Google Adsense Tricks:Get Approval in Just 2 Days

Just creating the blog and writing articles will not earn you money from internet. Placing ads and affiliate marketing helps you to earn good from your blogs and that too with no investment. Just attract more visitors or readers to your blog and earn good amount from your web property. But now a day Google is very strict for the approval of google adsense account and other all revenue sharing ads programs are not so successful as adsense.

This is updated version of my previous two tricks using and, it was working tricks but right now they are outdated, thus removed those two paragraphs.

People are trying hard to get approval from adsense but are not able to do so. In the start i had also tried for 3 times but all time my application was rejected.

After that i found 2 tricks to get Google adsense approval in just 2 days and that too with no need of website. So i thought to share the same with all and help all to generate revenue from their blog. You have to just follow few steps and then you get Google adsense approval in just 2 days.

Just follow the below mentioned steps and you will get adsense approval in just 1- 2 days. The Method is coming through

1.  Go to and register your account there. In this case YouTube  will ask your current gmail account information. Remember, if you have already contacted adsense team with the same gmail account, do not use the same gmail account to login into YouTube. Prepare a fresh gmail account and then using the same login into YouTube


2. Under Your Channel  Setting  Tab , Enable Monetization and do not forget to read their policies otherwise, you are  going to kill your chance once more.

YouTube Monetization Guidelines

3. If you have not uploaded any long video in the past ( at least 15 minute Long) , then its time to upload at-least 3 to 4 such video.  Camtasia OnScreen Recorder is one such onscreen video recording tool that must be tried by every bloggger.

4. If  your uploaded videos have any meat, let me assure you, with in a day or two day, you will receive your confirmation Email.

This way you will be able to get your adsense code for YouTube but the same code you can not use on your blog. So its time to work on your blog.

Now insure that your blog must fulfill the following conditions

1.  It should have an about us page with all your valid details and a current photograph, do not post here any creative work or some one else image. Image must not be a passport size photograph, it must be more than that.

2. Define your website’s Privacy policy and comment policy and it must be available from all the pages of your website. so better place to link these two pages are -either the header of your website or footer. Free Privacy Policy Generator is an excellent tool to grab your very own privacy policy in a second.

3. Do not use someone else images or just copy paste images from the internet, there are a huge library of free images available to explore. if using, give them proper credit.  21 Free image library for smart bloggers

4.  Prepare a contact us page and thoroughly check whether it is working or not. Every user of your website must be able to use that without any technical problem.

5. Write at-least 40-50 Good articles( though it is not a hard and fast rule), you can rewrite someone else work but do not copy paste, if you are little bit lazy and thought a German website’s content in English is more than sufficient for you to fool. You are wrong my dear! Your chances  are 0.0001%.  how to find more content idea for your blog by     is a must read for every wanna be pro-blogger.

6. This is only a recommendation, from my side, Invest some time/money to find out a clean SEO friendly fast Loading WordPress theme and make is very sure that this theme must have provisions to add adsense code at the highest paying positions.

7.   Now its time to apply for your blog/site and believe me, they would love to approve your site.

Next Step

Once you have your Google adsense code for your blog, its time to deploy a Google adsense ready WordPress theme, remember very clearly not try to trick any how to increase page view or clicks on your adsense units, they have a very vast technology to find out your every step, so be patient and try to enhance the quality and quantity of your blog post. I am sure success will by yours.

Still have some queries, do no hesitate to raise your queries, if yo like this article, consider to share on your social circles.

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  1. Emmanuel says:

    wow, there is a great content here. i really love your particle. It is great for me to be here today.

    i also wrote on this article on how to get fast approval from google adsense i make mention of how you can get approved from google adsense in 1 minutes.

    Do you know that there is something actually you can do that your blog will be approved immediately.

    Most attimes i discovered that google adsense like giving quick audience to the applicants form a very secure country like america, england and so more. In my article, i emancipate on how to do this things very well.

    link directly from the bio..

    Thanks Once Again for this awesome article. I love it… Thanks

    i help many people to get adsense approved in 2 days for each each sites.

  2. Tushar says:

    thnx 4 the article my apllication was rejected by adsense nw i will try ur trick to get approval .keep posting this type of article

  3. Vivek Darji says:

    nice post and tell me that how to approve 1 blog approve unlimited adsense account?

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Vicek, as per my knowledge , Once you have adsense code, you can paste the same adsense code on as many as website you want but all of these website should follow the basic rules of google adsense policy.

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