Easiest Way to Find Relevant blogs and Forums- without Software

Every webmaster/blogger or link building professional wants relevant blogs, forums and all the other related sites  on a particular keyword/ keywords to create link, but don’t know how to find them,  A lost of  companies promise SEO Software to do this simple task.

Google is always there to help you but a lots of people don’t know How to use Google and how to put a proper query in Google to get their Desired results.

No blah blah…. come to the point, Direct Solution.

How to Find Relevant Forums

KEYWORDS “powered by phpbb” inurl:/forum
KEYWORDS “powered by vbulletin” inurl:/forum
KEYWORDS “powered by smf” site: /forum

KEYWORDS “powered by phpbb” inurl:/community
KEYWORDS “powered by vbulletin” inurl:/community
KEYWORDS “powered by smf” inurl:/community

How to Find Relevant .edu forums

“powered by vbulletin” site:.edu
“powered by phpbb” site:.edu
“powered by smf” site:.edu

RELEVANT blogs that allow comments

KEYWORDS “powered by wordpress”
KEYWORDS “leave a comment”
KEYWORDS “reply to post”
KEYWORDS “leave comment”

RELEVANT blogs that allow comments with keywords as anchor text

KEYWORDS “this site uses keywordluv”
KEYWORDS “this site uses commentluv”

How to Find .edu sites that allow comments

KEYWORDS “powered by wordpress” site:.edu
KEYWORDS “leave a comment” site:.edu
KEYWORDS “reply to post” site:.edu

The above Google tricks can bring a lots of  Forums and Blogs in front of you to get tons of  back-link , But still if you are not getting your post/site on front Page of  Search Engine, Try this complete On page Search Engine Optimization Guide for better results.


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  1. Wow, Very Informative Information Helpful Topic Sharing With Us. Awesome Article and It Helps Me Great. I Agree to you this system don’t need any software. It’s the very easiest way to find any relevant blogs, forum and more. Thanks

  2. Johnny says:

    Thanks Rakesh for the awesome tips! I’ll be able to find blogs that match my niche.

  3. siddhi says:


  4. Wow, Excellent post. This article is really very interesting and effective. I think its must be helpful for us. Thanks for sharing your informative. Take Care

  5. Mairaj says:

    Weldone such a spectacular piece of information. I totally agree with you most of us are not aware how to find relevant resources, for our websites or blogs where one can create quality backlinks.

    This is a very handy guide because in search engine optimization relevancy matters a lot.

    Keep writing :)



  6. You have given me valuable tips through this article about the easiest way to find relevant blogs and forums without software. I am really searching for this type of blogs to take some knowledge about how to find a relevant blogs and forums without software. So thanks for helping me through this article.

  7. saloni says:

    Thanks for the information it is very helpful for me but i want non .edu sites for my keywords as for my domain .edu sites are very rare. so can you please provide me the information regarding that.

    Thank you

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