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In the old days, companies had to hire writers for their website and brochures. Most of the times, full-time writers were not required in the company, but still, they had to pay them even when they were not working.

This was an expensive affair for all the companies, as the writing job was just required for some time only. When blogs were introduced, many people needed writers, but again it came at a costly price.

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So, the content freelancing was introduced where clients won’t have to hire a writer full time. Even the writers were happy from content freelancing as they can work for different companies right from their home. Now, writers can earn more while clients don’t have to hire writers full time for their written work.

This was all made possible because of online platforms such as Contentmart. In this post, we are going to give a full analytics of Contentmart.


Contentmart is a freelancing website that only focuses on content writing. On this platform, writers can get their work from clients all over the world. In its initial days, Contentmart allowed writers from India only to work with them as all the transactions were made in Indian rupees.

Recently, they have introduced the doors for writers from all over the world after introducing transactions made possible in US dollars. Contentmart is a booming content freelancing website where both clients and writers can benefit from each other.


What Contentmart offers

For a writer, it offers income with zero investment. If you think you can be a writer, and you have got good command over English language, then you can register yourself on Contentmart where you will get work from clients from all over the world.

If you are a client to the Contentmart, then Contentmart offers you full satisfaction by providing you the content write-up you need. It goes on from offering you any kind of content write ups you need for your business.

The transparency of Contentmart

Contentmart has disclosed right from the beginning on how they hire their writers. Their writers have good command over the English language as they have been registered only after grammar tests conducted on 3 levels. There are feedbacks and stars for the writers given by previous clients based on their experiences with that writer.

Supportive and responsive customer care

If you are stuck somewhere on Contentmart, then you can always reach out to the customer care who responds to a very short notice. They make sure that you can get your job done without any trouble.

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Get your article before the deadline

While placing the order, you can get your job done before the deadline. While placing the order, mention the deadline in the deadline column and writers will get back to you before the deadline. In this way, you can get your job done on time.

Privacy policy of  Contentmart

If you are not willing to place your orders to all the writers on Contentmart, then you can choose one writer as well. Your order can be seen only by the writers that you have chosen. From them, you can start working after confirming the order without letting the whole world know.

Other Engaging features

The user interface of Contentmart is very easy. Anyone can find their way on Contentmart. In case, there is a difficulty, they can contact customer care.

Apart from its simplicity, Contentmart focus on the satisfaction of their clients. They offer hundred percent cash back in case the client is not satisfied with the writer. They can even change their writer if they are not contented with the present writer’s experience and performance. The flexible system on Contentmart has made it one of the best freelancing websites around the world.

How Contentmart gets its cut

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A client can place his or her order for free. All they have to be registered as a client on the platform and then create an order to get started. After filling the details of their order, that order will go to the platform where writers can bid on your order.

You can choose the writers from them and you can even message them to know whether you both are on the same page or not. When you recharge your money, that money is transferred to the writer after the work completion. From that money, Contentmart gets its commission.

Contentmart takes a 20% commission from the payment of the writers. Which will help writers to get more job from the clients worldwide.

The Affiliate program

The affiliate program allows its customers to earn extra income without doing anything at all. If you get a client on Contentmart, then you can get 10% commission on all the orders they place within a year. All you have to do is click on your referral code that you can get from your dashboard and let them place their order.

Contentmart is a revolutionary platform for both clients and writers. Contentmart has always been fair and transparent in its working and that is the reason why it is one of the fastest growing content freelancing platforms worldwide.

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  1. It’s great to know about this fully efficient and user friendly freelance writer website. It is perfect for the client’s as well as for writers.

  2. Contentmart is really a best place to hire freelancers. It is the second best place after Odesk in my list. I have found some good freelancer to write content for various blogs. It is really good to enjoy what they offer.

    Thanks for sharing.

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