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Earn Money online is one of the biggest niche on the internet and every second blogger come to blogging start preaching “how to earn money”. Even i am one of them. But after spending 2 years on this niche the conclusion is summarized here.

We all want to earn big money, sleeping, and a lots of fakes/Quakes will tell you how using their secrets, You: NOOB, can also make a lots of money. Ironically they are selling their secrets for only few $$.

After such a long research, I have summarized, who are earning big money online.

I am not listening

1. Real Product :

Amazon, ebay, or in india are such ventures on the internet. These sites are actually selling real products using internet sites. If you are not selling such a real products through your websites, Do not expect big or very big money from your website.

These websites are only the face of their big business, actual processing is taking place behind the scene.

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2. Services :

Why, we love Neil Patel ? because he writes such a wonderful blogs? Am i right, No i am wrong in this case. What he is doing from his blog is- promoting his real service, render us through Kissmetrics, A website analytical tool to enhance the ROI of our investment on our sites. Every websites owners at least try once to use his service.

Their are lots of other wonderful bloggers who give us valuable help on blogging actually runs some  kind of sophisticated services also. for example copy bloggers have their own theme, SEO plugin scribe.

SEOMOZ,  Another Great source for SEO related information also promote their own software to analyze your website.

3. Tutorial :

Are you using wordpress, if your answer is yes, then i am damn sure, you have heard/come across of these two websites  1. tutsplus 2. digwp.   This list is endless  but for the sake of this article, right now i am targeting only these  two sites

Both websites are rendering their helping hands in wordpress and they are doing it extremely  well. We love to visit these two sites for their in-depth solutions they provide.

4. Internet Marketer :

Bloggers does not earn, marketers earn money online. Perhaps you have read it thousands of time and your Google adsense income can prove this little fact very well.

Thus more and more bloggers turns into internet marketer sooner or later and start joining  affiliate programs.

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5. Niche Blog :

Niche blogs are also able to earn some $$ for yourself but this needs a lots of hard work and research. Even if you are able to hit the bulls eye, I am sure you will not be able to mint your niche for a long time.

A lots of Niche bloggers are always in search of niche words, so sooner or later they will be able to find you and thus start sharing your revenue.

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Blogging can help you to enhance your visibility on the internet. Though you can earn peanuts through blogging but i am sure you can not make big money online unless until you are offering something to your reader.

Do write your opinion, i am waiting ?

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  1. Pavan Somu says:

    I think the first point doesn’t provide the clear information about earning money through selling products.

    PS: I think you forgot linking the ‘must read’ posts.

    • rakesh says:

      Dear Pavan, I am really sorry for the must read Link. Right now i don’t want to reveal the link for the sake of “something”. Just sending you a link in your email box for the “Beautiful Idea”.

    • Pavan Somu says:

      Thank you Rakesh. I would be waiting for your mail :)

  2. Saurabh says:

    Admin, Really Nice Articles You Written..

    • rakesh says:

      Thanks saurabh for your kind words, Did you learn something from this article? Hope to see you very soon.

  3. ideal post for us. Earn money online is not easy but if we are following some great tips like this. so we are getting. no doubt thanks RAKESH

    • rakesh says:

      Delighted to know that you like my ideas to earn money online. Thanks for your time to come and comment on this post. Hope to see you very soon- Jagat.

  4. well and can also be a good option to join for earning money as thes are trusted sites and we get works of your choice(skills)
    so we can aslo prefer these also……

    • rakesh says:

      Yes they are the most trusted sites on the net, but gettting some real work from these two sites needs real experience on a particular field, thus can frustate newbie. Thanks sagar for this feedback.

  5. Amelie Mark says:

    Selling goods and services online is really a sure way of making a quick kill, especially if you concentrate on those things that you know everyone will be looking for. Freelance writing is also another source of online income that one may want to consider. Thanks for sharing.

    • rakesh says:

      Thanks Amelie Mark for this wonderful feedback on this article. keep in touch. ;)

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