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We write lots of articles per day but our blog are not getting popularity that it deserve . What could be the problem? The only answer of this question is ” the method which we choose to setup of our blog”. If you are new in blogging like i was, then You must have to work hard. According to me there are lots of factors behind a blog success and one of them is Good Comment.  Here in this article i will discuss about commenting strategy which is very useful for beginners.

Do you really want from people to comment on your blog posts? But why they will do that? Just think about these questions?  To encourage people to comment on your blog you should give something in return .  You give them an outgoing link to their website- or you can say do-follow link, when they make a quality comment on your blog. You also allow the search engine to follow that link to their website by using the do follow attribute.

What is Do follow Blogs Link?

Do follow is the opposite of  No-Follow. By default, WordPress blogs use a rel= no follow attribute for all out going links and Do-follow link for all internal links.

Do follow blog comment

This no follow link attribute comes into play with the posting of blog comments. The no-follow tag tells the search engines NOT to follow the link to any other web sites.

Do Follow blogs are going against the norm and turning the No-Follow tag off, enabling do-follow of out going comment links. Yes you got right, if you have a do follow blog then people will be encouraged to put comments on your blog on the behalf of  Back-links.

You also need to let people know that you are a Do Follow Blog. Some visitors will have no idea what that means, but those who do know what it means will appreciate it and will often leave a comment.

You will notice I have a Do Follow notice in the upper left hand column of my blog. I am letting others know that they are welcome to leave relevant comments, and letting them know what my expectations are.

But remember that there will be spammers who try to take advantage of your generosity. If you have a blog you probably are already getting comment spam, I sure do.

How Do I Set Do Follow Blog?

Unfortunately, the option to turn No Follow on, or off, is not an option in WordPress but there are lots of plugins on wordpress site and on internet that can do this. Here, i suggest you one plugin called Do follow. To get this plugin just search Do follow term in Google or in  ( Massive list of Do follow Blog and forums ) or you can download it from here. Download do follow plugin

Devil’s Advice : If your blog is new,  this is highly recommended to turn your your site Do follow. if no then at-least convert your comment into do-follow. Once you join the Do-Follow movement, let everyone know your blog is do follow by adding your blog to the do-follow blog list directories.


Though Do follow blog and forum are good to enhance the visibility of our website/blog a lot, it does not matter just start spamming on useless blog article for the sake of a back-link.  Search do-follow blogs in your niche and feed them with Good comment to get some great links.

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  1. Mathew says:

    I found this article too interesting as well as very informative. Keep posting informative post.

    • rakesh says:

      We are Just trying to live the expectations of our readers. BTW you can subscribe to get all these wonderful article in your inbox.

  2. Jose says:

    So I leave a comment then link back to my website for it too count as a back link too google for a better page rank?????

    • rakesh says:

      This is called on way or single sided backlink. This is the reason blog commenting is so popular to create backlinks.

  3. Naiomi smith says:

    Thanks for this article lots of blog list. but how can i check this is dofollow.


    • rakesh says:

      Firefox and Google Chrome has plugins to solve this mystry. Check out their repository for this. Alternatively you can use seoquake to check no-follow and no-index links.

  4. Cool article author
    Yeah thats right dofollow comments may help in increasing PAGERANK and traffic too..i am allways try to comment genuinely on High PR blogs and sites……!

  5. Dofollow blogs are really helpful in bring our the website and blog to the top. Its recommended for all bloggers..

    • rakesh says:

      Thanks chintan for your valuable feedback on “Do -follow blog – How best to comment”. Hope to see you soon

  6. Kevin@benefit-makeup says:

    Thank you for following the movement! for someone new and unestablished it is really a BIG help.

  7. midhun suresh says:

    Is there a method to find whether a blog is dofollow?

    • rakesh says:

      Firefox and Google Chrome Both have plugin to highlight do-follow links. Alternatively you can use seoquake to highlight no-follow and no-index links.

  8. praveen says:

    Useful info on do follow. Really help ful for people like me….

  9. Sanjeev Chainani says:

    Thanks dear for sharing interesting stuff, i like to read this kind of knowledgeable posts for knowing more about blog commenting.

