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Easiest Way to Find Relevant blogs and Forums- without Software

Every webmaster/blogger or link building professional wants relevant blogs, forums and all the other related sites  on a particular keyword/ keywords to create link, but don’t know how to find them,  A lost of  companies promise SEO Software to do this simple task.

Google is always there to help you but a lots of people don’t know How to use Google and how to put a proper query in Google to get their Desired results.

No blah blah…. come to the point, Direct Solution.

How to Find Relevant Forums

KEYWORDS “powered by phpbb” inurl:/forum
KEYWORDS “powered by vbulletin” inurl:/forum
KEYWORDS “powered by smf” site: /forum

KEYWORDS “powered by phpbb” inurl:/community
KEYWORDS “powered by vbulletin” inurl:/community
KEYWORDS “powered by smf” inurl:/community

How to Find Relevant .edu forums

“powered by vbulletin”
“powered by phpbb”
“powered by smf”

RELEVANT blogs that allow comments

KEYWORDS “powered by wordpress”
KEYWORDS “leave a comment”
KEYWORDS “reply to post”
KEYWORDS “leave comment”

RELEVANT blogs that allow comments with keywords as anchor text

KEYWORDS “this site uses keywordluv”
KEYWORDS “this site uses commentluv”

How to Find .edu sites that allow comments

KEYWORDS “powered by wordpress”
KEYWORDS “leave a comment”
KEYWORDS “reply to post”

The above Google tricks can bring a lots of  Forums and Blogs in front of you to get tons of  back-link , But still if you are not getting your post/site on front Page of  Search Engine, Try this complete On page Search Engine Optimization Guide for better results.

About the Author
The Whole concept was developed by the man you are watching here. I am rakesh Kumar Serial Niche Blogger and SEO Enthusiast. find me on Google+ , facebookand on twitter.. Developed popular WordPress theme for Wallpapers and funny Image WordPress theme. Love SEO optimized WordPress theme Designing and Customization.

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  1. Nishit says:

    Thanks Rakesh !!

  2. Arman says:

    This is really awesome. But i have one question, can you tell me that how can i find dofollow forum?

  3. thanks that was so good

  4. Ricky says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    Thank you for this information. This is really helpful for me!!

  5. Samm says:

    This is a useful listing of the search parameters, but it can be made easier with which uses these search parameters while you only need input your keywords and what type of blog you are looking for to get dofollow links.

    While selecting links, it’s very important to choose sites and blogs that are similiar to your own. Do not comment on sites that look stuffed with spam or irrelevant ads. Instead, find those that have good how to’s, lists, in depth articles and engagement with their audience. If you find one site that has a good readership and good content, you may want to follow it so that you can become a regular commenter.

  6. sen says:

    Hey I am new in this field. Can you plz explain how to use these keyword by giving example??

  7. Kamal says:

    Thanks a lot for this methods, i would like to share some of those which i have,

    “Write comment” Your Keywords
    Your Keywords “leave a comment” / “leave comment”
    Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments?”+”Submit the word you see below:”
    Your Keywords “Remember my personal information” + “Notify me of follow-up comments?”
    Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments”
    Your Keywords “This site uses KeywordLuv”
    Your Keywords “Enable CommentLuv”
    Your Keywords “You can use these tags”
    Your Keywords “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”
    Your Keywords “Allowed HTML tags:”

  8. Hamza says:

    Thank you that’s new thing for me to search blog like that

  9. Tushar says:

    its all about engineering solutions & general information.

  10. Alice Wright says:

    This post is very helpful to find out good blog commenting sites and its really amazing . Thanks for this lovey blog.

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