Easiest method to find High quality do-follow CommentLuv Enabled blogs

Bloggers do publish CommentLuv Enabled Blogs on their blogs but most of them are of  no use, since you are writing on a particular niche, and niche bloggers never ever publish to make a new competitor.

So, you tired of  locating commentLuv enabled blogs to insert your desired Links?   Even not a single software is available to search latest commentLuv enabled blogs. So! Where is the solution.

Before we start, download and install Free Tools To Search High Quality CommentLuv Enabled Blogs.

SEOQuake Toolbar :

I basically use this toolbar to determine alexa rank, Google Page Rank of any website. The beauty of this toolbar is it can Give us exact alexa and page rank even in Google Search Result.

commentluv enabled high quality sites

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Do-follow Add-ons / Extension :

This extension is basically used to show the nature of links available on any website/blog.  Here is a typical extension showing do-follow links in Pink color and  no-follow links in blue background.

do-follow link -blog

Google Search Query

Google is one of the best tool to search information on the internet. Even it can help us to find out CommentLuv enabled sites or Keyword Enabled Sites.

The point is “KEYWORD” may be short keyword or Long Tail Keyword.  write down at-least 5 to 10 keyword may be short or long tail and it’s related synonyms ( Synonyms and Typographical Error may also bring a lots of traffic).

Must Read

Before we began our journey to find out commentluv Enabled blogs, it is very necessary to know how we will search the relevant blog and forums on Google.

Google has several operators to help you to find out your desired information two of them i want to mention here for the sake of this tutorial

  • Double Inverted quotes :  if you want to include all the term of your long tail keyword as a single phrase then you have to keep the whole “Long tail keyword”  inside the double quotation mark, otherwise you will see garbage results containing either single or double or multiple words in those pages
  • site : If you want to search any specific information from a particular domain then it is used. Rather than supplying a single domain, we will supply only the TLD  of the domain.

Google Query to search CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

  1. Keyword +” CommentLuv is Enabled” 
  2. Keyword +”KeywordLuv is Enabled”
  3. “Long Tail Keyword” +”CommentLuv is Enabled”
  4. “Your Long Tail Keyword” + “CommentLuv Enabled”  site: CO.UK

Above Google Search Query may Bring a lots of Targeted blogs in front of you. Now the installed SEOQuake Toolbar show the alexa and PR of each result.

high rank commentLuv enabled blogs

Final Touch – do follow Blogs

Now if you further want to search do-follow blogs. Now open your favorite browser ( my favorite –firefox ). Issue your do-follow plugin and it will show you whether the blog is publishing do-follow links or not.


Only do-follow links for your blog may make search engine little bit cautious. Pro Link Builder thus also try to attain simple one-way links to their website.  Easiest method to search relevant blog and forums can help you to locate niche blog and forums to insert desired link with niche anchor Text.

This is now more important in the post Google Panda Update.   What other methods do you use to find out relevant commentLuv enabled blogs and forums to attach good quality links? Do not hesitate to share your idea on this method.

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  1. I downloaded almost all of the tools above and some of them are really helpful. Especially SEO Quake Toolbar.

  2. behsazan says:

    Useful and well written post. Thanks for the share.

    Continue your good work

  3. I used SEO Quack Toolbar. This is one of the best and very useful tool. With one drawback that it is very heavy and it hangs the system too. But Still very useful. This gives almost every information.

  4. i personally use SEO Quack Toolbar. tool provide lots of information of any website and help me to build good backlinks. i don’t know about do-follow plugin. i surely try this tool in future.

  5. Nice article, keep up the good work

  6. Tosin says:

    Thanks so much for this blog post Rakesh. I have not tried it yet but using it with SEOQuake to instantly see the influence of a particular website seems to be *so* useful!

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