Content Writing Checklist: Is Your Web Content Ready to Go?

In the age of online marketing and promotion, web content is playing a vital role. Nowadays we can’t think of making the successful marketing efforts without content writing. It’s the fast and foremost requirement in this profession. Approximately in mid-1990s, the invention of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) took it one step ahead. Day by day the marketers were jump starting their marketing strategy by dint of it. But in 2014, the strategy has totally changed.

A few years ago, the contents were not necessary at all. It was possible to make the highest value of marketing without a piece of content. But the days are gone. Now online marketing without contents is like quenching one’s thirst without drinks. Even all sorts of contents are not praised. The main obstacle in this seo process is spam filtering. The search engines have become more talented to filter out all the spammy resources. As their rules, the only thing that will be hailed is the epic piece of web content.

So we have to keep abreast with the latest rules and requirements of quality web contents. I think online marketing is totally relying on the contents. That’s why it has gotten the highest value. But the question is “How to Write High Quality Web Contents?”. Everyone is able to write so which one is appreciated and which one is not. In answer of it, I would say, the content with the most excellences and nobilities will be measured as high quality.

The answer would be seemed complicated. So, I have come with some excellent content writing checklist. Before you publish a web content, I will advise you to make sure the points below are implemented. After that I can assure you will be leading an exceptional content.

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Have You Researched on Your Topic?

A niche content should be occupied with all the possible information about the topic. It’s a must to know what the audiences are looking for and which points you should add in it. So, doing research online will brainstorm your mind. As an example, suppose you have decided to write about  affiliate marketing. So you will need to acquire more knowledges and points about it. However, I concede that you would have enough wisdom. But without researching online, you can’t learn about the most trending points and views of it. To provide somehow a worthy piece of content, it is always recommended to have a quick research.

Is Your Title Appealing?

Content title is like the human breath. As you can’t live without breathing, a content can’t go viral without an appealing title. Many marketing geeks explained that “A content’s title should be so appealing and eye catching that the readers bound to click on it after seeing at a glimpse”. So, you have to produce something eye catching to grab one’s attention. Please bear in mind that, it should be short but descriptive. A perfect content title is always lower than 70 characters, including spaces and symbols.

Have You Added Introduction?

Introduction of a content is a necessary part where the main ideas about the writing will be explained. Generally it happens that the readers come to your content, but after reading, they couldn’t get their expected solution. Although you have made the related title, it really happens because of misunderstanding. So a brief introduction of a content will make sure the visitors are either in the appropriate place or not. A well written introduction can make the readers to must read the rest.

Have You Formatted The Content to Small Paragraphs?

Although you write an awesome content, it could lose all of its interest just because of wrong formation. Dividing the content into small paragraphs enriches its readability. A reader may not be interested to read your whole content. If you have divided it into small paragraphs, they can easily get to his required points. So, you should format your content into small paragraphs in order to deliver the best user experience. A perfect paragraph should be between 3-5 lines. Large paragraphs are not expected by the valuable readers.

Have You Added Sub Headings?

Just like the main heading, the subheadings also play very important roles. However, you have formatted your content to numerous paragraphs, the readers couldn’t understand which paragraph is about what. Obtaining subheadings before these would easily explain what the paragraphs are about. So that’s a major part of quality contents. The preferred web content subheadings are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. Among subheadings, the H1 has the highest value. By and by the H6 has the lowest heading value depending on the sequence. You should apply where these are required.

Have You Added Images?

If you are a content writer, you would have learned that an image could say a thousand words than a content. It is always supposed as the soul of contents. So you have to add at least one or two relevant images. The images also improve the content’s usability and help to explain some more words to the readers. That’s why you can’t but had to add images.

Have You Avoided Long and Complicated Sentences?

The long and complicated sentences are the only elements to cause the higher Automated Readability Index (ARI). A proper content should be standard in language and quality. Using complex words or sentences doesn’t increase the quality. Even it insists the readers to avoid these types of contents. If you are using uncommon, complicated words or sentences, you would surely lose the readability. A quality content is the written piece which reveals its value with simple and easy words. And that’s my advise what you should be following.

Have You Added Conclusion?

Without conclusion, a content is life half boiled egg. A conclusion explains what are the steps that should be considered at that situation. And what is your special note about it. It is truly expected because the readers always look for solutions. A few lines in the Conclusion paragraph could increase the content readability by 50%. So you have to lead the Conclusion in your web contents with actionable steps from your own opinions.

Is Your Content Add Value to the Readers?

A content only goes viral only when it adds value. Otherwise going viral would be just a dream for you. First of all brainstorm your mind with an exclusive topic, write as detailed as possible and deliver it to your readers. If they get something valuable from it, they would like, share it all over their possible networks. In this way, you would be able to come out with viral contents for sure. One special note is that you should write thinking about readers, forget anything else.

Is Your Content Optimized For Search Engines?

Web content creation is mainly for achieving huge organic exposures. As an internet marketer, I believe the best organic traffic sources are search engines. And I can surely say that the normal contents won’t be praised by search engines. Search engines are looking for best contents with their requirements. So, you have to alter a few elements in your contents to have the highest possibilities of ranking. These are mainly the on page seo elements. You may have a look into Moz On Page SEO Factors.

Have You Proofread Your Content?

Have you completed writing your content? I would assure you that all your writing will be wasted if you don’t proofread it. Proofread is the process to read your content from the view of a reader. That’s the final step where you should be looking for grammatical errors, missing points and other stuffs. A content won’t be considered as high quality if there are still grammatical errors. And these are enough to end up all of your content value. So I think you won’t be likely to grammatical errors. The best practice is revising your content before the publication. If you have proofread your content, you can finally go for the publication.

Have You Followed The Content Writing Checklist?

A content should not be considered as only a piece of writing. It should have qualities and nobilities that make the readers to enjoy it. I think, then you will be successful with the intention of writing up the content. I also think if you ask the above questions to your content, you can easily avoid any sort of faults. So my advice is to you that always make sure you are not containing any faults as explained. And then, your writing would be a meaning for the successful content marketing.

So I wish, you would implement the content writing checklist before clicking the publish button.

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  1. Umar says:

    Good explanation of writing a content, helpful for content wtiter

    • Abrar Mohi Shafee says:

      Thanks Umar for taking time to read my post. Yeah, I hope the checklist would be helpful to the content writers.

  2. Hi Abrar, I agree with you that you have said “Content title is like the human breath.”
    The title is important because the potential visitor will be looking at it when you share it to social media, and when others share your post to social media.

    Thanks for your nice tips about writing. It will definitely help those writers who want to improve their writing skills. :)

    • Abrar Mohi Shafee says:

      Thanks Mainak for your comment. Yeah, title is one of the most important parts of a content. A eye-catching title can draw much attention to drive a huge traffic especially from the social networking sites.

      That’s why I tried to give it higher priority on this post. All the best buddy…

  3. appkodes says:

    Great post,a big thank for you sharing this great helpful information. It is very helpful to writting contents.

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