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Do Follow Blogs – How best to Comment

We write lots of articles per day but our blog are not getting popularity that it deserve . What could be the problem? The only answer of this question is ” the method which we choose to setup of our blog”. If you are new in blogging like i was, then You must have to work hard. According to me there are lots of factors behind a blog success and one of them is Good Comment.  Here in this article i will discuss about commenting strategy which is very useful for beginners.

Do you really want from people to comment on your blog posts? But why they will do that? Just think about these questions?  To encourage people to comment on your blog you should give something in return .  You give them an outgoing link to their website- or you can say do-follow link, when they make a quality comment on your blog. You also allow the search engine to follow that link to their website by using the do follow attribute.

What is Do follow Blogs Link?

Do follow is the opposite of  No-Follow. By default, WordPress blogs use a rel= no follow attribute for all out going links and Do-follow link for all internal links.

Do follow blog comment

This no follow link attribute comes into play with the posting of blog comments. The no-follow tag tells the search engines NOT to follow the link to any other web sites.

Do Follow blogs are going against the norm and turning the No-Follow tag off, enabling do-follow of out going comment links. Yes you got right, if you have a do follow blog then people will be encouraged to put comments on your blog on the behalf of  Back-links.

You also need to let people know that you are a Do Follow Blog. Some visitors will have no idea what that means, but those who do know what it means will appreciate it and will often leave a comment.

You will notice I have a Do Follow notice in the upper left hand column of my blog. I am letting others know that they are welcome to leave relevant comments, and letting them know what my expectations are.

But remember that there will be spammers who try to take advantage of your generosity. If you have a blog you probably are already getting comment spam, I sure do.

How Do I Set Do Follow Blog?

Unfortunately, the option to turn No Follow on, or off, is not an option in WordPress but there are lots of plugins on wordpress site and on internet that can do this. Here, i suggest you one plugin called Do follow. To get this plugin just search Do follow term in Google or in  ( Massive list of Do follow Blog and forums ) or you can download it from here. Download do follow plugin

Devil’s Advice : If your blog is new,  this is highly recommended to turn your your site Do follow. if no then at-least convert your comment into do-follow. Once you join the Do-Follow movement, let everyone know your blog is do follow by adding your blog to the do-follow blog list directories.


Though Do follow blog and forum are good to enhance the visibility of our website/blog a lot, it does not matter just start spamming on useless blog article for the sake of a back-link.  Search do-follow blogs in your niche and feed them with Good comment to get some great links.

About the Author
The Whole concept was developed by the man you are watching here. I am rakesh Kumar Serial Niche Blogger and SEO Enthusiast. find me on Google+ , facebookand on twitter.. Developed popular WordPress theme for Wallpapers and funny Image WordPress theme. Love SEO optimized WordPress theme Designing and Customization.

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  1. deepak rawat says:

    well it’s a fact that do follow blogs plays a vital role in getting high PR…. thanks for this informative post sir…

  2. Michael says:

    Rakesh, thanks for the insights. This is the first blog I’ve read of yours and I’ll definitely be looking further to discover others. The thing is, there’s is a lot of talk of making relevant comments, within your own niche. Is there any truth to this? On the same wavelength, does Google analyze comment links diverting from the subject matter in negative way? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and expertise…

    • rakesh says:

      Right now comment are also been considered as a source of your social media campaign and does have value. Moreover, i strongly believe that a well comment does not only attract the author but also attract the other blog reader of that blog. so a relevant blog not only establish a good rapport with the blogger it also bring a lots of interested traffic to your site.

      I think you must read my article ” 7 Commenting tricks even pros will not tell you”. Hope that will also help you to place some wonderful ideas across similar niche.

      ~rakesh kumar
      rakesh recently posted..The Art and Science of creating power BackLinksMy Profile

  3. Lodia says:

    Wow… thanks for share bro.. :D
    Lodia recently posted..Iconia A1, a considerable opponent for iPad MiniMy Profile

  4. As you mentioned, Do-follow blog is best to popularize our blog. Nice information. Thanks for sharing.

    • rakesh says:

      But as i mentioned in my article, You should all type of links for your blog/site, otherwise you can make search engine suspecious. Thus may invite Google penalties.

