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Once your site is created and you have taken care of the debate about site layout, shopping carts and credit card acceptance,every single web master ultimately arrives at the startling conclusion, they require one more thing in order to endure – website traffic!

Without having website traffic it really is the same as building a costly billboard and, rather than putting it alongside an active highway, you stash it within your cellar where no person is able to see it.

On recognizing that they have to have visitors, the majority of website owners run out and begin wasting chunks of time and cash trying to get “visits” to their websites, nevertheless they fail to realize that all “hits” aren’t of the same quality.

In their mission to receive eyeballs for their websites, many Internet business owners don’t understand there’s a huge difference between driving normal  traffic to your web page compared to driving targeted” visitors. Just receiving just about any traffic is the similar approach Television advertisers make use of. They display ads on the TV screen in front of individuals who might or might not really want the merchandise. While they do get sales and profits, they are going to close more deals using targeted advertising and marketing.

Given that normal advertising are not able to reach particular targets, they will hit everybody and trust that somebody inside their target audience is in fact watching at that time. Banner ad campaigns, “email safe-lists” and other alike to increase website traffic methods belong in this “basic” category. Although all sorts of advertising and marketing tend to be productive, and you can acquire a large amount of product sales with banner advertising as well as safe-lists, you can obtain even more sales and profits when the traffic is greatly targeted.

Targeted website visitors is in fact derived from those who are truly enthusiastic about just what you have to say or perhaps sell online. These individuals possibly share the same passions or maybe have an immediate requirement or maybe a problem they are attempting to solve. Focused visitors are best since the individuals hitting your Internet site have a greater chance of actually purchasing.

Targeted traffic derives from people following recommended hyperlinks ie high quality backlinks on some other websites, typing in related keywords and phrases into the various search engines, and even reading through content articles you may have created on a specific subject, then clicking on to your website for more information.

If you don’t know where to find the very best sources of targeted prospects for your web page, you will need to run tests with many varied sources to find the ones that bring website visitors which supply you with the most “boom for your buck.”

The fastest strategy to determine which strategies supply the most targeted traffic is by using an “ad tracker“. An “ad tracker” is a straightforward system, residing in your web server, which tracks the amount of site visitors your Internet site gets from a specific source and also how many of these people purchased. Even though it seems easy, nearly all online businesses will not do this! Many Internet businesses are unable to let you know their visitor to purchaser conversion percent and, consequently, have no idea the correct amount they can spend on acquiring the traffic and continue to be lucrative.


Regardless of whether you pay to increase your site traffic using cash, or you pay it off using the sweat of your brow (article submitting), you need to identify your very best and also most lucrative sources of targeted prospects that convert into purchasers, online subscribers, or leads. Failure to identify and also track exactly where your buyers are derived from and then, determine how much they actually cost you, in the end translates into catastrophe with regard to your online business.

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  1. kimberly says:

    Its true that website traffic is the most important thing for webmasters. Getting targeted visitors seems to be a tough job. Your advice about getting targeted visitors through article submitting is good. Installing ad tracker is a good option too. Can you suggest me what is the best ad tracker available for adsense ads.

    • rakesh says:

      Dear Kimberly, You need not to look anywhere else, Google itself has one of the best tool to track your record- Google Analytics. Hope this tool will help you a lot in your endevour. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Alex says:

    Well, great point of view, Rakesh. All the hard works we do, is ultimately to get more visitors to our website, thus all will be meaningless without traffic. And really, I dont want to complain, but after the recent google update, I felt that i’ve tried in vain to rank on Google. Most of my traffic is now coming from social networks, think now I should pay more attention to them.

    • rakesh says:

      I do not know how much you have been hot by the recent Google penguin update. But i am one of the luckiest person who can say after this update right now i am receiving more traffic from this search engine giant. No doubt social media like stumble is the second highest souce of traffic after google. So in my personnel opinion do not forget to harness the power of these social media along with search engine. ~rakesh kumar

  3. Noxon says:

    Really nice post and although I agree with Alex, I do still believe that traffic from Google is one the best, more targeted in internet. We just need to be up to date as it happen with everything.
    I also lost some rankings with the latest update but after studying it I am recovering all the rankings I lost.

    • rakesh says:

      Its really nice to know that now you are really able to recover your traffic from this Google Penguin update. Hope to see you very soon. ~rakesh

  4. Ashley says:

    Good article Rakesh. I’m just realizing the term back links, and I am working to educate myself on creating them organically and purposefully. I Googled the subject matter and came across your articles. I have good quality traffic and would like more people to be able to read the content I have on the site. I will continue to read the other articles you have posted. Do you have any advice for a person in my situation?

    • rakesh says:

      Only one advice- Please try to read my next article, It will be a super heavy dose for the bloggers like you. If possible subscribe my posts by mail.

      Thank You.

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