she just started a new webhosting company.
  2. You are a Geek, love to solve all technical problem yourself, does not matter how much time it take.
  3. You are not very serious about blogging or about online presence
  4. You do not have proper knowledge about webhosting, so you do not want to experiment with your hard earned money.
  5. It is cheap and had promised you to provide 24×7 support.
  6. Your website is very small, so you do not want to spend too much to host 20-50 web- pages
  7. You won a giveaway on some popular blog/forum/website
  8. You are a web developer and your client is ignorant about the need of a web-hosting, so this way you want to secure some more bucks.
  9. You Love the challenges ;)
  10. You love to host some spammy sites or to do some illegal work, like host a spam mail server. These poorly managed web host will never ever come to know what actually you are doing on their web server.

Top 10 reasons to select hostgator webhosting

I am not going to explain all that stuff you have already read on thousands of websites across the web sphere that hostgator provide excellent support, best servers, limited number of website, Best hosting service provider, xyz blogger had written this or that….blah blah,blah blah

Before hostgator web hosting, I was using the web servers of economical host. Let me inform you,  their servers are  cheapest in the industry, for $15 you can host a website for a year with all the features and for $40 you can have reseller plan with whm panel, besides that I changed my webhost.

Do you think I am crazy?

No not at all, I am not crazy, it was a deliberate move for which I have taken almost more than one year!! Yes complete one year. So here are my reasons to choose hostgator webhosting over my favorite cheap web hosting company.

1.  Google Bots :

Who so ever is in this industry is well aware that Google does not check each and every website manually. They have developed a sophisticated software to do that, whenever it comes on any server it takes a lots of resources to find out each and every information stored on that server.

You can say, “yes” we all know that, but do you know that cheap webhosting companies blocks these bots so that they can manage thousands of website to stay on a single server and that is the biggest hack behind these cheap web hosting companies. I learnt through my bitter experience.

This will again lead you to one more problem – robots.txt file. As I mentioned in my 3 blunder that can ruin your blog post. You can not block any unwanted or duplicate content. Like ?replytocom problem.

2.  High end servers

Hostgator server details

3.  Load balancer

How your website of bblog behave when traffic comes to your site ? Check you site first on, and see the performance of your site,

load impact on traffic

Cheap webhosting can manage upto 10 visitor easily, but what happens when there are more than 10 visitors online or tying to access your highly researched article on buyer keyword list.  Your site does not load or takes more than 10 minutes to load.

Do you think your visitors will wait 10 minutes to look your value added information, I don’t think so?

4.  High upload and download file size :

When you change your webhost what is the main problem do you ever face? Did you ever notice? It is technical issue or something else ?  I know there are sufficient technical information floating on the net, but were you able to implement that ?

Why the solution you have seen on the popular blogs and forums will tell you export your blog from existing site and import the same on new webhost.

Simple!!!!!!!!!! No the problem starts when you try to import that file. You new webshot says it can only import maximum 2 MB file and suddenly you feel stuck?

This is the another major hack in these cheap webhosting service provider and when ever you ask them to increase this size, “Sir due to our official policy we can not do this, you have to change your existing webhosting plan”.

Did you hear something like that on premium hosting plan like on BlueHost or Hostgator.  No not at all, because their limit is 64 MB.

5.  File permission

The concept of file permission was originally introduced in Unix to secure the  data on a shared computer.  Our web are also running either on windows or linux, both of them implement this file permission concept to secure the user data on the internet. So that any accidental updating or modification can be averted.

But a mis-configured server can make your site hell, I Mean it every time you have to change file permissions of each folder to make proper changes inside your website/blog. It may the activation of new theme or installation of a new plugin.

In this case hostgator is well configured servers, you will never ever have to change the file permission of any file or folder to install a plugin or theme.

6.  unlimited Means unlimited

Few month back when I saw a lots of people were complaining about their accounts on zyma had been suspended for consuming more than the allocated limit of bandwidth  without any proper notification.

Yes due to bandwidth, their account had been suspended?  This is another classical hack behind the cheap webhosting servers, they are designed to serve a very small community, when community grow they will send you in a black whole.

At hostgator web hosting plan, as I have shown in the image when people or participation increase it automatically increase the limit of everything, so that you can please your customer comfortably.

At hostgator unlimited means unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database size , unlimited support, unlimited everything.

7.     Search Engine optimization

There are  lots of guides and black books are already out there to woo you, but do you want to do less and attract lots of traffic.

Or  You are first timer and do not know a lot about search engine optimization but want a lots of traffic from search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing and ask- the four major search engine. Then hostgator hosting plans are best for you.

submit sitemap automatically

Its free search engine optimization tools will help you to submit your sitemaps and also help you to learn search engine optimizations.

8.  Security

This is big headache for every blogger, since a lots of kids are out there who love to run some sort of scripts to deface your site or steal your whole data from your site.

At hostgator they take very good care of each and everyone, they help your to secure your data, website from hackers and cracker through paid service like sitelock and free service like cloud flare and also help you to link your site automatically

9.  $100 adwords coupon free of cost

This is another big big attraction to choose hostgator, you can redeem your $100 coupon when your you choose hostgator for your web hosting needs, thus your web hosting became costless and you can enjoy an instant growth in your business without spending any extra penny.

10  Money Back Guarantee

If in any case , you are not satisfied with the service or performance of the your web server which I don’t think is possible, than they offer any time money back guarantee to everyone. There is no risk to take because Hostgator service is risk-free.