  5. Thanks for sharing me. You are very experience blog writing. Please you write a post how to increase my blog visitors. I wait for your post.
    ataur rahman recently posted..css margin and paddingMy Profile

  6. isko says:

    this is very helpful but how can i leave a comment in html format…???
    isko recently posted..Ursa Warrior Item Build – Dota HeroesMy Profile

  7. thanks rakesh
    ataur rahman recently posted..css margin and paddingMy Profile

  8. how to enable gravatar my blog …..
    ataur rahman recently posted..css margin and paddingMy Profile

    • rakesh says:

      Go to and create your profile with this email id. So whensoever you will comment on any blog. The image uploaded on gravatar will be available to that site. This way you will enhance your reputation as well as acceptability on some popular blogs.

  9. Naeem Khanani says:

    Really fantastic post amazing execute i really like your execute and its really served me in my research.Thanks

  10. Thanks for solution. I will try this.
    ataur rahman recently posted..css paddingMy Profile

  11. Rick Johnson says:

    Hi Rakesh, I read your artictle before I realized who you were. Thanks for the Seo help, 100% better, thanks again!

  12. Now a days,To get Do-follow links from high PR websites is like a business, generally High PR websites provide links only on guest post, So I really found this post inspirational.
    Neeraj Bansal recently posted..Android vs iOS history, market share, features, comparisonMy Profile

  13. fred rick says:

    first read post and then post comment and relevent.

  14. Hello Rakesh long time but I find you. Intelligent mind always punch one day. I am very happy to see you and world get good optimizer.
    Manoj Kumar recently posted..The importance of feeling importantMy Profile

  15. Saurabh singh says:

    good blog posted here. thanks for good and do follow blog posting….

    Best Regards

    Saurabh Singh

  16. Salman Khan says:

    You gave away more information for free than any guru ever would!It is a great list indeed! I don’t know how to thank you. Cheers!

  17. After reading this blog, I have small hope that blog commenting and forum posting are still alive.
    Thanks for sharing this blog
    Mariajoseph recently posted..Trade show displays | Trade show booths | Trade show exhibits | Tradeshow BoothsMy Profile

    • rakesh says:

      Blog commenting is another such wonderful way to increase traffic and establish a healthy relationship with the blogger. So never ever loose this opportunity.

  18. Greta says:

    Can a link without a text be helpful?

  19. Erin Smith says:


    I read your blog late but your blog are highly appreciated.

    Erin smith

  20. Ayesha says:

    thank you so much for this list

  21. Scott says:

    This is a really great blog. Lots of good tips and advice. I’ve bookmarked it so I can come back in the future!

  22. Thanks For Sharing Great Ideas Discussion very helpful for project

  23. deepak says:

    Very nice article…and list provided is very helpful ..thanks

  24. Michelle says:

    When you say do follow blog commenting is a strategy for beginners, does that mean as an experienced SEO you abandon the strategy? Or still use it to some extent?

    • rakesh says:

      NO not at all but running after only do follow links will make search engine suspectable , thus keep all types of links for my site from all types of websites that looks natural.

  25. John says:

    That is a great feature, good work Rakesh , you are really making things easier for all of us, and that’s why we coming back again and again!

  26. Andrea says:

    Great post. I’m in a process of learning SEO and was looking for good article for the value of dofollow backlinks. I found this very usefull. Thanks

  27. Great advice. Need to get more of these!

  28. Preeti Anu says:

    Thanks for sharing this kind information. It really help me a lot. Just awesome article. Keep writing.

  29. Mallesh says:

    Thanks for the share. Really helpful in increasing links by dofollow comments.

  30. William says:

    Rakesh- thanks for the great advice. I am also an SEO enthusiast and have been at it for quite sometime. Thanks for your passion and words of wisdom. Trying to rank in today’s market is somewhat of a challenge but with good linking and good strategy and knowing your competition will help you in that department. Thanks again!

  31. Mark says:

    Encourage people to comment on your blog you should give something in return .

  32. serwis agd says:

    Very good article. Regards from Poland.

  33. ferry says:

    I am newbie in blogging. This article is very helpful..
    Thank you..
    ferry recently posted..Game Enemy Strike : Game Tembak-tembakan yang SeruMy Profile

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