CommentLuv Premium review by WordPress Enthusiast

If you are reading my blog, probably you have noticed that i am using commentLuv to encourage my readers and commentators.

We also use commentLuv to promote and interlink our Old Post. Just Look into the Given screenshot and you would love to use it.


Now commentLuv premium is there and lots of famous bloggers  have already written too much about this premium plugin.

Before we start our discussion, lets see what is special in this premium wordpress plugin,  below screenshot has been taken from the website.

CommentLuv Premium for WordPress blogs Lets discuss each and every feature listed in this list one by one try to find out “Is it worth this amount ?”

1. LifeTime Support  :

Why did you selected wordpress over other content management System? Perhaps ease of use and easy to upgrade. Right now this is the default feature of all registered wordpress plugin.

Life time support!!!! Are you going to use your wordpress plugin for the next 100 years and wordpress will remain same. Will not receive any development.

Just Imagine how we were linking our internal post using some before wordpress 3.0- using some weired plugins. what happened after wordpress 3.0. WordPress integrated internal linking and ????????????? Think twice.

2.  Integrated TwitterLink :

It means now you have one more field  while your reader is trying to post their comments.  It is learnt, reader mainly visit your profile or website , when they find your comment thoughtful and it provoke them to follow them.

Only twitter link in their profile does not mean it will increase  the readership or increase your page rank.

3. Integrated G.A.S.P :

Integrated GASP is a well known anti spam plugin. It simply attach a check box below your comment box. It was learnt that old spam bots were not able to fill/click this fields.

Perhaps You would not believe me,  New age BOT commenting software are now able to overcome this simple problem. This is now not a definitive defence against spam.

4. Trackback Validation :

A trackback is one of three types of link back methods for website authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents. This enables authors to keep track of who is linking to their articles.

According to Neil Patel on link blending and 2nd stage Link Building, this feature is most of the time misused to attain greater position on the search engine from the spam sites.

Still want to published trackback on your website? On How many website you have seen active trackback?

5. Integrated Keyword Name

It is upto you whether you want to show your actual reader/commentator on your website or you want to stuff your website with internet marketer targeted keywords?

6. Integrated No self Ping :

ping is a process in wordpress to keep track who is talking about yourself /article. WordPress 3.1 has introduced internal linking and thus when we link one article with another one. WordPress automatically generate a ping, thus it create a lots of ping.

Thus a new age bloggers has disabled self pinging and also does not support ping links in their comment system.

On the other hand old fashioned blogger still love to published them as this automatically create a list of related articles / article connected with the current article.

Now, related articles has been shown in a better ways using code and related article plugin.

7 . Top Commentator :

This is not new to wordpress bloggers, When ever they want to award their esteemed or value added commentator, They publish their name along with their website. This is very actively achieved through top commentator plugins. repository has a lots of plugins for top commentator and i think it is foolish to recommend you any such plugin.

Code to implement top commentator though code without using wordpress plugin

8. Advanced Click Stats:

Show how many readers have seen your comments and how many of them has clicked on added article link.

Blog reader love to read thoughtful comments and if that blog comment is attached with proper Gravatar and a meaningful attractive article title then they love to click on that title or on your profile.

9. Advance Do follow Control :

The default behaviour of wordpress is – it link outside links with no follow tag and all internal link with do follow tags.  It is up to you how do you want to award your consistent commentator.

This feature allow you whether you want to award do follow tag to your loyal reader and commentator or not.

How to enable your website do-follow using code.  if you know little bit about wordpress and you can enable this feature inside you theme.

Next two features you can easily  understand ,they are multisite and for client site.


if you are a die hard fan like me and want to un-install some plugins from your  wordpress enable site. Then you can consider for this premium plugin, still i strongly believe that it is much hyped wordpress plugin and does not worth $67 for these features.

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  1. apps says:

    This is very useful commantluv.It compensates the situation of “give and take” which is seen as a huge attraction to many people readers.

    • rakesh says:

      YOu are right my dear friend. The whole concept of commentluv is based on this idea. Thanks for your time to come and share your idea. Hope to see you very soon.

  2. WordPress Plugins Tips says:

    Commentluv is one of the best plugin I liked. I am using free version of commentluv, but I want to purchase a premium commentluv plugin because of +1, Like, Subscribe features to enable the last 10 posts option.

    P.S.: Your commentluv plugin doesn’t working the error message is “Error. Parsing JSON Request failed. error! not authorized e368201a66″.

    • Maciek says:

      Do you know why this error shows up?
      because I see it on many blogs.

    • rakesh says:

      There are two basic reasons for this type of errors 1. Slow internet connection 2. Faulty installation of commentLuv. ~rakesh kumar

  3. Ranjodh says:

    Just wondering how Comment Luv affects the speed of your site. I already use quite a few plugins and that has always been one of my concerns around CL.

  4. Kamran says:

    Hi Dear, I am new to your blog and happy to read this first post. Very descriptive information. Hope I learn a lot from this blog.
    Thanks for sharing your experience here.

    • rakesh says:

      You are welcome Kamran, Most of these article are my own experience in blogging and i treat each of my article as my own product, so always tried to put my best feet ahead.

    • Kamran says:

      Hello Rakesh, in my first visit, I feel you are achieving your goal and will be achieve more and more because you talk to your reader politely. see you. Thanks

  5. how to solve this Error. Parsing JSON Request failed. error! not authorized 09a9cd7799

  6. Hello Sir, I Am new to blogging and learning from online tutorials. I want to know which is best for commenting for my blog. Commentluv, Disqus, Facebook comment. Waiting for your helpful reply thanks !

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