FatCow Brings Affordable Web Hosting dressed in Minimal UI

You might be familiar with the name FatCow if you’ve ever taken an effort to know more about top, affordable yet at the same time reliable web-hosting providers out there in market! Nevertheless, we’d also understood that some of you are hesitant to choose FatCow, as you do not know about the hosting services thoroughly.

Fatcow Reviw

In this post, however, we will have FatCow reviews, in which we will discuss different aspects of the web hosting service that is extremely popular among experienced professionals — including bloggers, internet marketers, web designers and lots more! In order to start our review, we will have a look on various web-hosting services that are offered by FatCow.

Web Hosting Services available from FatCow

  • Web Hosting: Web Hosting from FatCow means shared web server, which will be suitable for those beginner websites and blogs that are supposed to receive low or medium amount of traffic. When compared to others in market, web hosting from FatCow is available at a truly inexpensive rate, given that users can get one free domain when they purchase hosting from FatCow.
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting: VPS Hosting, as you might know, is for those who need privacy & an enhanced level of performance for their growing website or blog. VPSs can offer you a server that is yours and you can use the server to run resource-consuming web apps as well. So, you should go for FatCow VPS Hosting if you do not mind getting a free domain along with the powerful Virtual Private Server.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting — here comes our star! If you need the power and performance of a fully-fledged web server, Dedicated Server hosting is the best as per our opinion, because there will be no one else to get a part of your resources, nor will someone use vulnerabilities to hack your site. When we take its dedicated resources into account, FatCow dedicated server hosting is just awesome.
  • WordPress Hosting: In this world where WordPress has become a dominating power when a user would like to create a website or blog, FatCow offers WordPress hosting as well, using which you can power WordPress site or blog of yours, quite seamlessly.

Add-ons that Make Sense

When compared to other web-hosting providers out there, FatCow has included some noteworthy add-ons with the web-hosting services it offers. For instance, shared web hosting from FatCow includes the scripts to install CMSs like WordPress and Joomla easily as well as advertising credits that can be used on various providers like Facebook, Bing, Google and Yahoo. Plus, you can have cloud storage of one GB as well, which can be used to store your documents as to make them globally accessible.

User Interface

Throughout the site as well as control panel, FatCow has kept things in the minimal manner, giving you an option to get used to the service without spending that much time. So, as far as you are concerned about managing your web server without any glitches, you can go with FatCow, we assure.

Final Verdict

Considering all these, FatCow is a great option for those who want more resources at an affordable rate. Well, what do you think about FatCow? We are eager to know.

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  1. Denial says:

    Yes, i have used other web hosting services, but i found fatcow to be reliable and with full support.

  2. DTI says:

    As per your report i think fat cow is the great Where we can buy web hosting . My web hosting expires next month but after this i m clear that i want to buy from this. Thanks for sharing this post helps a lot .

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