  10. chay says:

    Thank you for sharing your very informative posts.It is of great help to beginners like me,I am looking forward on reading more of it.

  11. John Smith says:

    Google is really a very popular search engine of today’s time and it’s not always clear where they are basing their algorithm but one thing is for sure that we should abide with their guidelines in order to rank higher on SERP’s.


    • rakesh says:

      You are right, we all have to take the policies of google seriously, thus we should also consider some no follow links also. Thanks John for your valuable feedback on my article.

  12. leosmith says:

    Nice posting ..Would revisit agin for something more…

  13. some times no follow links also help us mate :)

    • rakesh says:

      Yes sai Krishna, We should also acquire no -follow links for our site as they will not make our backlinks natural. Thanks for your simple yet effective advice.

  14. midhun says:

    i am back backlinks r getting indexed in alexa n all but not getting indexed in google n yahoo.any solution?

    • rakesh says:

      Submit your sitemap in Google and Yahoo web master and wait for some time. Hope this will help these search engine to index your blog very easily.

  15. Peter Adams says:

    Unfortunately, the option to turn No Follow on, or off, is not an option in WordPress but there are lots of plugins on wordpress site and on internet that can do this. Here, i suggest you one plugin called Do follow. To get this plugin just search Do follow term in Google or in

    • rakesh says:

      Yes i am using the same plugin on this website, so that all commentators get benefits from commenting here. Thanks peter for your valuable feedback.

  16. Pardeep says:

    it was a good time to read your very great article…I learned most of the new things by reading your article..
    hope you will write more better articles in future than this…… ?

    • rakesh says:

      Well pradeep, we have written a lot of such articles on our blog. Alas !, You are not here to see all of them. BTW you can subscribe to get all these article in your email box. Keep in touch

  17. Pst Bless says:

    You have done a great job here, i appreciate this, bloggers must have a good understanding of what dofollow and nofollow means, many are not aware of how these duo works, feel free to come to my blog for details.

    • rakesh says:

      Will surely love to visit your site, but comment like yours treated as spams and thus most of the time they are not able to see the daylight of any blog.

  18. Rani says:

    I was searching online for such a article to increase my sites visibility.And I totally now agree with you how important the comments are.Till now I was working hard only on content development.I enjoyed reading it and now its time to employ.Thanks and keep it up.

  19. I think that in strategie of back links we must have a variety of back link and not only one type (ex : Do follow). The more important it’s that when you create them, it’s look like it’s natural to Google.

    • rakesh says:

      Gald to know that you received the message the same way i want to convey to all my readers, if you will acquire only one type of links, that may make search engine suspecious.

  20. Jobr says:

    I didn’t find the list of dofollow blogs…..could you tell me where should i go for this. I need some dofollow blog for posting purpose.

    • rakesh says:

      YOU can read my another blog post – Listed under popular post widget. That is totally dedicated to your problem my dear.

  21. dean says:

    Absolutely put the link on dofollow blog give good impact to our blog but it is not easy to find dofollow blog, can anyone tell how to find dofollow blog?

  22. Adairjohn says:

    If you want a comments on your blog,then you should make a strategy for should give something for comment.just give them a backlinks in their site.make your blog do follow,so that more people comments on your blog.

    • rakesh says:

      A comment strategy is always better, its always suggested that you must comment on some niche blogs on regular basis to establish a rapport with the blogger. Thanks dear for your comment. Hope to see you very soon.

    • Adairjohn says:

      Your welcome rakesh.and i am a regular reader of your post,because you share a amazing post here.i am sure you will definately share a more good posts with us.

    • Nice post! I really love reading this article, and i know i will get something good here.

  23. Mark_Ben says:

    Also while checking for blogs, you need to make sure that those blogs which you choose are active. You need to comment on blogs that have regular interaction. Those blogs will have good approval and can be a blog where you can interact a lot.

    • rakesh says:

      Beside that also make it sure your like minded people are gathering on that blog. Niche of that blog also matters a lot to get some targeted traffic. Thanks mark_ben for your valuable feedback.

