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9Gag Clone Script? What do you know about 9Gag? A website that earn a lots of money on autopilot, using funny images! Am i right ?

How many of us want to earn money online while sleeping, or doing something else? I think, We all want to do this but do not know, how to do this? One such simple solution is – Funny Picture Site.

Though There are a lots of clone Funny Picture scripts are available to help you to create such website on the fly but the major problem faced by there user is -SEO.

WordPress is the one such CMS that can help you to overcome this problem, with tons of SEO plugin, very easily using WordPress funny Image Theme.  LOL funny WordPress Theme is  cheap, user friendly and come with full  installation support as well as provide different versions so that you can differentiate your site with others.

Funny Image website Demo

Front End of Funny Image WordPress theme – version 1

9Gag Clone WordPress Theme  features

  • Compatible upto wordpress 3.5.1
  • One Image at a time on the front screen, so give you maximum benefit for page view
  • Images are automatically scaled according to the screen size
  • Very easy to embed YouTube, Vimeo Videos ( only url of video is sufficient to drop on the post page)
  • Random Post automatically shows the best three /six post/30 posts according to the version.
  • Adsense placing are optimized according to the Google Adsense recommendations and there is no need for any extra plugin to manage these Adsense places
  • Custom Logo can be embedded easily from the admin panel
  • Custom Favicon can be embedded easily from the admin panel
  • Built in Adsense Manager – No extra Plugin required

Second Version of Front Page

Funny Picture Template

Version -3 of Funny Picture WordPress Template

funny image wordpress template

LOL – Free funny Image WordPress theme ADMIN Panel

Post Panel with Featured Images

Funny picture wp theme

LOL Funny Image WordPress Theme Demo

Purchase all the three version of this theme only for $20 .

Instant Download – Download Link in your paypal account.  You can contact me at : for direct bank transfer.

With this purchase you will receive all the three version of this theme as well as free installation support on any one domain of your choice through TeamVeiwer.

Your Turn

If you are able to find out any such theme that provide much better features in such a price, kindly let me know? if you are able to provide any such link to me, Rest assured, i will send all these three copies of this theme – Free of cost to You.

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  1. Justin says:

    I have just made a payment for the themes through paypal, am i going to get them through email?

  2. Tenaz Tony says:

    Sir, i would like to buy this theme. Before buy i would like to know one thing, can i add more than one image in a single post?

  3. mark gowa says:

    hi dear , i want to ask you if i can add videos in this tamplate not images , or add articles , it’s possible or not ?

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Mark, We can add videos from any video sharing websites like YouTube, vimeo, dailymotion etc. You are free to add images, Videos or articles, its upto you.

  4. Val says:


    I have made the payment and haven’t received the download link. Can you please send me the link please.


    • rakesh says:

      Hi Val,as per our system it had already send the download link to its registered email ID, You are requested to check its spam folder. If the theme download link does not appear in that folder. Kindly contact us again using your registered email ID otherwise we will not be able to support.

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