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Bloggers and Web Publishers have a new reason to rejoice. The Google+1 button introduced by Google allow users a direct way to give a thumb up to the blog or website. This thumbs up can be seen by people who visit your site, people on whose search results your site shows up, and people who visit the profiles of those who have +1’ed your site.

Google has always been at the forefront of innovations in the sphere of web search. In its attempts to find a foothold in the already crowded social media space, however, Google has had a fair struggle. Its only successful offering to date has been the blogging platform, Blogger. With two failed attempts to enter the social networking arena with Google Wave and then Google Buzz, users were skeptical about how Google could reposition any future attempts at entering the field. True to tradition, the guys at Google have proved the naysayers wrong and merged several concepts related to their existing range of applications to come up with the +1 button, a super tool for doing several things out of a single point.

Google Plus

The Google +1 button is ostensibly a rating and recommending tool. Launched in March 2011 as a small icon that appeared alongside search results, the +1 button allowed users to recommend the site as trusted. In one stroke, Google had achieved many things. The +1 recommendation will show up on the search result of any signed up user, along with the names of any of their contacts who have recommended the site. This equivalent of a “like” button also builds the users’ +1’s up into something like a peer-sourced discovery engine, like Digg, Delicious, or Stumbleupon.

The +1s received by a website adds to its value and authenticity in a search result. Since it also displays which of the user’s contacts have +1’d it, they can verify the source of the recommendation. This adds greater value to the search itself. In the months following its launch, Google began rolling out +1 buttons for websites and blogs, where you could place a +1 button code on your site, and visitors could use it to rate and recommend your site. This not only lends greater credibility to your site, but also lets your site benefit from the extra publicity that it brings across a host of apps such as search, profiles, and social media.

Google has delivered on its promise of turning the +1 button into the new icon of high powered social networking. Moreover, the latest innovation on the +1 front allows users to seamlessly interface with their social network right out of the +1 button, an amazing boon for bloggers and publishers. They can share your +1’ed site with their Google Plus circles along with a snippet, and you as a blogger can actually benefit from added publicity for your content. For more details on how to maximize your benefit as a blogger or publisher from the +1 button, visit the Google Webmaster Blog.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who is very passionate about writing. She is very fond of gadgets and never thinks twice before spending on smartphones and tablets. Apart from tech stuff, she enjoys shopping for fashion accessories and loves experimenting with nail art.

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