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    Thanks for clearing up the “Do Follow” vs. “No Follow”. I’ve seen the terms many times and didn’t really understand what they meant. Thanks again

    • rakesh says:

      I am really happy to know that now these two terms are clear to you. Hope now you will place more meaningful comments on others blog to get some meaningful backlinks. ~rakesh

  31. Great Share @Rakesh thnkss a lot 4 ur tips!!!!!!

  32. I don’t worry about dofollow or nofollow backlinks because all my articles are unique and useful to readers. only thing i need is a good exposure of my blog to people. i believe in giving quality articles to my readers rather than the PR. yes. you read it right. getting good PR to earn from advertisement is my second motive.

    • rakesh says:

      And this Good PR comes from Good contents that is shared by the bloggers thus you receive a backlink to your site. And the amount to these Good backlinks determine the Page Rank of your website ? Am i right Anchit ?

    • Well rakesh i am not sure what calculations does google use for PR. quality backlinks are what google must be taking into consideration. But for a small blogger like me, its difficult to reach huge blog’s backlinks. I still have 0 pr but look at the backlinks i have. Xda-devs, apple etc. :p
      Check out my blog

  33. Mohi Uddin says:

    Sir, I’m a new blogger. My blogg name is but i do not have any idea about seo. Please help me…
    What is dofollow link and what is no follow link. Is it effective for seo?

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    Thanks you very much for your kind consideration. I’m really grateful to you. Please sir cheak my website ( ) and comment and give me advise what I need to improve more. Sir I know I have many fault because I am a new blogger, So I need your help. Thanks again.

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      i always try to write according to the need of my readers, not for search engine. If they are not able to co-relate the information, how that information could be used. Thanks farjana for your valuable feedback, see you soon.

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    • rakesh says:

      Thanks Jimmy for your support, as i wrote in my article it is always better to obtain all types of links, so that search engine will treat all your links natural. Will catch you very soon. ;)

  37. Hi writer,
    Till today i was totally in a bad idea about do-follow blog.After i read your article it seems to me clear that what is do-follow blogs are, thank you.It will surely help me.

    • rakesh says:

      I am really pleased to know that this article could help you to clear your idea about do-follow blog. Do not forget to read my new post that will be a very very big helpful to attract quality and quantity of traffic, Actually i was planning to monetize that information but now i have decided to plublish the same on my blog. catch you later.

  38. Dmitri says:

    Dofollow blog commenting is excellent for SEO however you should know the limits and build different types of backlinks in order to make your rankings grow.

    • rakesh says:

      You are more than 100% right my dear friend,otherwise search engine will become suspicious and you may loose your ranking. Thanks for posting your valuable feedback Dmitri.

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    • rakesh says:

      But as i mentioned in my article, You should all type of links for your blog/site, otherwise you can make search engine suspecious. Thus may invite Google penalties.

  42. James says:

    Rakesh, I have a question to you, I have read an article about do-follow comment on this blog (article of 29 March 2013) he writes Google may hit penalty our site. What’s you view, is it really true? I am so confused.

    • rakesh says:

      Dear James, The point raised in that article is— do follow links may be hit by the next google update, but that is totally a speculation. It is always suggested that you must acquire all types of links for your blog/website, so that search engine feels them natural.

  43. Eric says:

    yes, i also agree with you after reading this articles. It will be a good way to interact with the blogger and get valuable informations. Also, as a bonus, the web ranking will also boosted up. Great help for me :)

    • rakesh says:

      Eric, Most of the time link builders misuse this beautiful system in search of quick links and in this process instead of helping that site they harm the original blog or site. That’s why it is recommended to use it to establish a healthy relationship with bloggers. You caught the essence of blogging and this article very clearly. Thanks Eric for this wonderful update, I will try to catch you very soon.

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      You are welcome Adam, Your words proved that the purpose of article had been achieved. If you like this current article, then i would highly recommend you to read my current article “The art and science of power backlink”.

  45. very informative article. I like it but want to ask explanation on why should we make our blog dofollow if it is new? Any special reason for that? Kindly explain it. Thanks

    • rakesh says:

      Dear Sandeep, there is no such hard and fast rule, this is basically a blogger’s decision to attract more comment on that site but use this feature very cautiously as it attract a lots of spammer. This is the main reason more and more bloggers, removed this features from there blogs. ~rakesh kumar

  46. simonlara says:

    yes do follow and no follow both are very useful for your blogs.

