Facebook Marketing Tips That Won’t Annoy Anyone

A huge market

Facebook is the website that is no 3 on the list of most visited sites on the internet. The world internet users have reached 1.7 billion people according to the 2009 stats on online users. Facebook pulls an amazing 29 % of all the global online traffic to their site – another staggering number of 510 million users. As an internet marketer, it is imperative for you to learn some tips how to use it for your gain.

Network marketers all over the world saw the benefit to market to the millions of users on Facebook. Most social media marketing tips are very irritating to the users of the social media sites.

Read on to get some Facebook marketing tips that will assure you success and stop you from annoying people.

Take off the billboard around your neck

Think about it. What is Facebook? It is nothing else than a club or a party. A place to run into new people.

Most online marketers do not think about their social media marketing strategies.Or did you just jump in like everyone else and started adding friends like mad? What is the purpose to invite someone as a friend only to stuff a business card in their hand when they say yes to your “request to be a friend”?

It would be annoying to go to a party in the real world with a billboard around your neck advertising your business – it is simply not done. You will be tagged as weird and everyone will avoid this “strange person” at the party. It is sad that in the online world we continually do what we will perceive as strange in the real world -we talk about our businesses all the time to everyone even if we have just met them. This is appalling but happening daily on Twitter and Facebook and other social media sites. We teach our downlines to do the same and to hunt down new friends only to hand our business cards to them. Take off the advertising board on your back and be a real friend and leader.

Build relationships and connect

The reality is, people are on Facebook to build relationships and connect with other people with similar interest. They do not want to be sold to. They no not care about your business. The truth is unless they know you, the will not care about you or about what you have to say. They choose to connect with people that interest them. Leaders attract followers to them naturally – this is normal human pshychology. A leader differentiate himself, adds value and stands out from the crowd.

Use Facebook to promote yourself as the leader you ARE and show the value you have to offer. But be real and be a real person. Let attraction marketing principles attract real prospects to you.

Six success tips for Facebook marketing

These 6 tips is a marketing tool that will generate leads without annoying your connections on Facebook

1. Set up your profile so that others know who you are and what you are about. Keep it brief and truthful. Don’t sell your business in your profile

2. Do not put your mlm company replicated website link in the website field of your profile. Rather put a link to your blog where they can connect with you and learn more about YOU.

3. Think about your business and your own unique selling proposition. What are your strenghts and what do you have to offer to someone joining you in your business? Knowing the answer to this question is critical to your success. Make a 20 word summary of who you are and add it to your profile. Not knowing your strenghts and what you can offer may cost you your success.

4. Don’t add friends if you do not intend to connect with them first and build a relationship with them.

5. Do not connect Twitter and Facebook if you have a very active Twitter account. You will surely irritate and annoy your facebook friends if you have hundreds of status updates daily.

6. Make an effort to search for people on your opt-in list by searching for their e-mails and request them to connect with you on Facebook.This will make your e-mail stand out from the 20 other e-mails they receive from other lists and will increase your e-mail reading rate.Most people open e-mails from their friends first.

I don’t market exclusively on Facebook, but I use it in conjunction with my blog and my article marketing techniques. Applying these few simple tips will add a lot of great friends (with a bonus of converting many into leads), make you a LOT of money and all that without annoying your Facebook friends!

Jim Chao, my mentor, has made an exclusive free webinar on Facebook Marketing Strategies. This is very valuable and offers a fresh new approach to assist you to stand out from the crowd of other network marketers using Facebook for marketing. Jim believes in building relationships and connecting before marketing and will teach you how to, as well.

About the Author: Melanie Kok is a Lead Generation Coach and a Online Marketing Strategist. These best Facebook marketing strategies [http://melaniekok.com/2009/11/facebook-marketing-strategies-that-won%E2%80%99t-annoy-anyone/] is available on Melanie Blog. You will also have access to a free Facebook marketing webinar that shows you the step by step blueprint of a master relationship builder.

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  1. Archana says:

    Really, an eye opener for me as i am new in this fields, I want to promote my website and by blog but was in a little bit confused about the tricks of facebook. You deserve a hug. :)

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