This is another feature which makes it different from all other hosting services because all other hosting services offers 45 0r 60 days money back guarantee, while Hostgator offers anytime.

 WordPress and Hostgator- deadly combination

WordPress is the most popular, robust and free search engine optimized blogging software that almost all top bloggers are using.

Since  wordpress is a free blogging platform, you have to pay only for your current hosting plan, ( free of cost – as I have shown you how  – point no 9). You need to choose the best web host for your WordPress, if you want a great conversion oriented website/blog, in order to enjoy the blogging platform.

With fantisco- better known as one click install- You can also install your wordpess blog in a single click with hostgator, off course you will get latest cpanel and fantastico free of cost.

Final note on Hostgator review:

By now I hope that you are sure how much it sucks for your online success. If you are still not sure, it is thebest hosting for your online business, go grab cheap webhosting plan, because you love challenges…but if you want success in less time, in my personal opinion Hostgator is the right hosting plan  for you and I also hope that this review will help you to decide.

I personally recommend hostgator web hosting for all WordPress users because I know It’s the best and I’ve had great experience with it.

If you are not a using  Hostgator webhosting  yet, get a hostgator webhosting right now. They have variety of attractive deals for a wide range of users. Check the following page for the latest Hostgator Discount code!

So, now I’d like to turn it over to you and ask about your experience on hosting services. Please let us know in comments section!

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  1. louppi says:

    This is great article.I really enjoy reading it!! i learn alot from it.Thank you so much for sharing that kind of articles.The part that i like more in this article is the following ‘There are lots of guides and black books are already out there to woo you, but do you want to do less and attract lots of traffic.Or You are first timer and do not know a lot about search engine optimization but want a lots of traffic from search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing and ask- the four major search engine. Then hostgator hosting plans are best for you.’

    • rakesh says:

      Thanks Louppi for this wonderful feedback on hostgator webhosting review. hope to see you soon. ;)

  2. Nekib says:

    Square brothers webhost from India is the worst webhost I have ever seen. It is managed by a bunch of morons who never responds to Live Chat and Emails.
    I purchased 1 yr hosting from them but then shifted to hostgator just after 3 months because of their pathetic service. Every day the site goes off line more than 200 times and gets internal server error about 1000 times per day. Uptime is around 25%

    Note that mine is not a high traffic site. It gets around 3k unique visitors per day. Because of this cheater Square Brothers my site suffered like hell. Google bots had stopped crawling my site because of server failure hundreds of times daily and my ranks dropped.

    People beware of this cheater

    After shifting to Hostgator my site has not gone offline even for 1 sec. Great service by Hostgator.

    • rakesh says:

      You have a very horrible experience. This is the main reason, i have written this whole article. Thanks Nekib for this update and also warn us for these cheats.

  3. David says:

    Enjoyed your review and details when searching for a good web host, I am looking to move my website and I am shopping around looking at many stats for hosts, Hostgator is usually always in the top five for positive consumer reviews.
    I learned very hard lesson with my site as I did not realize my current hosting is actually a reseller, which posed many problems and strict limitations, disk space limited, bandwith set at 3,000 mb/month, when I was working on building up more backlinks, cpa advertising resources, offering an double opt in box for our free ebook download, and adding more wp plugins to manage the site, hosting admin went crazy broke into my wp admin and stripped the site down without asking or even doing a site backup before they trashed everything. and I was paying $10 month for this crappy service..
    after reading your review, I will be moving my site to Hostgator by the end of day. Thank you

  4. Limy says:

    Thanks for the efforts you have put in writing this web site… the content is written in a very effective manner… I will be coming back to check out your new post, thanks

  5. A says:

    I joined hostgator because of reviews like yours but so far it has been a nightmare, I purchased jumpstartso I could get help setting up however they never sent me a link with instruction tech support stated they would fix it all I got was emails with the ticket numbers still no instructions. used the live chat spent one hour and nothing finally I called the tech support asked for a supervisor but was told they are too busy and cannot come to the phone. his guy exoplained that jumpstartis responsible for sending the instructions and stated he sent my problem to the supervisor and he would handle it, let see what happens. The klive chat guy after a while was stalling me asking redundant questions that is why I called tried calling before but their phones were out of service since midnight. I really like all the stuff they have and will give them a chance hopefully I wont have to go else where.
    Any other reasonably priced hosts out there just in case?

    • rakesh says:

      Never ever face a problem like this in my lifetime with hostgator, Still if you want to change then according to me you can go with bluehost. Their services are at par with hostgator. But in my opinion send them an email stating all this. I am sure they will come clean.

  6. A says:

    Wow did not realized I made so many spelling errors (exoplained, klive,etc.)
    Anyway I will give them a chance, today I finally go the jumpstart info, also I got an email and then a phone call from an account manager offering her services, so that was nice, I really like what I see. They cross sell but is very organized they keep it separate so when you click on something you know it costs unlike Go Daddy thats all over the place, also so far the support techs have not try to cross sell ider when you call unlike oter companies. Once I learn how to use the stuff the right way possibilities are endless, now I get stuff done but really do not know some of the terminology or what I am doing half the time but I manage to write code and make it work (personal stuff only). Now I actually want to open store selloing hydraulic fittings so is more serious. Again thanks for the indepth review I think it will go well

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