    • rakesh says:

      Both types of links help us to attain good ranking in search engine. I think you would love to read my latest article on “The art and science of power backlinks”.

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      since this feature was heavily misused by the spammer. Thanks Jeremy for question regarding no-follow.

  50. I also think that Do follow blogs will help in increasing PR of any site, thanks for the list

    • rakesh says:

      Welcome Dr Huq. i think you just need to read my post “7 Comment tricks even pros will not tell you”.

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      You are most welcome deepak, Now a days people love to see the author site if they feel there is some meat in his/her comment.

  52. Michael says:

    Rakesh, thanks for the insights. This is the first blog I’ve read of yours and I’ll definitely be looking further to discover others. The thing is, there’s is a lot of talk of making relevant comments, within your own niche. Is there any truth to this? On the same wavelength, does Google analyze comment links diverting from the subject matter in negative way? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and expertise…

    • rakesh says:

      Right now comment are also been considered as a source of your social media campaign and does have value. Moreover, i strongly believe that a well comment does not only attract the author but also attract the other blog reader of that blog. so a relevant blog not only establish a good rapport with the blogger it also bring a lots of interested traffic to your site.

      I think you must read my article ” 7 Commenting tricks even pros will not tell you”. Hope that will also help you to place some wonderful ideas across similar niche.

      ~rakesh kumar

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      But as i mentioned in my article, You should all type of links for your blog/site, otherwise you can make search engine suspecious. Thus may invite Google penalties.

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      most webmasters does not allow html tags in comments. so try to refain yourself from this practice, as this will waste your energy and time. ;)

  57. how to enable gravatar my blog …..

    • rakesh says:

      Go to and create your profile with this email id. So whensoever you will comment on any blog. The image uploaded on gravatar will be available to that site. This way you will enhance your reputation as well as acceptability on some popular blogs.

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      Blog commenting is another such wonderful way to increase traffic and establish a healthy relationship with the blogger. So never ever loose this opportunity.

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    Can a link without a text be helpful?

    • rakesh says:

      NO not at all, major search engine always consider text for a link and that text help them to consider the weightage they should give to that link.

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    • rakesh says:

      NO not at all but running after only do follow links will make search engine suspectable , thus keep all types of links for my site from all types of websites that looks natural.

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      No doubt do-follow links help us but a no-follow link has equal weight if comes from a targeted website/blog.

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    If my blog is dofollow and someone comment bad link on my site ,Do’nt you think it will effect the blog?

    • rakesh says:

      Do not allow people to leave bad links on your blog. Another point is use broken link checker on regular basis to check such bad links. ~rakesh kumar

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      You are most welcome tahir, but do not forgot to maintain good no follow link domains. Both types of links will help you to boost your traffic.

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    Page rank has less of a factor today than it did say 3 years ago but is still important. Quality over quantity is key. It is also important to say that the effort we all put into getting good quality backlinks is rewarded and not simply wasted. Ensuring that you are only going for backlinks from sites that are relevant to your own niche, product or service is key. No point in getting a backlink from a PR8 Medical website if your own site is selling ladies pink handbags. Google will catch on and you will alienate your visitors. Also very important that the traffic that a backlink generates to your own site is of course captured, funnelled and managed correctly once it arrives to maximise your profit potential. Your list is your profit and pension, as they say. Thanks again.

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      Hi Shaoor, Do follow blog and forums provide a lots of link juice but how much time will you spare to make such links? Magic Submitter can make a lots of white hat backlinks within a week by submitting your ideas across the social media / blogs and forums AND on top of it you can use it for only $1 for a complete one month. This way we we would highly recommend you to give this tool a try. :)

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  111. Does enabling dofollow on your own blog could hurt your own SEO?

    • rakesh says:

      Yes they hurt your own blog as the main link juice will not flow from your website to their website. In this case you can allow do-follow links only for some time when your blog became famous among the users make them no-follow.

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